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Last year we launched, giving restaurants the ability to quickly and easily build a site with menus, maps and directions, an OpenTable reservations widget, and more, along with an elegant new free theme. Since then, we’ve seen restaurants from venerable favorites to underground supper clubs using to entice customers with websites as beautiful as their signature dishes. Here are a few whose sites (and menus!) we love:


Posh Restaurant, Scottsdale AZPOSH is an “improvisational restaurant” in Scottsdale, Arizona where Chef Josh Herbert creates custom menus for each evening’s crowd based on seasonal ingredients and personal preferences. Using the Confit theme developed especially for restaurants, he’s able to give potential patrons a feel for the restaurant with a custom background photo showcasing the restaurant’s interior while maintaining a clean overall feel.

We particularly like the way he’s loaded up the left sidebar with all the key things a customer wants to see — links to information about the chef and his food, the restaurant’s hours and location, the OpenTable reservations widget — while using the rest of the page as a blog to highlight well-loved recipes.

(And Confit doesn’t have to be just for restaurants — it also works for secret supper clubs, rental properties, and more. Visit the Confit page for instructions on configuring all the restaurant-specific features.)

The Elephant Walk

The Elephant Walk, Waltham, MAThe Elephant Walk, a popular French-Cambodian restaurant in Waltham, Massachusetts, is a “benefit restaurant” — 3% of its profits go to non-profit organizations dedicated to fighting poverty. Using a customized version of the premium Duet theme, they’re spreading the word about their food and mission.

They’ve souped up their site with a custom header (which they carry over into an image widget, to keep the look consistent), and custom navigation that quickly shepherds readers to menus, FAQs, and information on the non-profits they support. As with POSH, they’ve also kept the most popular information in the sidebar, so readers can get directions or make a reservation no matter which page they’re on when the mood strikes.


Canape, Wilmington NCFriends Matthew and Sean run Canapé, a pop-up restaurant, every Sunday night, taking over an existing restaurant space to present a new 11-course menu. Their site, using a customized version of the free Forever theme, uses stunning close-up photographs of their inventive, refined food to great effect.

Their custom background and header hint at their elegant but playful style, but it’s the slider of featured images that really steals the show — it showcases ten of their perfectly composed dishes, leaving each on the screen just long to activate your Pavlovian response before shifting to the next. Above, a custom menu takes visitors to more information (including a whole page dedicated to food photography, if the slider images weren’t enough for you) while below, blog posts keep followers up to date on upcoming menus and other news.

Some of these sites use premium themes or other upgrades, like a custom domain name or custom design — but not all. The Confit theme is free, as are its options to use a custom background and OpenTable widget. Many other free themes can be customized with a header, slider, and menus, and image widgets are always available for adding more visual interest.

Are you a restaurant owner who needs an upgrade, or just a happy customer whose favorite taco joint has a website from 1997 and wants to help? Welcome to!

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  1. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    Oh, yum!


  2. cheerupitsraining

    You can bet I’ll make use of this site when I open my own establishment. 😉



    Awesome! I have an idea for a coffeehouse here in Ocean View!


  4. mrboal

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    Take a look !


  5. aheneghana

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    looks like lots of good restaurants out there..


  6. livincreatively

    I have a special place in my heart for restauranteurs and those who support them in their mission, lol! Thank you.


  7. ranu802

    The posh and its food looks yummy.


  8. tudorteodorescu88

    This is a great initiative and when I will have my own restaurant, I will definitely make use of this site. Great support from WordPress as always.


  9. ShopTwinkle

    How timely. I’m off to Scottsdale in a couple of weeks and I’ll be sure to visit Posh.


  10. nrcakes

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    creations without limits


  11. Tammy

    And what a great restaurant Posh is! Just recently blogged about their chef in a post called Molecular Gastronomy.


  12. Heartafire

    Yummy, entertaining and appetizing!


  13. soumennath

    Moonlight Dinner….how about that?


  14. 2misi

    That is a nice feature because it can make it easier for the restauranter to promote.


  15. bspargo

    I’m happy to say, I’ve gotten to experience Posh a few times. It’s incredible! If you are in the Phoenix / Scottsdale area, Posh is a a place not to be missed! Every plate of deliciousness is a handcrafted work of art and the whole concept makes for a dining experience like none other. At least once in your lifetime, you must try the full tasting, each course paired with wonderful wines. I think it was 12 courses and there aren’t enough awesome words to describe how amazing it was. Of course, you’ll want to take a taxi home or check in at a local hotel afterwards, but it’s totally worth it!


  16. aaronn029

    This sounds good to me I would love to try out this restaurant and putting this information on It’s a great tool to see what is on the menu.


  17. shanes331945

    I think this would be awesome for restaurants. In all honesty I got kind of hungry reading this blog. This will also help people just starting out with their company to get their name out there and attract new customers. One idea that might be good for this would be some restaurants getting new recipes and ideas from others.


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