NaBloPoMo is here! Need some inspiration?

It’s November 1st, and National Blog Posting Month–NaBloPoMo–is upon us. Time to put your thinking cap on, fire up the computer, chug some extra coffee, and get a-postin’! Bookmark these resources for days when you need a little something extra, and leave a link to your site in the comments so other NaBloPoMo participants on can find you.

On The Daily Post…

A new writing prompt goes up at The Daily Post every weekday at 11AM EST (we also tweet them out on the @freshly_pressed handle). If you need additional inspiration, head over to Plinky.

Weekly writing and photo challenges give you two more opportunities a week to be part of NaBloPoMo and deepen your participation in the community. Browse past challenges for even more ideas.

Take inspiration from fellow bloggers: you can start by taking a look at our Focus On posts, which highlight blogs and niches you may not be familiar with. Read something new, and see where it takes you.


Speaking of reading something new, Freshly Pressed is a great source of material. We pick posts we believe will stimulate interesting conversation. Take that comment you left on a Freshly Pressed pick and turn it into a post on your own site. With ten new blogs highlighted daily, there’s bound to be a topic that speaks to you.

If Freshly Pressed isn’t floating your boat, spend a few minutes exploring topics in the Reader. Search for some topics you’ve never looked through before–be creative!–or just check out other posts tagged NaBloPoMo.

Elsewhere On the Web…

NaBloPoMo’s home is over at BlogHer, where they’ve got tons of resources, from blogrolls of participants to more daily prompts; you can also grab a badge to showcase your participation.

For more daily inspiration and support, follow the official NaBloPoMo Twitter account. If you’re in the UK, there’s also a NaBloPoMo Facebook page just for you.

Is there a resource you depend on to get through NaBloPoMo? Share!

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  1. Natasha McNeely

    I won’t be blogging every day, but good luck to everyone who goes for it!


  2. mozillalulu

    Reblogged this on mozillalulu.


  3. Nikki

    Reblogged this on Nikki and the Novel and commented:
    Hi everyone! It’s November 1 and NaNoWriMo has officially started. It seems like a lot at first glance, but I’m wondering if I can do this, too… Hmmm.


  4. Brownies Manies

    Reblogged this on Khoeronnisa's Blog.


  5. s1ngal

    I’ve been trying to do this for quite sometime now. This is great. I am on it in it.


  6. mareimareimarei

    This is a good advice for people who have a rusty brain sometimes!


  7. oppurae

    Reblogged this on oppurae.


  8. Kozo

    I’m a NaMoWriMo virgin. I would love to be part of a WP support group. My NaMoWriMo name is kozo


  9. jenniesisler

    Fantastic. I’ll try to see how much I can blog between now and the 31st. Hopefully more than I did during Octpowrimo;)


  10. On life and stuff

    Reblogged this on On life and stuff… and commented:
    This seems like a good idea…


  11. On life and stuff

    I think I’ll do my best to do this…


  12. The Wanderer

    Reblogged this on The Wanderer's Handbook and commented:
    Just check


  13. Mike

    Reblogged this on I Love (A)Mystery!.


  14. Carol

    Reblogged this on Cazzy's Corner and commented:
    Will give this a go…


  15. ourmulticolouredlife

    I’m in – 29 days to go. We can do this people 🙂


  16. stretchingstrides24

    Reblogged this on stretchingstrides.


  17. tkd1123

    Reblogged this on Frumpulous to Fabulous!.


  18. RiBelle
  19. Katharine Trauger

    Is there a resource you depend on to get through NaBloPoMo?


    My kitchen is exactly like the Jetsons’ and I just push buttons to create Thanksgiving Dinner for 17 people every year.

    It’s so much fun, I forget to write. 🙂


  20. bujjuu

    I regret to say that I will not be blogging every day, as I have a lot of things to do, but good luck to those who decide they would like to try this challenge, and I hope you succeed.


  21. melanie jean juneau

    I am in already . My first entry is :


  22. christrocks

    Sounds fun, except I’ll be too busy participating in NaNoWriMo!


  23. imShay

    You learn something new everyday, I’ll try to crank something out before the day is done.


  24. Malcolm Miller

    Never heard ot it. I blog when I choose.


  25. plblairportals

    Thanks for the info! Don’t know if I’ll blog every day, but I’ll get some posts in …


  26. Jeanette

    We’ll be blogging daily at and are really looking forward to being inspired by all of you!


  27. crankygiraffe

    I’ve giving it a try as well! I’m new to wordpress but I’ve blogged (not too often) on blogger. I’m gonna try blogging once a day on each blog.


  28. dursinms

    We’re a husband and wife writing team who just launched our blog a few weeks ago. We’re excited to try this! You can find us at:


  29. Jowi

    Reblogged this on Sin Escalas and commented:
    Interesting, good luck to everyone who goes fot it!


  30. bookgrrl

    Why not? I usually try a month where I post every day 🙂 Good luck to everyone!


