Headed to SxSW this week? So are we — don’t be a stranger!

South by Southwest Interactive kicks off this Friday, March 8, and you know Automattic will be there! Whether you need some help with your site, want to learn about the future of blogging, or just want to boogie down with a beer and some barbeque, we’ve got you covered — come say hello, because we’d love to put a face to your blog.

Happiness Bar

Made in Texas

Have questions about WordPress? Our Happiness Engineers have answers, and they love sharing ’em. Swing by the WordPress Happiness Bar — booth 725 at the Trade Show, Sunday, March 10 through Wednesday, March 13; look for the “Born in Texas” banner — and we can troubleshoot your site, give you a quick tutorial, or just share why we think WordPress is the best CMS around.

You can also pick up some swag to show off your WordPress pride, and turn yourself into an animated GIF at our Smilebooth. Don’t miss your chance to be the next Spinning Disco Chicken!

The State of Blogging in 2013

Listen in as WordPress co-founder and Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg sits down with AllThingsD co-executive editor Kara Swisher for a conversation exploring the future of blogging in an online world with more and more services demanding shorter and shorter content. What happens to bloggers in the age of Twitter and Instagram? (Hint: they’re not going anywhere.) Clear your schedules Saturday, March 9, at 12:30PM, and join us at the Hyatt Regency. Head to the SxSW site for more details and venue directions.

Party for the People

This year, we’re partnering with Sailthru to present Party for the People, a night of good music, good food, good people, and good times for a great cause, charity: water. Join 1,999 of your new best friends at Austin’s legendary Stubb’s BBQ to enjoy sets from DawesThe Lone Bellow, and The Tontons while help to raise money to fund a charity:water well — for every partygoer who makes a pledge to charity: water, Sailthru and Automattic will make an additional $10 donation. Have some fun and do some good! RSVP today; the party’s filling up fast. The fiesta starts at 7PM on Sunday, March 10.

Come to talk shop or let loose — we’re up for either. We hope to see you in Austin!

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  1. camilledickson

    Well, shoot. The hubs and I are missing ALL SXSW this year. Enjoy and have a Shiner for me!


  2. Honie Briggs

    What a cool event! Not that I need an excuse to visit Austin. Thanks for the info.


  3. RobiniArt

    Funny, I live about an hour from there and have been thinking how I should avoid Austin this week because of all the crowds. Ha! Am I lame or what? 😉 Y’all have fun and be safe!


  4. Charlotte Ortega

    Hi Michelle, Thanks for the invitation but I am already committed to another conference. Do you have any other similar events planned for the rest of this year as I book myself up months in advance. This is exactly what I have been looking for and I am so disappointed that I won’t be with you. Where are these great events posted so that I can go online and look this up myself, Thanks again Michelle , Automatic is the best! Warmly fellow intrepid blogger Charlotte Ortega

    Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2013 17:00:36 +0000 To: drjane121@msn.com


    • Cheri Lucas

      One page you can check for upcoming WordPress events is the WordCamps site — if you’re interested in getting involved in and meeting people within the WordPress community, that’s a great site to poke around.


  5. longhornsandcamels

    Oh how I miss Austin, Stubbs and SXSW! Sounds like it will be great!


  6. meganseaman

    This sounds great!!! I wish I was going – it is my spring break next… maybe I’ll come! 🙂


  7. Stu West

    Reblogged this on stuwest.org and commented:
    I’ll be there Friday to Sunday.


  8. shelbizle

    I could go for some Texas weather, BBQ, new music, Tito’s Vodka and boys in cowboy boots right now . Props to SXSW for all of the folk bands on the lineup this year!


  9. Ned's Blog

    Alas, no Texas trip for me, although Austin is one of my favorite cities — especially 6th street and the Driscoll Hotel! I lived in Dallas for six years and visited Austin often. For those of us who can’t make it, I hope you’re planning a wrap-up post of the event so we can live vicariously through your keyboard. Have fun, enjoy the great music and REPRESENT! …sorry, that sounded realllly cracker-like…


  10. susielindau

    I would love to go. Dang! It would be great to meet the gang and learn what will be coming down the pike for WP users in 2013. I’ll have to wait until it comes to Denver. Have fun!


  11. Julia Petrescu

    Gonna be at SXSW & COTA, hope to see some of you there! Going to post on LaMinunat!


  12. kerbey

    I will come if I can figure out where in the H to park. Austin parking is a nightmare.



    Thanks for the invite and wish we were going, a lot of great content to cover. Wonder if cartoon characters have to show ID? Cheers!


  14. nataliescarberry

    Where in Texas is the Trade show where this is happening? Natalie Scarberry


  15. Waywardspirit

    I’m there!


  16. vincentfarrellartist

    I will be at SXSW interactive, film and music! its the best conference around and looking forward to stopping by to say hello!!!


  17. blurppy

    unfortunately I won’t be able to make it but will the conversation with Matt Mullenweg be available online after the event? Would LOVE to watch, listen and learn.


  18. inhouserecgroup

    Would love to be there but Austin isnt that close to Sydney. Enjoy and post your heads off to keep us up to date.


  19. Rev James Jones

    I miss Austin so much, it’s been years since I’ve got to go home for a visit. Say hi for me if you stop in Maggie Mae’s.


  20. lhtapner

    If I still lived in Houston, I would be there, It sounds like a great time. Have one for me!


  21. Donny Joe

    Austin. Music mecca, beautiful people, tasty food, wonderful city. I wish that I was going to SXSW this year….(*sigh*)


  22. biancashaw3

    Reblogged this on biancashaw and commented:
    This sounds like a nice networking event for all of you music lovers out there. Guess who will be in attendance..that’s right, yours truly.


  23. kmdurham

    Reblogged this on kmdurham and commented:
    I wanna go so bad!!!


  24. Tristan Gerrard

    im there!


  25. fitmargaritas

    knew I was already falling in love with wp and then I get an update email about sxsw and how a party will benefit one of my all time fave groups Charitywater.org!! yeah!!!! so awesome!!



    Sorry, can’t make it. Maybe some other day!


  27. Marie Prendergast

    my son’s band Kodaline are playing at \SXSW!!! Check out these lads. They are together a year from Ireland and Mark is the lead guitarist. His other band members are Vinnie on drums, Jay on bass and Steve lead vocal. I maybe a bit biased but they are brilliant!!! Cheers Marie


  28. davidlboard

    I live about 2-miles from the event and I will definitely stop by. Austin is awesome!


  29. jglennharper

    Stuck in Dallas… wishing I was there.


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