New Theme: Academica

Today, I’m happy to announce that our collection of themes grows by one:

Academica: Home Page

Academica is a great choice for educational and school websites. Designed by WPZOOM, it sports a classy, modern design and comes with a one-, two-, or three-column layout, nine widget areas, three page templates, and a featured content slider. With all of these customization options, Academica makes it easy to create a unique look for your school or organization.

Find out more about how to get started with Academica on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your blog by going to Appearance -> Themes.

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  1. SylviaHubbard1

    I’m always a fan of themes that have the search bar and social favicons at the top. I’m putting this in my “lightbox” of favorites. Darnit I just changed my theme and now… you are so good to me wordpress. LOL. I’m also loving the many widget areas and also you know you had me at the three column thingy. Awesome upon awesome! I might be changing yet again.


  2. timethief

    Thank you for this very interesting minimalist theme. It has many useful features including posts formats, page templates, a front page post slider and much more. Unfortunately, it’s not a responsive width theme and that’s what I’m looking for. However, I am sure there are many other bloggers here withe content that this handsome theme will showcase very well.


  3. christrocks

    This is a nice, well-balanced theme. A little too formal for me, though.


  4. Melvi Yendra

    Nice. Like it.


  5. John Hayden

    Very interesting. This theme is almost too complex for most blogs, I think. But it would be great for an organization, like a university or major govt. agency or major corporation that wants a comprehensive and authoritative web page with lots of entry points to different types of information.


  6. Jan Simson

    Kind of looks like a classy news site. Love the front page post slider. Good job, wordpress.


  7. Thais - Amélia Urbana

    I really liked this theme, I’m using already. The only thing I would add a instagram and pinterest button (Social favicon). 😦


  8. disclamaboy

    So simple. Just like me 😀


  9. dhenztm

    This is a very nice theme! 🙂


  10. Rufus Sufur

    Looking nice!


  11. The Negotiator

    Nice theme. Very appropriate for the target audience.


  12. magentmama

    I like it!


  13. Madhu Dabholkar

    Awesome is the word!


  14. Dimitris Manousakis

    It is simple, nice and usefull. I do like it.


  15. medsciwriting

    I came across this theme tonight while looking for a new one. I thought it was great and I will definitely keep it in mind. I do however agree with other bloggers that it may be more appropriate for a university or other larger organization. But then we should always keep in mind that themes may be exploited in many interesting ways. I’ve created an amazing blog for our local high school as a project with the students and I keep discovering things I can do with it on a near daily basis. 🙂


  16. Ras Writa

    I’m using it right now and I absolutely love it!


  17. narinnamkn

    That is very nice !!


  18. ছোট দানব

    Very nice and fresh theme. Thanks.


  19. ProliferatingTruth

    A sharp theme – works well for my blog.


  20. kamelaamiry55

    Absolutely great choice. I found it easy and i enjoyed using this theme. I would recommend to my friends.


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