  31. annetjiesepoems

    Reblogged this on Word Craft.


  32. Nureen(ography)

    Reblogged this on Nureen(ography).


  33. milesrogers22

    I just started this whole blogging thing! Amd there’s a challenge for November? You can bet ill be doing it 🙂


  34. Katie | mezzotessitura

    I didn’t know about this, and I’ve been regretting not doing NaNoWriMo because that would take up too much time… So NaBloPoMo it is! I didn’t know this was a thing to do, but I’m glad it is.


  35. Kent Graziano

    Reblogged this on Oracle Data Warrior and commented:
    Well who knew?

    An entire month devoted to blogging.

    As if bloggers needed MORE reasons to post their thoughts…

    And just in case you have no useful thoughts, WordPress provided this post with tons of links and ideas.

    If you are not a blogger, but have been thinking about it, November is the month to start.

    Get typing!



  36. Kevin Finley

    Reblogged this on The Business Side of Books and commented:
    NaBloPoMo is happening! Who’s jumping on board?


  37. Randall A. Golden

    Never even heard of this before today. I’m in.


  38. df

    Having participated for the first time last year, I’m a definite fan. It made me look at blogging in different ways, and built up some of the ‘muscles’ that I need for writing and blogging. My first 2012 post is here:


  39. Angeline M

    I kind of feel like I’m cheating since I’m doing Project 365; this comes at a good time, though, as I am almost at the finish line. A great way to meet other bloggers too.


  40. SylviaHubbard1

    Reblogged this on Motown Writers Network . . . Michigan Literary Network and commented:
    If you don’t want to do then please feel free to do #NaBloPoMo!

    The point of it all is to DO SOMETHING!!

    click like below if you agree!! And then let us know which one you’re doing!


  41. flargybowl1

    Sounds fun! This it great encouragement to start brainstorming and try for better content! 😀

    Go ahead, view the awesome:


  42. niamora

    Reblogged this on niamora.


  43. keseymour

    This is a great idea, I heard about it last year and I’ve decided to start this year. You can read my blog at and tomorrow’s blog will mention this!


  44. Amber McInnis

    I’m in, and am off to a great start! 😀


  45. V.V. Vaymin

    Reblogged this on V.V. Vaymin and commented:
    I think I’m going to try this…


  46. minyasmin

    Reblogged this on dedeiyas'blog.


  47. Ruby

    Oh man – I just started NaNoWriMo! I did not know about this. Hmmm . . . I may have to think on this 🙂 I did post today, so you can say I already did Day 1!


  48. skateorialist

    its hard blogging everyday for me but i will try 5 days a week!! cant wait.


  49. LubbyGirl

    Amazing the list of things I learn when I look for learning. 🙂 I never heard of this until today. Of course, I’ve only been blogging since March.


  50. MOIRA GALLAGA (@moiragallaga)

    Can I join even if my blog is hosted by blogger? I wrote a post yesterday, 01 November. Thank you.


  51. hellboy2503

    I am a photographer who like the nature …

    Find me at:


  52. Coffee

    Great! This could be “it” for me.
    I wrote a post yesterday about NaNoWriMo, why I wouldn’t join that challange – it would take up too much time and be too stressful.
    These kinds of deadlines, however, are really good for the thinking and the creativity. We do it all the time in my workshops.

    The biggest challange for me is not the writing itself – it’s to write in english. I started to do that just a short while ago.
    My native language is swedish and I will most certainly do linguistic mistakes.
    I hate to do linguistic mistakes.

    So it will probably take twice the time to write a post but I think it will be worth the while.
    AND I might learn to ignore the fact that I do linguistic mistakes now and then, and just keep on writing – at least when I write in english.


  53. anewdayrising79

    Who decided to do this the same month as NaNoWriMo? x_x


  54. Antara

    this is my first time. here’s a feeble attempt.


  55. sandbarista

    Wow! Great timing for me to have started a blog on Oct 31st. I’ll catch up 🙂 Weeee 🙂


  56. smkelly8

    I can’t write a novel this month, but I can blog daily. I’m in at


  57. Po' Girl Shines

    Computers have stolen my life. I have worked on them ever since they were available. Think the first one for me was by apple, don’t even remember what, and this was before Mac, before Windows software was ever invented. I worked on them from the mdos prompt, and mastered all kinds of games I made up. Never even thought that I could have helped develop software back in the day! But just saying, almost sick of my computer world. I have yet to find a blog that I could get really interested in to follow, not that some are not are really awesome. I would rather wander outside taking pictures than to work on my blog, so maybe one day, blog a day for me.


  58. Charles Huss

    I would love to blog everyday but job, wife, pets, etc seem to have other plans for me. Good luck to everyone who does this.


  59. squaregardenkim

    Reblogged this on SquareGardenKim.


  60. rkvtalksblog

    This is the first time I’m hearing of this and think it is a great thing and I am definately in as well.


