Thanks for another great SxSW — see you next year!

sxswAfter handing out 2600 WordPress 10th anniversary shirts and tote bags, animating 500+ festivalgoers, helping dozens of WordPress users, and consuming several pounds of brisket, we’re headed home from the 2013 South by Southwest Interactive festival.

For those of you we connected with: it was great to see you! We love hearing about all the innovative ways you’re using WordPress and finding new sites to follow. If you weren’t at this year’s SxSW, here are some of our highlights:

  • WordPress co-founder and Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg sat down with AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher for an informal, wide-ranging, and funny conversation on the future of WordPress, the future of blogging, and why there will always be a need for online spaces where we can flesh out ideas with more than 140 characters. Think longform writing is dying on the web? Quoth Matt, “Haters gonna hate, and creators gonna create.” (They also did a pre-session interview in a pedicab.)
  • Our Happiness Bar spread the WordPress love at the trade show. Happiness Engineers troubleshot sites, Code Wranglers helped self-hosted users delve into the details of BuddyPress and custom admin panels, and Story Wranglers talked traffic- and community-building. And the happiness went both ways, as many of you stopped by just to say thanks.
  • A whole new world of meme possibilities opened up with our Smilebooth, which turned hundreds of trade show attendees into animated GIFs — including dancing yams, robots, and musical werewolves.
  • You helped us raise thousands of dollars for charity: water during a killer party and concert at Stubbs BBQ. Thanks to co-host Sailthru, bands Dawes, The Lone Bellow, and The Tontons, and you, an African village is that much closer to getting a well that will provide potable water for the whole community. (If you weren’t in Austin but want to pitch in, there’s still time to pledge your birthday to charity: water.)
  • One open source aficionado penned us an ode to WordPress.

We’re all on our way home tired but happy, and ready to take your thoughts and suggestions and figure out how to make WordPress even better. Here’s hoping that your SxSW was as awesome as ours, and we’ll see you in 2014.

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  1. Henry Chamberlain

    Comics Grinder will see you at SXSW in 2014!


  2. Luigi Cappel

    Love what you guys are doing, wish I could have been there:)


  3. Don

    All I got was a terrible tan.


  4. jredtripp

    I didn’t know y’all were in town! Glad you had fun.


  5. Lionel Drummond

    Would definitely love to attend next year!


  6. TangledPen

    sounds like it was a great event. Congrats on 10 years!!! 🙂 …and a big THANK YOU too.



    It’s on my bucket-list to go.
    Let’s see if we can make it happen next year!?!?


  8. dimitrie2012

    Your comments were interesting! I don’t believe blogs, web sites are dead. I have built big and small sites over the past 15 years. I find WordPress to be an amazing tool. I can place content on my blog with many media features quickly and easily. I carried over my domain from a site that I had built up over 5 years. This was easy and important to bringing old viewers to this blog. WordPress has tons of other features (both free and for cost) that I’ve yet to explore. Keep up the excellent work. There are still people out here on the Web who want to write, draw, share photos, create and inform. WordPress makes it easy and affordable!


  9. corspeak

    I’m a real newbie on WordPress so I wish I could have gone! Will start saving my pennies!

    Any words of advise from longtime users would be great. One thing is finding appropriate hashtags that people actually use. Is there a list somewhere?

    Writing has been a dream and I’ve gotten tremendous feedback all my life about how good I write. I’m so glad it’s not to late!

    Any helpful feedback is welcomed (not spam) and I thank you in advance!



  10. gwenlove76

    Wish I could have gone, loads of amazing Welsh bands out there.


  11. 83rdstreetdesigns

    Reblogged this on 83rdst and commented:
    i have to get there next year


  12. wherewordsfailmusicspeaks

    Reblogged this on Where Words Fail, Music Speaks and commented:
    I hope to able to attend SxSW next year!


  13. prettygirl1920

    Now that I have commitments to austin…I’m hoping to attend sxsw in 2014


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