Freshly Pressed: Friday Faves

You intrepid blogger-nauts are a talented bunch. Your eclectic range of writing styles and world-spanning knowledge create an overwhelming amount of awesome, diverse content. We’re proud to say that we’ve learned a lot from our Readers this week — everything from neuroscience to economics and beyond — and we hope you have too. Here’s a selection of some especially interesting picks from Freshly Pressed:

Was the Irish Famine Genocide?

The Famine was the greatest calamity in Irish history. People needlessly died due to cold-hearted indifference and the elevation of the market above the lives of people. Nowhere near enough aid was given as prejudice won out over compassion. Laissez faire turned into Leave them to die.

Attention all armchair historians, conspiracy theorists, and diaspora of the Emerald Isle: take note of this thought-provoking post. The Irish Famine — or the “Great Hunger” — was a calamitous moment in Irish history. Millions perished and emigrated as the potato crop failed. But could these deaths have been avoided? Was the ruling British Empire willfully negligent? Indeed, did it act in a way that could be construed as “genocidal”? Robert Nielsen weighs up the evidence in a thorough analysis.

Parenting Politics…In My House

There is still definitely an overall attitude that women – by default – take on the majority of household chores, regardless of their work status. If a woman chooses to be a homemaker, then I can understand that thought, but otherwise? We all live here, we all pitch in, it’s as simple as that. We’re raising our son so that he understands the value of equality, both inside the home as well as outside of it.

With recent media focus on high-profile businesswomen, like Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, it’s refreshing to read a little perspective closer to home. Indeed, forget running a Fortune 500 company; if life has an ultimate test for one’s physical strength, mental endurance, and cognitive faculties, we’re sure raising kids is it. The Mamafesto shares a revealing insight into her apparently unceasingly hectic work/life balance, explaining how both mom and pop share the load (for the good of both their sanities).

Time to Come Out

If our sexual orientation were more often in-your-face, so to speak, as inescapably present and visible as skin color, perhaps we would reach that society of tolerance we dream about more quickly. We are not a silent minority, but in certain fields—I think of cinema and sports—we are a relatively (and in the NFL, a completely) invisible one.

For a gay person, the act of coming out is often the most difficult point in their life. It involves shattering what is essentially a lifelong façade and bearing the entirety of their self to raw, hurtful criticism; it’s something very few of us can understand. Breach of Close‘s heartfelt post on the pressure of coming out is an emotionally charged eye-opener that sheds difficult light on this anguish. We’d all do well to read it.

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  1. Amy Sondova

    You know, I started doing a thing called “Friday Faves” over two years ago on my WORDPRESS blog, and now all of a sudden WordPress is doing it. Hmm…not that it’s something entirely creative and no one else could ever have that idea. I’m just saying it’s sort of fishy.



    Thanks…these were good.


  3. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Well, WordPress, you have my forgiveness (!) I forgive you all your past Freshly Pressed picked nonsense.

    When I first joined WordPress I was pretty much into clicking to see what had been FP, but I rapidly tired of the idiotic subjects and average reports that you aired. THESE subjects, however, will have me brave a second look. I will begin to click the FP tab again.

    Solid choices – especially teaching me about the Potato Famine, my surname being Ginnane and yet I knew not what it was all about.



  4. coolisfun1

    English were guilty of crimes against humanity


  5. hamidwrs

    for you



  6. Maxim Sense

    I am always fascinated by freshly pressed posts and make sure I download them. I do think that one of the best ways to learn is to learn to like the choices rather than blame the rules for not being chosen.


  7. rkch



  8. IMOJ

    Hi,I am in China .I can’t open the webpage.Sorry!


  9. Columba

    WordPress would do well to stay away from political posts and comment. Thankfully with the declaration of human rights the world is evolving into a better place and it serves no purpose to judge yesterdays deeds by today’s standards.


  10. neelkanth



  11. nikajones225

    These were great, really enjoyed reading them, definitely makes you think and and it’s always good to have your eyes opened to the truth.


  12. Caroline Cunningham

    We can learn from our past…….countries often behave like parents who made mistakes….you cant change the past even though it has shaped your life…and it is often considered weak to point the finger of blame but acknowledgement is something different…it adds a bit of dignity to both sides.


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