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New to and don’t know where to start? Looking for just the right theme, or wondering how to use all the features in your dashboard? Interested in creating a website, not a blog? Or perhaps you’re ready to do more on your site, from adding image galleries to using built-in tools to connect with the community — and the world.

On our new tutorial site,, you can get the help you need to create the site you want and get it up and running right away.

Learn — our tutorial site — gets a facelift!


We’ve completely revamped and reimagined with lots of new content to help you get the most out of your site, including detailed guides to tasks like:

Find what you’re looking for in a snap

We want you to find the answers to your questions right away. In addition to the search bar on the top left, you’ll find:

A main menu of 12 new sections down the left sidebar. Want to come along on the journey from the beginning? Start at — you guessed it — the homepage and section one: Get the Most from If you want to get going quickly, the Get Going Fast checklist is a no-nonsense quick start guide to the basics.

Handy summaries at the top of each section. We encourage you to dive in to any section! Each section begins with a summary of what’s covered, with links to quickly transport you to the answers you need.

A resource to set up a website. For those of you interested in creating a static website, Get a Homepage compiles the essentials to create a website, including publishing a static homepage, adding timeless page content, and displaying a custom menu.

A glossary. Not sure of the difference between a post or a page, or a tag or a category? Want to know what makes a theme responsive? Get Lingo gathers common terms and phrases used throughout — within your dashboard and across our Support site.

We’re here to help — and inspire

In addition to tutorials, we’ve sprinkled fun stuff throughout to help you put your newfound knowledge to use: creative ways to personalize your site, steps to encourage you to tinker with different features, and writing and photography prompts to get you motivated.

We’re really excited for you to poke around. If you have feedback, feel free to use the feedback form, which you can access on the footer of the site. As always, if you have a specific question about your site or have a problem using, please head over to the Support site or the forums for assistance.

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  1. Natasha McNeely

    I’m definitely going to give that a good look in a bit! Thanks for always improving stuff. 🙂


  2. twistnpout

    This is fantastic. I have been blogging on WordPress for a little over a year and have found most the tutorials and teaching info useful and user friendly (I have very little tech knowledge). I am still learning and there are areas I would like more help with. I’m looking forward to checking out the new and improved learn WordPress posts.


  3. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    Awesome as always, conscientious, thoughtful, and oh so down to earth. Y’all rock! Kudos!


  4. fiuengineering

    This is great, thank you for the information.
    This will come in very useful as we share the WordPress love ☺

    Amado Gonzalez


  5. John Hayden

    Fantastic! I’ve been blogging on WordPress since 2007; added a second blog in 2009. I use WordPress every day. But like everything in the modern world (at least everything successful for any length of time), WordPress is constantly emerging. I feel like I know a lot about WordPress, but I also feel there’s much I don’t know or haven’t had time to try yet. For instance, I’ve yet to upgrade to posting videos on my blogs, but it’s on my list.

    Last night, I was trying to set up a Web site for a political campaign. As usual, it’s a tedious process with many details. I was using Twenty-Twelve, and after a few hours I realized it wasn’t what I needed. I’ll have to use a different theme. I have a short list, including Responsive and Academia, and I’m pretty sure one of them will be just right. What I’m saying is, a source that helps you LEARN is invaluable.


    • Cheri Lucas

      Thanks for the feedback, John! You’re right — WordPress is constantly evolving, and even if we’ve got a few years of WordPressing under our belts, there’s always something new to learn. Each day. I love your attitude!


  6. Sue

    I really wish you’d stop fiddlling with this – you just make it more difficult each time.


    • Cheri Lucas

      We haven’t updated in a very looooong time, so not sure what you mean — we haven’t updated/fiddled with it in a while. This new tutorial site is much more detailed and clear in explaining steps to do a variety of tasks. We do feel it’ll be easier, not more difficult, to follow.


  7. A. I. Sajib

    I so wish I could somehow join the support team. 🙂 (Happiness Engineer!)


  8. timethief

    Thank you so much for the update to this excellent step by step tutorial for learning blogging.

