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We think it’s important that you own the content you create online, which is why we make it simple to import or export all your data — you wrote it it, it’s yours, and you can take it where you’d like. If you want to become a part of the community but have been posting on Tumblr, Blogger, LiveJournal, Posterous, or other services, you can move your whole oeuvre over with a few clicks. (It’s just as easy to leave, but we’d miss you!)

This also means that if you’re blogging with a service that’s phasing out, as Posterous is doing on April 30, it’s easy to keep your site going by setting up a account and importing all your content. (Check out the Posterous blog announcement for more details on the change.)

We know it can be rough leaving a tool that you know and are comfortable with, so we’ve made the importing and setup process super-friendly: our documentation on importing a blog from Posterous walks you through the whole process step-by-step, from exporting from Posterous to registering your site to posting via email.

And if you have a domain you’ve been using with your Posterous Space (like we can help you link it to your new site, so your followers will always know how to find you.

If this is your first time using, here are a few more resources for getting your new site up and running quickly:

Get started with with this fun 10-step guide to becoming a blogging hero. Pick a layout, publish your first post, work with photos and video, hook your site to your Facebook and Twitter feeds, and more.
Check out “How To” videos on just about every feature of on the WordPress community video site.

Browse our extensive support site for helpful instructions on any aspect of you can think of. (And some you can’t!) For one-on-one assistance, get in touch with the friendly support team, known as the Happiness Engineers, or get community help on our support forums.

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  1. The C-Sweet

    Reblogged this on From the C-Sweet and commented:
    I’ve done this. I like the idea of having all of my blogging together in one place even though my theme and/or approach may have been different when I started out years ago!


  2. Roberta

    I’ve been wanting to consolidate my blogs onto one theme/space for some time. This post is just what I need to move from Blogger; along with previous posts which are helping me refine my site for consistency. Thanks – will work on this.


  3. psicologiafeliz

    Very interesting information! Thank you very much! 🙂


  4. goanddoit

    I’m glad I started on wordpress. Even though it looks like it would be easy to port everything over using these steps, starting here gives me more time to focus on raising awareness for spinal injury and establishing my cause.


  5. Clanmother

    Thanks for all of your support!


  6. yubasutteroutlook

    This posting was very useful. We are new to WordPress. We would have never thought that blogspot would no longer be our favorite blog platform!


  7. MR

    Dear WordPress, Quick and simple question, with hopefully a quick and simple answer: Is it possible to use WordPress as a CMS solution for an existing (html-based) website; I am pretty good at creating nice WordPress websites, but I am not good with coding. That’s why I love WordPress! Now I’ve been asked to create a CMS for the site, with an explicit comment not to change the lay-out/appearance. I have searched the internet for answers, but couldn’t find any. Hope you can help me out! Best regards, Martijn


    • michelle w.

      Hi, Martijn. is a CMS, and you can build all kinds of sites with it. However, if you need a very specific layout, using a self-hosted version of WordPress (available at might suit you better — you’d have finer control over the site’s appearance, and could adapt/create a theme that would mimic the look of the site you’re trying to rebuild.


  8. Peter Slutsky

    Reblogged this on Peter H. Slutsky.


  9. Joey Kudish

    Reblogged this on Joey Kudish and commented:

    With Posterous shutting down on April 30th, now’s a great time to move your stuff over to if you had a Posterous account. I worked on the importer that makes this possible!


  10. Adam Maufort

    I like how easy you guys make it! It’s really great! I also enjoyed the comment about missing us if we left. Cute! Haha!



    Thanks! This is good to know.


  12. Author, G. D. Grace

    Thank you! I shared this on my FB wall!


  13. blanchedivareaux

    Thank you for the update! I think is the best ever!


  14. Evi

    You care so much! Love WordPress deeply 🙂


  15. Indian Homemaker

    I wish it was also possible to import photographs and status updates from Facebook, and photos from Flickr.


  16. Aiko

    hi i tried to import all my contents in blogspot to wordpress yesterday. Suddenly i got notification from wordpress stating that they deactivate my account due to violation of terms and condition. I did’nt do anything nor post something against the rule. I am desperately need help 😦 Thankyou


  17. Happylovejoy

    It’s great that you guys think of all these solutions for bloggers. Lucky for me I did some research before I started a blog and started out with WordPress far it’s been a great experience and I’m amazed at the things that I could do on my blog..keep it up!


  18. Michael Van Den Berg

    I would love to move to, but I can’t lose the flexibility my self hosted WordPress website offers. But that’s probably not what you meant with importing to 😛


  19. filamots

    Hello, it’s a very good idea, but many op people in France speaks french and are not able to understand the language of WordPress. I propose the translator of google and on the support of WordPress and among my community. It’s very easy to begin a blog WP. Sorry for my english.


  20. illuminatedbeauty

    Reblogged this on Illuminated Beauty and commented:
    future reference. If moving from blogger, if one has several blogs, must one move all blogs?


  21. somoremore

    It’s easy to import ! Nice Sharing : )


  22. givetoo

    Reblogged this on giftsbygiving and commented:
    This very helpful information. I have a question: What if you want to move your blog from blogger to your account, what do you have to do?


  23. cargill44

    I wonder if someone at WordPress could help me. My husband set up two sites on WordPress. Unfortunately he died before he could hand them over. One was for his golf club and one for some friends in Spain. I have managed to change the passwords and get into them with some help from someone at WordPress but would like to hand them over completely. One of them is on the same site as our family photo’s and I do not want to give them access to these. I have given the Golf club the user name and password for their site as this only has the information regarding the club. Can you give me any advice please. I am sending this from my late husbands email site.

    Thanks Glynis Cargill


    • Kathryn

      Hi Glynis – could you please send an email to support AT wordpress DOT com so we can help you get this sorted out? Thanks.


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