Manage Slideshows and Galleries — All in One Place

We’re excited to announce more updates to the Media Manager, which makes it even easier to upload and manage media on your site.

Insert a Slideshow in the Media Manager

You can now enable a slideshow in the Media Manager. In Edit Gallery mode, you’ll see a list of options on the right under “Gallery Settings.” Click on the dropdown menu next to “Type” to see a new list of gallery types, including a Slideshow option at the bottom:

Gallery Settings

Similar to the gallery feature, the slideshow option allows you to include specific images. You can reorder the images by dragging and dropping thumbnails, randomize the order by checkmarking the box next to “Random Order,” and reverse the order of images by clicking the “Reverse Order” button at the top. You can also insert multiple slideshows into a post or page, just as you’re able to do with galleries.

Note that the “Link To” and “Columns” options do not apply to slideshows.

The old [slideshow] shortcode will continue to work, but to access all these new features — such as ordering, excluding certain images, etc. — you would need to update your shortcode to use the new [gallery type=”slideshow”] format.

Select Gallery Layouts Easily

You’ll also notice you can now set the type of gallery in the Media Manager, in the same dropdown menu mentioned above. In addition to Slideshow, you’ll see a list of gallery layout options: Default, Tiles, Square Tiles, and Circles. Note that Tiles is the option for the rectangular layout, and Square Tiles is the option for the square layout. (As mentioned in our recent galleries post, the  thumbnail grid layout is the default option for all sites.)

Using the various gallery shortcodes to display your galleries still works as well.

These latest updates make it even easier for you to manage your media — all in one place! For further information, please visit our slideshow and gallery support pages.

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  1. Natasha McNeely

    That’s brilliant! I’m sure a lot of people will make use of that. 🙂


  2. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    “Oh, yeah!” to quote Kool-Aid Pitcher Guy. Finally! I’ve waited for this a looong time! Thanks ever so much!


  3. Inge

    This is that I’ve been looking for, the slideshow! I couldn’t find it before when wrote my latest post last week.
    Thanks very much for this upgrading! I’m gonna edit my post. 😀


  4. clicknroll

    great progress!


  5. Karl Chapman

    Great. I’ve always found this feature to hard to get right. Will try it next time I have a few images to share


  6. Lynne Ayers

    I have spent much time struggling with galleries but this LOOKs like it will be much easier …. I will give it a try.


  7. PaulaB

    I discovered this new feature yesterday…very user friendly design I thought. Real step saver too. 🙂


  8. In Write Field

    Excellent! It used to make me nuts that I couldn’t omit my featured photo from a slideshow. This will be a big improvement.


  9. Thomas Rosell

    Multiple slide shows are awesome! Christmas has come early. Thank you!


  10. The Geeky Frenchy (@TheGeekyFrenchy)

    can’t wait to try this new feature !!!!


  11. maxim sense

    This is what I like with WP – we are pampered with this kind of support. This is another gallery feature that will certainly enhance the page layout. Thank you so much for this one.


  12. asiko1234

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooo muchhhh… I’ve been looking for this since the image presentation changed!! Very useful post


  13. debbieschrijft

    Yay! This will make adding a gallery so much easier.


  14. Elly

    This is a huge improvement! I immediately did two posts and loved using these features. Thanks a lot!


  15. Ritu KT

    This is going to be good. I am plaaning to utillize this in one of my posts soon. I love the circular gallery layouts already!


  16. eof737

    TY WP and Cheri! 🙂


  17. roughseasinthemed

    Gosh! Thanks for restoring something that worked perfectly well before.


  18. ridgeways

    New to this site and so far so good.


  19. stanistheman

    Terrible is the kindest remark I can make. It is near impossible to form and display any reasonable slide show???????


  20. capecodhome

    Thank you for adding this! I love slide shows and galleries whereby we can show our photos.
    Ive tried to make slide shows on my own sites, and Im not very good at it, but with WP, this sure will be fun. Will be taking a class in WP, and this will be the first thing I will add to mine.


  21. marlandphotos

    Great feature I have missed!



    This is really suitable for photoblogs.


  23. Fokko Muller


    It is a good update to add more gallery possibilities.

    Unfortunately for a photographer that wants to show his portfolio it is absolutely important that you don’t show any exif information if he/she don’t want this. I don’t understand why you don’t give the opportunity to select of de-select this. For me this is a reason to look to another platform, a platform that really understands the needs of a photographer. I only want to show my photos in a gallery, nothing else.

    Best regards, Fokko Muller


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