    Some new bloggers bypass the aids provided for starting their blogs and dive head first into the deep end. That means they tend to end up in the support forums needing help. We Volunteers answering support forum questions post the link to this useful tutorial into threads many times every day.

    As many bloggers have benefited from using the first edition, I’m sure many more will benefit from using the updated version.


  9. Positive Thought - Positive Word - For Life

    Thanks for the information. I will check it out. Interesting. Thanks. Love to learn.


  10. Professional Swimming Pools

    WordPress gets better and better. Thanks for all the new themes as well.


  11. Chris

    Thanks, you can always learn more or find something you forgot.


  12. MusingMom6

    Is this something that can assist those that use for self hosting?


  13. LongIsland Marketing (@LIMCDIGITAL)

    Thanks, this is great. Typically we go to unofficial blogs or youtube to learn how to do new things in wordpress. Great to have an official learning blog from wordpress.


  14. Stop Along The Way

    This is great. Learn is very well laid out and clear. This change is actually helpful.


  15. paullombino rocks!


  16. lioness

    Thanks for making WordPress feel like home, accessible and even better. I do live here and count the hours well spent.


  17. lindabrown4698

    Thank you for this — I have been stumped.


  18. knitnrun4sanity

    Can’t believe you have done that now when i started a bit ago. It is definitely needed. I have learnt a lot just by writing my own posts- the most important? The kitchen sink! Will link into it (or re-blog this so that the people following my attempt can see how the professionals do it. 🙂


  19. Jennifer

    Not just a face lift, but an entire makeover to a great resource. Well done,!


  20. Crazy Goblin

    Go WordPress, grear resource and thanks for help.


  21. installwp

    Way to go! Packed to the brink with awesome and easy to digest help. Should be a auto redirect setup to right after anyone installs WP 😉


  22. Lionel Drummond

    This looks really helpful…can’t wait to check it out!


  23. seeker

    Thank you for providing us this facelift and my apologies for commenting for asking questions on the Writing Challenge Abstraction. Can’t wait to test it out so that my post will turn a little bit Jazzy.


  24. neenslewy

    Thanks I have reblogged this on my site – I started in January and found all the information and walkthroughs covered what I had already taught myself to do. This however, is relevant and useful and I hope to improve my blog and readership by following your ideas. Thanks


  25. keiryberry

    Thanks, I’ve just had a quick look at the new learning pages and the material is great. I’m going to have a play with a few new things next time I blog. More fun!


  26. Smash

    That is so awesome! I’m not a total newbie, I’ve been at this for just over a year, but I’m all for more resources when it comes to learning the tricks of the trade! Thanks for this wordpress! 🙂


  27. ronddartelen

    This looks amazing, I will definitely give this a peek in just a second! Curious by the intro already.. Will reply when I’ve read it 😉


  28. mbamother

    Thanks, can’t wait to check it out!


  29. Caesar A. Ramirez

    This is going to be so good for all beginners. Thanks to all the WordPress team.


  30. deejayvirg

    Thanks for sharing this with us! Will surely check on it.


  31. MJ_Hova

    Reblogged this on Conservancies and commented:
    Tips for new users on how to utilize WordPress


  32. brifree

    I have been struggling through this process of building my own website. Thank you for making a way for me to get the help I so desperately need.


  33. kotatebingtinggi

    Yes … like it. More easy to learn, and to grow. Thanks a lot 😉


  34. Gandhi Matainaho

    Awesome stuff. Many thanks 🙂


  35. shanesbookblog

    I am brand new to blogging and social media. I made my blog a few days ago and I also made a Facebook page for my blog which was interesting and a bit frustrating. I also made a Twitter and Tumblr and about 5 others. Why I never made a Twitter account when it first came on the scene is beyond me. This post has certainly helped me learn things it would have taken me months to learn. I really appreciate the hard work that went into creating and simplifying this process and am very grateful for it! It has saved me multiple times when something was broken or messed up and I easily found the information on how to correct it. Even though I am new to blogging I am already addicted and having a blast.


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