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Your blog’s design should reflect your personality, and we want to make that as easy as possible. That’s why, today, we’re releasing three big upgrades to the Theme Customizer on that make customizing your blog faster and easier.

1. A more-focused Customizer.

We’ve made the Customizer more compact; open it via Appearance → Themes → Customize, and you’ll notice that you have more room to view your customized design in the live preview. The panels open when you need them, and they slide out of the way when you’re done.

2. Your Custom Design tools, inside the Customizer.

Change your fonts

Change your fonts

What does this mean? Instant live previews of your CSS, font, and color changes. See your creativity immediately instead of repeating the old cycle of “edit-save-preview, edit-save-preview.”

Add some pizzazz

Add some pizzazz

3. Custom Design Snapshots.

Design Snapshots make it possible to save all of the Custom Design changes you’ve made in the Customizer, together, so that you can reapply them in the future as a group without having to recreate them. Save a snapshot of any customization combination you like; there’s no limit on the number of snapshots you can save.


All of these features are included in the Custom Design upgrade for just $30 per year, and you can try them out before purchasing. If you don’t have the upgrade yet, just look for the “Custom Design” option under Appearance → Themes → Customize.

Looking for inspiration? Check out what other members have made in the Custom Design showcase.

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  1. Egill

    Reblogged this on Egill.

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    Now there is a Customization tool that I can really use!
    This will make life much easier.
    Thanks WordPress!

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  3. Chris

    Aw bummer. Thought this was going to be something that might make its way to WP Core. -_-

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  4. Lord Vader

    Really easier to use and nicer.


  5. Jungo

    Great work on the upgrade.

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  6. Matt Cram

    Wow. I can’t wait to see this on dot org.


  7. Smash

    Cool! I really like the way the last change looks.


  8. prettygirl1920

    I enjoy being able to change the look of my blog….thanks for keeping us in the know of changes….awesome!!!

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  9. inkedvocabulary

    Usable and functionality streamlined, imagine that. Great job here in telling! Once I get a newer computer and see changes to my flow I’ll go with the cost for these as talked about.


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