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New Themes: My Life and Silesia

Today, I’m excited to announce the two latest additions to our ever-growing collection of free themes.

My Life

My Life

My Life is a cool, serene blogging theme by Justin Tadlock. With subtle colors, readable typography, and a vintage feel, it offers a classic look for your personal journal or blog.

My Life can be used as a one-column tumblelog, or it supports up to two widget areas for a two- or three-column layout with multiple sidebar positions. It also includes up to three custom menus and support for several post formats, making the theme incredibly flexible and versatile.

Read more about My Life on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your site by going to Appearance -> Themes.

Silesia: Home

Silesia: Home

Silesia is a clean and elegant blogging theme with a twist: it features an expanding left sidebar for an additional navigation or other Widgets you find useful!

Designed by NattyWP, Silesia comes with two sidebar areas, custom gallery styles, support for the Aside, Image, Video, Quote, and Link post formats, custom backgrounds, and custom headers.

Find out more about how to get started with Silesia on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your blog by going to Appearance -> Themes.

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  1. Nox

    In the Silesia demo we can see chat posts, but in the theme we does not have them. Why is that?


    • Konstantin Obenland

      If posts were marked with a post forma that Silesia does not support, the theme still honors them by displaying a corresponding icon and a link to that post format archive page. It does not come with a special way of presenting those post formats, though.


  2. Recis Dempayos


    New themes to consider! Thanks for these free releases, Theme Team!

    Cheers! 😀


  3. Casey James

    Thank you for the new themes! I am a newbie at blogging ……….. and it is great to see new and different options … now if I could only figure how to add “Pages” I would be all set …… My theme is Dusk to Dawn – and love the colour etc … just not sure of the layout.


  4. alivfaizalmuhammad

    I think I like Silesia. It is clean and looks fresh. “My Life” shows a gloomy life..


  5. timethief

    I think both themes are interesting additions with useful features. Thanks for increasing the number of free themes we have to choose from.


  6. thegreatzambini

    I have to say, I`m not really a fan of any of the simple themes. My favorite is still Something Fishy, and it boggles my mind that so few people use it! It is just too cute. Maybe the more intricate themes scare people off, because they seem to support very themed content of blogs? My blog really has nothing to do with fish or the sea, but I think the playfulness of the theme supports my more everyday content.


  7. usman hashmi

    Awsome..Thanks For These Superb Themes for free..!!


  8. tallissone

    Great free theme options. Keep them coming. 🙂


  9. Devina a Lemon flavoured Jellybean

    Why doesn’t ‘My Life’ have a header feature?


    • Sheri

      The My Life theme supports custom headers. You can add one from the Appearance → Header page in your blog dashboard.


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