New Themes: Little Story, Scrollider Express, and Pachyderm

Howdy all! We have a bunch of awesome new themes for you today, so let’s dive right in.

Little Story

First up is Little Story, a premium theme with design elements and inspiration from the talented Laura Amiss.

Little Story supports several post formats in different styles, large featured images on Sticky posts, a mobile-friendly layout (including a collapsible footer widget area), social network icons for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and an option to add author information after single posts. It’s the perfect choice for a design or craft blog, or for sharing your own stories and tales.

Read more about Little Story on the Theme Showcase, or preview it on your site under Appearance -> Themes!


Next up is a clean, professional blog theme from the fine folks at WooThemes called Scrollider Express. This theme comes loaded with features including post formats, responsive layout, and featured images. Added to this is a unique header image design that spans the full width of the homepage and presents a bit of a surprise as you scroll down the screen.

Read more about Scrollider Express on the Theme Showcase, or preview it on your site under Appearance → Themes.


Last but not least, we have Pachyderm, a free theme that supports all post formats, an optional widget area, and what theme wouldn’t be complete without a pink elephant? With its clean, playful design, it would be perfect for a baby or family blog, or for sharing your web finds on a tumblelog.

Read more about Pachyderm on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your site by going to Appearance -> Themes.

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  1. Smash

    Yay, new theme day! These all look great! I will definitely experiment with them. Thanks WP! 🙂


  2. minasparklinadesign

    Beautiful themes. 🙂 I love the first one. ^_^


  3. Alex

    Little Story is amazing!


  4. wordswithnannaprawn

    I changed themes yesterday and after ten months of blogging it was my best day for attracting new followers! So my advice is to just go for it. If you think you’re writing great posts, that you’ve got your widgets and gadgets and About page all spot on but you still just have the regular contributors liking and commenting, take a look at anything that might be stagnating. Do you have too much going on in your sidebars? I’m a hoarder, so over ten months I’d grabbed all those nifty flag counters, badges, links, and got a lovely set of Blog Awards from fellow bloggers going on. Either sweep them clean, dedicate a page to them, or chose a theme were they are not cluttering up and distracting your readers from a long post. I don’t know what I was thinking,; I’d always have a tidy up if I invited someone into my home, so it’s worth thinking about the image you portray to the world you invite into your blog as well. It was definitely time for a Spring Clean. Freshen up your blogs and don’t be afraid of change! I feel a lot more invigorated and inspired to write on my blog again. I’ve picked a cleaner theme, but one that still has space for personalising, and my regular followers are giving me some great feedback and I don’t appear to have ruffled anyone’ feathers. If you’re still unsure, be brave and put it out there in a post and ask what people like and don’t like about your blog 🙂


  5. Dale Challener Roe

    OK, don’t hate me, but I think Pachyderm has promise.  Look at the live demo of the theme to see how it handles different post types.  And it will show the full post by default, but lets us use the More tag if we want.  I don’t love the accent color.


  6. anelephantcant

    AnElephantCant hide his surprise
    This new theme is making him squirm
    He must ask the question
    Or suffer congestion
    Is there room here for two pink pachyderms?



    Nice, I’ll have to remember these when it’s time for a re-design for my site. Thanks.


  8. Crazy Goblin

    Scrollider looks really great.


  9. theeagertraveller

    Themes are a crucial element of a blog. Kudos to the makers of the wonderful themes out there. I for one enjoy viewing and playing with the live demo option for new themes on WordPress. Cheers!


  10. Jessi Linh

    These themes are really nice!!! I love Little Story. It looks beautiful!!


  11. Katharine Trauger

    Hello, Caroline,

    Just to let you know I always get these announcements of new themes, nowadays. Thanks so much for fixing the trouble! 🙂



  12. wordcoaster

    Yes! More whimsical themes! Particularly pumped for the Pachyderm package. 🙂


  13. TangledPen

    They are all great! Little Story speaks to my doodly side… it’s so sweet. 🙂


  14. sidneyfleridabrown

    Pachyderm: It’s so cute… perfect fit for my new blog. (o^__^o)


  15. reviewcentrall

    Brilliant themes! Love them! 🙂


  16. legocountry

    Little Story rocks.


  17. M Yakub Chowdhury

    Thanks Caroline. I am going to try Scrollider Express for my blog. Will come back to you with my experience. Regards, Yakub


  18. trangquynh

    Nice. I love the Litte Story and Pachyderm themes, they look really simple and adorable. Thank you, Caroline ^^


  19. suesconsideredtrifles

    Pachyderm has been a favourite word of mine for a long time. Your new theme persuaded me to start a second blog!


  20. britpress

    Lovely, really nice work.


  21. Lynae

    Very nice, and great color schemes.


  22. Emma Hudterson

    Beautiful themes. Kudos to the makers of the wonderful themes out there. I for one enjoy viewing and playing with the live demo option for new themes on WordPress. It looks beautiful!! Cheers!


  23. zellie

    I’m curious to know if Little Story is available for as well?


  24. Jonathan Harrison

    I love Little Story, great work!!


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