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I’ve been on vacation the past few weeks, playing under the sun on the beaches of Hawaii. But that didn’t stop me from keeping up with the latest posts in the Reader. (Yes, I was the gal lying on the sand, absorbed in a good read on her iPad, in between snorkeling dips in the sea.) I enjoyed sifting through Freshly Pressed as a leisurely reader for a change, and from this perspective it’s clear — WordPressers publish great content.

This week’s standouts are examples of solid writing, but we also noticed each post below comments on larger, relevant discussions on life in our digital age: how we navigate and interact in today’s world, and how we’re changing. The editors here at are continually intrigued and inspired by your ideas, and are proud to share these pieces with the rest of the community.

Stand up.

Love is love, but it’s not about love. It is about so much more than love. It’s about humanity. I don’t need to know anything about you–least of all the gender of the person you’ve decided to spend your life with–in order to know that I have respect for the divinely human spirit that dwells within you.

marriage equalityWe were touched by Ashley’s timely, heartfelt post on marriage equality at Zebra Garden. The issue is about love, yes — but it’s about more than that: “it’s about our willingness,” Ashley writes, “to deny a sense of humanity to anyone we perceive as different, other.”

Ashley encourages others to change their Facebook default photos to the symbol on the left to show their support, even though she admits she has her doubts about this kind of digital activism for “things for which a Facebook photo cannot make one damn bit of difference.” Still, she urges us to participate in this way. “Because that’s all it is” — an uncomplicated gesture to stand up for people.

Oh, Flaneur–

I am in love with the idea of eschewing purpose, first in any location, as it matters not where you look but how, but with even more gusto in some place new and fantastic. Not that I have any problem with having guiding purpose in your day or life, as you would be idle to be without it. But so often, our purpose lends us spectacular clarity upon our destination and utter blindness to anything that might be even a degree off-course.

Alex at mantisandme muses on the art of flânerie — the act of strolling and doing nothing, of having no objective or destination — and the life, then, of a flâneur: a literary type from 19th-century France, one who strolled the streets in search of the quintessential urban, cultural experience.

Alex, who has begun a semester studying abroad, writes about the importance of doing nothing — to just be — and goes further to mention the cyberflâneur, a term Evgeny Morozov wrote about in the New York Times last year. Alex wonders: do social media and the available apps out there hurt our discovery of interesting things — and prevent moments of serendipity?

On Being Stalked

But maybe the saving grace of the whole situation, and the reason it damages him so, is that Nasreen offered him a convoluted way of suffering for art. This is an extraordinary book, but one that came at a very high price.

Image via

Image via

We appreciate the different ways writers approach reviews and critiques of books they’ve read, and we were drawn to the intelligent, eloquent discussion of James Lasdun’s Give Me Everything You Have: On Being Stalked by Victoria at Tales From the Reading Room. The piece itself is a great example of storytelling, building up the plot of Lasdun’s book while weaving her own commentary.

We especially like her insights on how Lasdun digs deeper to understand the nature of his troubled relationship with a student, whom he calls “Nasreen”: “Some of these long digressions offer incredibly potent glimpses into the sorts of darkness and pain we are manufacturing in our modern technological age, due in part to our mindless reliance on the internet.” In short, we love how her dissection of the book leaves us wanting more — it’s not quite a “book review” but rather a discussion that makes us think about contemporary relationships and communication.

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  1. August McLaughlin

    Thanks for the insight-filled links! Zebra Garden’s post added to what’s been a truly inspiring week on Facebook.


  2. Laura Lynn

    Thanks for the links. Much appreciated.


  3. shanesbookblog

    All of These Bloggers are truly remarkable and very inspiring! Since joining the WordPress community I have read so many great Posts with such a wide range of unique opinions and topics, it’s incredible!

    I especially like the “Stand up” post, Sitting quietly and idle on the sidelines of history is impossible for some people and can even be allergic for them. Abraham Lincoln taught me that and so did Allan Pinkerton….including a lot of Bloggers here on WordPress.

    I am truly grateful and blessed to be in such good company. ~Shane


  4. yummysweetdates

    Thanks for sharing this post! It was nice to read 🙂


  5. backthewaywecame

    I will definitely want to read “On being stalked,” discussed by Victoria. In fact your own write-up inspires me to do so.


  6. coachdaddyblogger

    I can’t think of a better way to spend a little down time than to read blogs – in them lay those things that are just a degree outside of our scope that we’d miss if we didn’t take the time!


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