New Themes: Blocco, Crafty, and Hustle Express

I’ve officially decided that any day with three theme launches occurring at the same time will henceforth no longer be known as Theme Day but Threeme Day! Yes, I took it there. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy threese — I mean these — latest additions to our ever-growing collection of themes on

First up is Blocco, by Press75.


Blocco: Home Page

The posts on home and archive pages in Blocco are displayed in blocks, making it super-easy to navigate your blog and even more interesting to look at. The theme was designed specifically with blogging in mind, but it works perfectly for photos and video as well.

Blocco is a premium upgrade for your blog; read more about its features on the Theme Showcase or dive right into previewing it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

Our second treat for you today is Crafty, a multipurpose blogging theme with a bright and playful design. Based on the popular CraftyCart theme by CraftyCart, Crafty sports a left sidebar, full-width page, and support for multiple post formats.


Crafty: Home Page

Crafty is especially suitable for blogs about arts and crafts, teaching, housekeeping, and food. Or — anything else you can think of. Read more about its features on the Theme Showcase or dive right into previewing it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

Last, but certainly not least, is Hustle Express, created by WooThemes. It’s a fresh, spacious, and responsive personal blogging theme that cleanly delivers multiple post format support and two customizable menus. Make it your own with custom headers, a custom background, and post thumbnails.

Hustle Express

Hustle Express: Home Page

Hustle Express is a premium upgrade for your blog; read more about its features on the Theme Showcase or dive right into previewing it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

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  1. David Bennett

    My reaction to Crafty is that it is nice and quirky except for the typeface in the text logo, which looks decidedly amateurish.



    Cool designs. I’ll have to keep them in mind if I do an update to my site. Thanks!


  3. Smash

    I love the colour scheme for Crafty! The Live preview looked good on my site, but it would need a few tweaks. Another great set of themes to tempt me away from my current one!


  4. Teepee12

    I am really enjoying playing around with themes. Some work for me, others definitely don’t … but having such a huge choice is really great. I’m so happy with my current theme (Selecta) that I think I won’t really be changing for a while … but I admit each time you come out with new ones, I have to give them each a test drive!


  5. christrocks

    My mom would love Crafty. 🙂


  6. Boo-Dah-Beli

    I’m really liking Blocco and Hustle Express…too bad Hustle Express is a Premium Theme…thanks for the update! Great. Mate.


  7. Rowan Dinwoodie

    Why is Blocco a premium theme? It looks so nice! (Guess I just answered my own question there) Guess I’ll have to stick with AutoFocus.


  8. Morning Espresso

    I like Crafty. I love to see my WordPress website with warm & cool colors anytime.


  9. Crazy Goblin

    Blocco theme looks interesting, but nothing beats Twenty Eleven for me 😉


  10. admin

    Great to see the theme repository expanding even more! Very excited to see a new WooTheme, but was really hoping we’d get Mystile, one of their fantastic free themes. Mystile is reminiscent of their Bueno theme which is’s third most popular theme.


  11. Diego Cabrerizo

    I really feel that lacks science themes…I always need to look for new themes that would suit my science blog, but its kind of hard to find a good one.



    Really like the Blocco theme, I will definitely purchase it once I get my blog up from scratch. Thanks.


  13. 365DaysofGratitude

    The problem I’m finding with a lot of these new themes is that they’re too much like tumblr pages. I want a decent 3 column theme that’s creative and attractive. I want to be able to make a decent banner, a nice background and adjust it accordingly. I don’t want a theme that’s primarily photo based, or looks too much like tumblr. I write. I want to be able to write. I want to be able to post pictures, comments, rants, dreams, stories…


  14. Mausumi (@mausumi03)

    I like the changes.


  15. Jaime

    I like Crafty! If I change my layout I am going to try that one first.


  16. hayleerobinson

    I love Crafty! Such a nice theme!


  17. somoremore

    I like Crafty. Cute and Clean it is my style!


  18. rockyp39

    Crafty is a nice theme.


  19. WB

    Ditto on comments about themes looking like Tumblr. Great for some things, but not for writing. Blocco seems to lack the navigation elements which I use to sort the content.

    Also, having more sub-page views of these themes would be helpful in these announcements. I know I can preview any new theme with my current content, but it’s slow sometimes. And sometimes I don’t have the time to remap content to use the features of the new theme. Be nice to see the potential of the theme before having the content to use it.

    Best to all. Write on.


  20. plugindesigns

    Blocco is definitely eye catching. Would love it for my next update.


  21. Gregorovius

    Very nice harmony of colours in Crafty. Sightly!


  22. Snigdha

    I love Crafty. I am using it right now. You have a lot of minimalist themes. I would love to see a little more colour and brightness for the personal blogs!


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