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If you had any doubt that makes a great online home for your band, the range of artists who are now using it to promote their work and grow their fan base should put that to rest.  New musicians are signing on every day, making the go-to for artists who want sleek, functional, engaging sites without investing a ton of money or time.

Here are just a few of the acts who are taking advantage of features like the gig calendar and embedded tracks from SoundCloud and Bandcamp.  They’re all using the Soundcheck theme, developed specifically for musicians, but they’ve used custom touches to build sites with unique looks and personality.

tae phoenix

Tae Phoenix is a Seattle-based singer-songwriter who recently released her first album, Rise. Her site takes full advantage of everything and the Soundcheck theme have to offer, with embedded audio and video, a tour calendar, her Twitter feed, links to her new album, and press mentions. She’s lightened up the basic Soundcheck color scheme with a bold header image that echoes her album cover, and her first single is front and center on the home page, ready to be heard.  Her site is polished, professional, and ready for the big time — just like her.

radical effect

Finnish DJ Radical Effect is a 180 from our Seattle singer-songwriter, and it shows. He uses his site to support the October release of his debut single and his quest to “conquer the Finnish nightlife.” A rotating selection of header images gives the site its industrial feel, while a more washed-out palette creates a chill, laid-back vibe. In addition to the music-specific features, Radical Effect also houses a blog on the site, to post news and give fans insight into his creative process.


Canadian pop-punk outfit Letterbomb proves that you’ve never too young to rock — already performing together for three years, they range in age from 14 to 18. They’ve given their site a youthful edge with a moody color scheme, the repeated use of their bulls-eye logo, and plenty of photos. Their newest track is embedded on every page, begging to be heard, and plenty of links let fans buy music and merch. And as they grow, their site can grow with them, giving them more space for music and video and helping them keep track of tour dates.

grace and sophie

Fifteen-year-old twins and Oklahoma natives Grace and Sophia chose to build the site that supports their growing careers as folk singer-songwriters. A colorful yet muted palette, capped off with custom header images and a craft-inspired background, give the site its personality. They’ve added social media sharing buttons to the main navigation bar, encouraging their fans to connect with them across a variety of platforms.

These four artists have opted for the new premium Soundcheck theme, but there are 200+ themes available on, many of which — like Oxygen (a freebie!), Shelf, and Debut — were either designed for or lend themselves well to music sites. With affordable upgrades like custom design, your band’s own URL, and plenty of storage space for your music and videos (coupled with standards, like rock-solid security, unlimited bandwith, and the world’s best Support team), making your band’s online home is a no-brainer.

Is there an act you love on Share a link in the comments!

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  1. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    I’m pretty sure our son, a professional bass guitarist and tuba afficianado, will enjoy hearing this!


  2. virajraol

    I’ll talk to my group to apply this idea…… It can be fun!



    Nice…thanks for this. I’ll have to remember this when I decide to drop my beats.


  4. robomantic

    Reblogged this on robomantic.


  5. kiihele

    It’s nice to see so many young artists taking advantage of WordPress. I hope they all find lucrative careers in the music business.


  6. susielindau

    I will definitely pass this along to my son who has music on Soundcloud! Very cool!


  7. SoundEagle

    Fantastic ideas! SoundEagle is in the process of including more original music and also music scores at for other bloggers and people to enjoy.


  8. SoundEagle

    Hi Michelle, thank you for aggregating in this post attractive features and examples of musical blogs and artful incorporation of music and musical ideas. I would like to add that the BandPage widget is very well suited to the task, though it would be even better to have more customizations available in the widget.

    I have featured not just original music but also have used the musical and sonic dimensions to explain some philosophical ethos, paradigm shifts and socio-cultural reflections at at and, where useful pointers, constructive comments and feedback from other bloggers and/or musicians would be greatly appreciated.

    May all of us on WordPress have a joyful festive season and a wonderful new year!


  9. rawcompound

    I would like this!!!


  10. Bob Freak

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    Anyone want to buy this for us?


  11. mobyiapps

    nice one ! it’s great idea


  12. Christian Rödlach

    It’s still in progress – how do you like it so far/any suggestions?


  13. winsandwounds

    My band doesn’t have a site yet – we should probably get this! It sounds like a great idea! We only have a Facebook at the moment and it’s hard to spread the word


  14. hashimeansbridge

    This is why I started a WordPress blog! I’m trying to build up some content for people to read when they search for me.


  15. hashimeansbridge

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    For my fellow musician-bloggers, a must-read!!


  16. romelusrobenson

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  17. amybanda01

    Great Themes to engage sites without investing a dime or waste time and energy..


  18. literatelibran

    The possibilities are endless.


  19. paki101

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    Thanks for the music information.

    I would be glad if you visit sometimes XORMAGATE.COM – The Music Album for a better world.


  22. lucievictor
  23. qwertyoblog

    Great! Who doesn’t like music?


  24. crimsontidee

    wow, cool!


  25. ooopetie

    Cool beans!


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