We want you: Automattic is hiring in 2013

Merry band of comrades seeks nice, hard-working, diligent, motivated, fun-loving people to join their mission: to democratize publishing and make WordPress.com the best it can be. Work with us.

Last year at Automattic (WordPress.com’s parent company) we hired 48 people:

  • 19 developers/systems folk — those who write code and make sure servers are running.
  • 14 Happiness Engineers — those who support our users in the forums and answer requests for help.
  • 6 themers and designers who create beautiful themes and sites.
  • 8 in business and operations — those who work internally with Automatticians and with our VIPs.
  • 2 in editorial curating Freshly Pressed, and inspiring bloggers to keep on blogging.

We expect to hire 60 new Automatticians in 2013. We’re a distributed company: Automatticians work from home, their local coffee shop, co-working spaces — the location in the world where they’re most comfortable and productive. Our hiring pool is planet Earth.

We need developers, designers, themers, support folks, and more. Are you a mobile developer? Apply. Are you smart about WordPress, incisive, and compassionate? You might be an awesome Happiness Engineer.

What qualities do we seek? We look for people who are willing to work hard, share their ideas, learn from their colleagues, take initiative to get things done without being told, and those who aren’t afraid to ask questions.

To help you get to know your future colleagues a little better and learn about the awesome people who fuel Automattic, we’re starting a new series here at WordPress.com News called “Five Minutes with an Automattician.” First up, on Monday, January 21st, Mr. Tim Moore.

Think you’ve got the right stuff? Work with us.

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  1. RunToInspire

    Curating Freshly Pressed would be a dream job!


  2. Peter Slutsky

    Reblogged this on Peter H. Slutsky and commented:

    Interested? Let me know!


    • micheleburstein

      Hey Peter, I am 61, a new blogger, a compulsive writer and would be quite willing to assist on simple jobs or even more difficult jobs if you give volunteers a bit of training! Let me know.


  3. indytony

    I love the job title “Happiness Engineer”. I may use it for a novel I’m writing called “The Pursuit of Happiness” about one man who is none too happy about how the world insists on his being happy.


  4. Tim Moore (tmoorewp)

    Reblogged this on Dreaming of the Things In Between and commented:

    Looking for work? Come join us at Automattic!


  5. JC

    Reblogged this on (Untitled) and commented:

    Come join us at the best distributed company!


  6. lauralee21

    Sounds like a very happy company to work for


  7. alfredngarts

    Do you need an artist? I can create one freshly press art a day just for you.


  8. Shayn Roby

    I would love to be a blogger/ editorial team member. Praise Jesus.


  9. Loca Gringa

    I have to say, I’ve been writing for years and looking for an outlet that I can handle. “Wordpress” is it. I’ve looked at several other blog sites and they don’t hold a candle to the ease of operations that WP has. I’ve become addicted. Can’t wait to get my archive from Canada (expat in Dominican Republic – sounds glam but remember it’s still 3rd world) to revamp and publish on WP. One day I may just apply to you!


  10. Antonio Maurice Daniels

    I would love to curate Freshly Pressed. I look forward to an opportunity to present myself for this role.


  11. wangamanyala

    Imagime me a ‘Happiness engineer’, sounds like a very enticing posts to fill, well give it to me.


  12. gina drellack

    You are changing the world, one Happily Engineered Story Wrangling Code Ninja at a time, and I am thrilled at the potential to contribute to this global joy movement!!


  13. Stu West

    Reblogged this on stuwest.org.


  14. Stiletto Momma

    My next job is going to be something I’m passionate about. Look for my resume soon!!


  15. A. I. Sajib

    Been dreaming to be a Happiness Engineer. 🙂


  16. Pixeled-Nina

    Agree with Ron. Curating a freshly pressed. Wow (^0^).


  17. lotusfirebliss

    Where would I inquire about applying for positions for editorial curating for Freshly Pressed


  18. Derek Springer

    Reblogged this on 12-inch pianist and commented:

    Rebel against your pants-enforcing masters, come work for Automattic!


  19. sneuro

    I’d love working for a even better WordPress from home! My two main ability streams are cartooning and financial management (accounting and budgeting). Should you need someone savy with numbers, but also talented in art and humour, give me a shout! Please ask all your friends to visit my awesome blog. I’ve wanted a web site for years but could not afford a good one. Thank you WordPress for giving me the tools and the satisfaction of building one myself. Best regards, Sneuro.


  20. sightinthedark

    An Ideal dream job. I am still learning but it’s great to know those kids of opportunities do exist. Gives me motivation to learn as much as I can.


  21. Peeksi

    Editoral curating would be my top choice. I love to read exciting blogs about a wealth of topics. And, let’s face it…I have no idea how to complete the tasks of the other positions currently available :-D.


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