Freshly Pressed: Four Friday Faves

No more of this “waiting until the end of the month” nonsense to see what was hot on Freshly Pressed! To keep our Freshly Pressed editors’ picks, um, fresh, we’ll highlight a few of our (and your) favorite posts here every Friday.

If One More Woman Complains About the Size of Her Body . . .

Caitlin Kelly’s post on Broadside hit a nerve with hundreds of you.

Whining about weight teaches the girls in our lives, who look to us their role models, that this is just what women do, that focusing miserably and endlessly on our individual body size and shape is our most pressing issue as women — instead of political and economic issues that affect us all, size 00s to 24s,  like paid maternity leave or better domestic violence protection or access to birth control and abortion.

Caitlin’s post racked up the Likes, but also spawned some fascinating conversation in her comments section. We loved seeing your responses as much as we enjoyed reading this no-holds-barred post in the first place.

My Life, Plan B (or what to do when life doesn’t go as planned)

Photo from

Mama Bear, the blogger behind Call Me She Bear, is almost 40 years old, and coming to terms with the fact that her life hasn’t turned out quite the way she’d been planning.

(I’m sure none of us can relate, right?)

What’s Mama Bear’s Plan B? Actually:

“Plan B is not a plan at all. It’s more of an intention. It’s an intention to let go of the tight grip on my big expectations, take things one day at a time, do what’s in front of me to the best of my ability, and trust that the blur coming up for me on the horizon will become clear to me and worthwhile when I get there.”

The gorgeous photos accompanying the post pushed it over the top. We can’t wait to read about how Plan B works out.

“I’m Spiritual, Not Religious”

We had a feeling some great conversation would come out of this post, and we weren’t wrong. After all, it’s hard to imagine that a bunch of opinionated bloggers wouldn’t have something to say about this:

To claim to be spiritual and not religious is like claiming to have taken a swim without getting wet. Anyone who embarks on anything spiritual will either receive the religious tradition from which it comes, or create their own religious tradition in the attempt to understand and practice it.

Not everyone agreed with blogger Eric’s take, but the discussion was both thought-provoking and civil — the very best of what the community is about.

Hanging Up the Tutu

Becca at 25toFly had quite the cheering squad among fellow bloggers this week, and when we read this post about her journey to find her life’s passion and re-define herself after leaving a career in dance, we understood why.

I had become the one thing that I had almost forgotten I’d sworn not to be, Miss play-it-safe.  Sure, I’d find a job. That job would pay well enough for me to live as comfortably as I always have. People would see me as “successful,” but I wouldn’t stop thinking, “Is this it?” I would eventually become that forty-year-old woman still bragging about how many pirouettes she could do twenty years ago while shamefully dodging conversation about her soul draining day job.

Her new direction? Writing. You think it’s a good choice, and so do we.

Thanks to everyone who sent us recommendations this week — you introduced us to a bunch of great bloggers, some of whom have since been featured on Freshly Pressed. Keep it up! You can tweet links you love to us @freshly_pressed. (And be sure to follow @freshly_pressed to see all your fellow bloggers’ picks, even those that don’t make it to the Freshly Pressed page.)

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    Congrats to each one of you! Well done. One day it would be really fun to hear if the writers who have been FPed had a feeling in their gut that “this is the one!” or if they were surprised.


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    I would like to recommend Sam, the youngest blogger I know.


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  32. thomasoutt

    I liked the concept of differentiating between being religious & being spiritual. I think there is a sort of middle ground, with Truth for both sides providing a common ground. My feeling is that one can hide behind being religious, not so with being authentically spiritual. If the ritual is empty, for show, you won’t get wet. If your ritual is authentic, does not cause harm to others, you will never cease to be a fountain for all who are thirsty.


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    But how do you know if you are playing it safe, or just playing it well? Is it just my experience, or does everything change when you reach 50? Sometimes I catch myself looking at my younger friends and thinking, ‘They have no idea’. Nor, may I say, did I, when younger. But now that I do have an awareness of life passing each I morning when I wake up I know it. Is this a spiritual awareness? Perhaps.


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  45. Nancy Hepner

    I think this must be true, “this is just what women do, that focusing miserably and endlessly on our individual body size and shape is our most pressing issue as women “. I recently attended a memorial for my eldest sister and my remaining sister only talked about how proud she was to have lost weight. Not our dead sister, not about having to have 2 joints replaced, not about our family gathering but about her weight. I am always offended when my sisters asked about my weight. Not because I worry about my weight but because, “I haven’t seen you in 3 years and this is all you can ask me??” I thank God I think about *other* things waking and sleeping. I pray for *health* and prosperity for my children and for those struggling with their lives in this difficult winter. Amen!


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    love the balancing rocks, reminds me of jenga. HAH I am a weirdo I know


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    Wow! Thank you for sharing. I very much enjoyed the stories these four had for us.


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    No more of this “waiting until the end of the month” nonsense to see what was hot on Freshly Pressed! To keep our Freshly Pressed editors’ picks, um, fresh, we’ll highlight a few of our (and your) favorite posts here every Friday.


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