  61. didikdwidarmawan

    Reblogged this on didikdwidarmawan.


  62. Lora Cheese (@LoraCheese)

    Just starting out and this post came at the perfect time……was lost as to how to start, now I’m found! 🙂


  63. RDrughieri

    Fine… but I haven’t enough time. Good luck to those of you who decide to try, I hope you succeed.


  64. Anna

    Good luck everyone! I’m not taking part, but I have huge respect for everyone who’s involved… plus I am always up for more coffee 🙂


  65. avjain

    Reblogged this on avjain.


  66. irfaiblink182

    Reblogged this on biology education .


  67. reinerpro

    Thanks for the information! Don’t know if I’ll blog every day, but I’ll get some posts in


  68. brettfish

    great inspiration to blog more and so i will give it a try – being election time this seemed like an appropriate one to put out there –


  69. soberistas

    Love this and will definitely be taking part. For today’s Daily Prompt, ‘write a letter to your 14 year old self,’ I just had to put a link to a post I wrote a while back, which is entitled ‘Letter to Me, Aged 14.’ As I have already done that one, I won’t be writing another, but I will be getting something down tomorrow for the ‘letter to self in 20 years’ prompt….


  70. Anon

    I have been blogging every day for a few weeks ow while away in New Zealand, will keep it up and use this tag. Thanks 🙂


  71. paintandpaws



  72. Linda

    Brilliant, freshly pressed is always full of great inspiration and so are many of the fab bloggers inhabiting the wordpres blogosphere. I’m definitely in and will be attempting the impossible – a blog post every single day 🙂 Come along, have a coffee and say hello at – it is wordpress honest 🙂


  73. soumyav

    I anyhow blog everyday ranging from a post to quite a few and all of them are poems..they are the ones closest to my heart.. and are written then as I log in into wordpress depending on the mood and state of mind.Lets see what new can I do with this.. 🙂


  74. lgpihl

    Thank you for this post! I received it through email, and it motivated me to post! Thank you! My website is


  75. givethemstrength

    Looking forward to trying this…but mine will be only weekdays as I document my work as a victim advocate


  76. Simon Cowan

    This sounds like fun. I know it’s day 2 but I’m going to give it a go on my blog. 🙂


  77. jpickleswriting

    Reblogged this on Jessica Pickles..Journalist.


  78. denisemeetsfinland

    Blogging every day …simply impossible a the moment, but respect to everyone who participates! 🙂


  79. campos20

    Reblogged this on My Blogcampos.


  80. wildninja

    Ugh, if only that Reader would work properly. It doesn’t matter which browser or which version of a browser I use, it’s slow and it only brings up about six new posts at a time even though the note at the top says there’s many more.


  81. The Clarences

    The Clarences


  82. auto-trim

    Reblogged this on Auto Trim – Your Guide to Aftermarket Accessories and commented:
    Any challenge is a good one! Sorry for the absence but we’ve all been hit pretty hard by Hurricane..err..Super Storm Sandy. Let’s make a new start and begin the NaBloPoMo a day late!


  83. auto-trim

    We’re doing it! Count us in at!


  84. jakanajr

    Reblogged this on THE AKANA JUNIOR GROUP.


  85. akhlisblog

    Reblogged this on Akhlis' Blog.


  86. tuckedintoacorner

    NaNoWriMo doesn’t look challenging/crazy enough on it’s own, so I think I’ll do this too. I might need to invest in a vat for coffee…


  87. rhymebydesign

    Forget about the NaNoWriMo, My idea is RhymeyRhymo! I’ll write a verse until I’ve thirty, Full of truth, and never dirty! Why not reply in verse on my blog?


  88. leigh4422

    Reblogged this on theblog50065 and commented:
    I wonder if I should participate? I should at least try!


  89. helpimanexpat

    Starting late but I’m in


  90. Rusha Sams

    Looking forward to November and NaBloPoMo! I’m a new blogger — mostly blogging about travel and what my husband and I see in our town and out of town. Any comments are appreciated!


  91. Felonious Monk

    Sounds like a good idea, too bad I’ll be doing NaNoWriMo and probably won’t have time to post every day. Maybe not any day during Nov.


  92. NuveaSantosCobb

    Thanks for the challenge! I’m game. Already started a postin’ at


  93. mischian

    Reblogged this on mischian.


  94. pawprintcooper

    I’m doing both NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo. Follow me at both and!


  95. pawprintcooper

    Reblogged this on Paw Print and commented:
    I have both NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo to worry about now!


  96. Dead Cat

    Just published my first post for the month of November. So, I try creating stories out of photographs. Sharing my blog here.


  97. beckyj1

    I’m not sure if I can do a post every day but I will try to at least do several a week. We’ll see. Sometimes life happens, especially in November as we hit holiday season.


  98. mereintention

    Reblogged @
    Let’s see how it goes!


  99. thepissymom

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