Responsive Themes: Oxygen and Confit

Yesterday, we highlighted two themes, Ever After and Sight. Today, we continue with our responsive theme showcase with two more beautiful themes designed to make sites look their best on any screen, from a desktop computer to devices like an iPad and iPhone.



BeatRoute Magazine, an arts and entertainment monthly in Calgary, Alberta, focuses on local and independent music. From features to album and show reviews, the site is chock-full of content, which is displayed effectively using Oxygen’s Showcase Page template. Musicians and bands are featured in sticky posts on a front page slider, as well as in smaller thumbnails. (You can also display posts in a traditional blog format, too.)

BeatRoute Magazine

BeatRoute Magazine

You can personalize Oxygen further with a custom background, header, and menus, as well as fonts and a custom link color. Even with all of these customized features, a site using Oxygen will look fantastic on screens of different sizes.

To see Oxygen in action on another site, visit the art and travel blog Satsumabug: Art & Life. Lisa Hsia brightens up her site with a colorful, whimsical custom header and a watercolor-inspired background to match. 


At Scita > Scienda, Cathi-Lyn — a writer, music composer, and visual artist — muses on morality, spirituality, knowledge, and imagination in relation to everyday life, but also shares travel and photography. She uses the Confit theme, which was recently launched especially for restaurants and cafes.

Scita Scienda

Scita > Scienda

But if you fancy Confit’s design, the theme works for a personal blog as well, as you can see with Cathi-Lyn’s site above. In addition to providing a responsive layout and looking fabulous on any device, Confit can be dressed up with a custom header, menu, and a gorgeous full-page background image (up to 1600px). We like the dreamy vintage map Cathi-Lyn uses, symbolic of wanderlust and big ideas. (We also like how Todd at Todd Pack’s Messy Desk takes advantage of the full-page background with a vintage typewriter image.)

If you like Confit, check out another blog, Studio EatsFrom a “pocket-sized” kitchen in New York City, Jamie mixes recipes with posts on healthy living and workouts. Not only does Confit’s default background image look fresh and fitting on her pages, but Jamie’s custom font choices (Chunk and Ronnia Condensed) further personalize her site. (For more information on using custom fonts, check out our Custom Design upgrade.)

Go Mobile

We’ve just highlighted themes that look their best on all screen sizes, including mobile devices. You can enable a mobile theme on your own site in your dashboard by going to Appearance » Mobile. Check “yes” next to “Enable mobile theme” and click “Update.”

And if you haven’t browsed WordPress on your mobile device, learn more about our apps:

Tomorrow, we’ll finish off our responsive theme showcase with two premium themes with responsive layouts.

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  1. Luiz Paulo Migueloni [ Smitten ]

    This theme is awesome! 🙂


  2. Aurora HSP

    Love the new themes, they are always fantastic. But I am so techno-stunned, I am really struggling with the new changes here at Hope it gets easier so I can try some of those new themes 🙂 Beautiful. That’s why I tell people to blog here: ease of use and beautiful templates.



    Nice!…I may just use one of these on my blog.


  4. Taiwanda

    I’ve just started using Oxygen for my new blog. It’s great! I’m still working on my blog but enjoying all the different features of the theme.


  5. sidneyfleridabrown

    just tried oxygen. loved it. ^^


  6. aishahhussein

    I just started my blog and using Oxygen. Have been wondering how to utilise the layout to play out it’s features, and this post certainly taught me a few things. But first I have to have many many more blog posts!


  7. seby23m

    Oxygen is nice!


  8. elliotclaire

    Another two wonderful themes to add to the WP community. Thank you as always WP! :=)


  9. gpcox

    Confit is perfect.


  10. DIY Bazaar

    I also use Oxygen theme on my blog and I am very happy with it. Soon the website will be online too and ready to make an amazing impression on every DIY passionate (also using Oxygen theme).


  11. Pronájem komerčních prostor - Areál Tolstého 451, Teplice - Řetenice

    I hade to switch to Oxygen right away :o). Thank you so much for this lovely theme!!


  12. mindfulacting

    Thanks for reminding us how to go mobile.


  13. Wahlman Photography

    I’m greatly enjoying Oxygen for my photography blogsite.


  14. Claudia

    Confit is beautiful!


  15. suaaddartistry

    I’m really loving the Oxygen theme. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Not long before I change over to it. Thanks guys!


  16. thefitcycle

    Thank you Cheri!
    Last month I decided to try Confit and I have been so impressed with it’s functionality. Visitors to my site are loving it too. Perfect match!

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Jaya Saputro

    Can’t lie; I’m provoked to use Oxy too….lol!


  18. rgrmlee

    Thank you so much, Confit is just perfect for what I needed – it inspired me to finally take the Blog plunge….! I am looking forward to having Post Formats with Confit as well!!


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