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Hey musicians! We just launched with two new features to help you rock the web: playlists and upcoming events.

We know that you need specific features to create a killer experience on your band’s site. You need a calendar so fans can keep track of your gigs, an easy way to embed your music, and lots of social media options to share the love. Oh, and all this on a tight budget? Check, 1-2-3. has a symphony of tools you can use to keep fans in the loop and share music with them, the media, labels, and venues.

Join artists like Snoop LionXzibit, and The Gap Theory and harness the power of to help take your band from the basement to the big time. Head over to to get started.

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  1. Jan Simson

    That’s pretty neat.


  2. Stephane Daury

    Reblogged this on tekArtist and commented:

    Ecstatic to see our Automattic-in-San-Diego-meetup team project go live to the world! 🙂


  3. Egill

    Reblogged this on Egill and commented:

    Sing, sing, sing!


  4. The Infinite Journey

    i think my dreams just came true 🙂


  5. Bosstiger

    really cool, i can use my guitar pro tracks import them to soundcloud and play along with, aint bad, wordpress is a place for dreamers ! ! !


  6. Matt Wiebe

    Reblogged this on WiebePress and commented:

    So stoked to see the work we did at the San Diego meetup go live!


  7. christrocks

    This is exciting! Not something I can use right now, but in the future…let’s just say this is an awesome addition. 🙂


  8. Ryan

    Very cool.


  9. lolboysxd

    This is so cool for new users, especially for the ones that post their music on their blog just like me! XD


  10. SaniNugraha

    Just need to upgrade :mrgreen:


  11. workingtechmom

    Tell your story. Great advice for all the young performers!


  12. Tommy Maverick

    Yay 🙂


  13. Brian Currin

    Fantastic … I tried a whole bunch of your new suggestions out at




  14. Ozh

    But! Where is the importer script to migrate bands from MySpace? 🙂


  15. Brian Currin

    Reblogged this on Brian Currin Music and commented:
    Great suggestions on using for musicians. Tried a few of this new suggestions out on


  16. dedyevo

    Reblogged this on dedyevo's Blog.


  17. wordcoaster

    Definitely sharing this with my musician friends!


  18. Joel Emmanuel

    Wow this is awesome! Not only for musicians but also for documentation purposes.


  19. Emmanuella

    Oh that’s nice! That’ll be cool.


  20. reginap1

    Reblogged this on reginap1 and commented:
    WordPress can be really helpful for all artists as a promotion tool.


  21. lalarukh36

    Very nice addition to the coolest things in wordpress ! love wordpress!


  22. songsculptor221

    Reblogged this on songsculptor221's Blog and commented:
    Just wrote a relief song called just one world. Kind of like we are the world style. Need studio time donated need musicians singers lets get together and do this, call me 631-739-5517 Michael Long Island, NY.


  23. spacematrix1

    Reblogged this on kitchen furnitures chennai and commented:
    Big Lover of Music


  24. demigodathena

    Reblogged this on demigodathena.


  25. anduong82

    Reblogged this on anduong82.


  26. ibrahim123456789

    Very Nice ! 😀


  27. gawharshad
  28. katobkato

    Reblogged this on katobkato and commented:
    I wish I would have seen this blog sooner. After checking our some of the actual websites that are created with WordPress, I was floored! Not only do these sites look pro, they obviously have the SEO benefits of a blog… something that Google and other major search engines look for (though this may be overstated, as many WordPress users are already aware of this).

    Anywhoo, I totally plan no using this for my next musical venture.
    Rock on \m/


  29. khotrunada

    Reblogged this on khotrunada.


  30. namratapanwar

    Reblogged this on ramblingawaytoglory.


  31. 8infinito8style

    Reblogged this on 8infinito8style's Blog.


  32. lmwilc09

    Being able to add music to your blog is a great new feature. It is interesting to see every week the new updates that come out for the blogs. It is nice that you can transmit the music you post on your blog to other social media sites. It is nice that WordPress made this especially for musicians who are trying to show off their music and upcoming events. It is neat that you are able to also post videos on WordPress also. Lalurukh36- I agree this is a great addition and one of the coolest new things in WordPress. What do you think is next to come?


  33. Ruibains

    Very useful for musicians, I’ll try it thats for sure!


  34. sutek8jeet

    Reblogged this on sutek8jeet's Blog and commented:
    I’m really glad I checked this site out! I’m basicly going to share the music I write, what inspires me and has kept me strong over the years. I have deep roots in Syracuse and there have been lots of people that treat me as family regardless of circumstance. I’m going to blog in some blanks about myself and express my gratitude and pride I take in my family: Syracuse! Mwahahaha;)


  35. andrevanzyl18

    Reblogged this on andrevanzyl18 and commented:
    This is so cool. . .makes me amped to be a musician.


  36. LittlesparkVT (@littlesparkvt)

    Absolutely awesome guys, keep up the great work!


  37. dhekhan

    Reblogged this on Boozig.


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