New Themes: Something Fishy and Blissful Blog

Another Thursday, another theme day! Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to our two newest themes: Something Fishy and Blissful Blog!

Something Fishy

From the depths of the creative mind of our very own, wickedly-talented Caroline Moore, Something Fishy is an adventure-rich, fun and fanciful animated theme. Full of subtle details that respond as users interact with your blog, this theme will bring a smile to your face, while still providing you with all the tools you need to share your life’s adventures.

Read more about Something Fishy on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your own site by going to Appearance -> Themes!

Looking to take a different plunge? Blissful Blog, from Blissful Themes, is perfectly designed to share your wedding day with grace and style. With delicate details and a clean look that emphasizes your photos and videos, Blissful Blog is the ideal theme for your big announcement. If you’re the one capturing or supporting the big day, it would be hard to imagine a better fit for your wedding portfolio. With full-width posts and pages for your images, and a Custom Header Image for your logo, this theme will get you started on the right foot as you jump right in to the wedding industry.

Read more about Blissful Blog on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your own site by going to Appearance -> Themes!

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  1. christrocks

    Wonderful additions; I’m impressed! (not to mention tempted to give Something Fishy a try)


  2. Sarbjeet

    Thanks for the latest addition. Isn’t the ‘blissful blog’ theme also a 2-column blog? I could not see how to achieve the 2-column layout. The full-width template does look good; however, I wanted to try it with a sidebar.
    Keep up the good work.


    • Michael Cain

      Hi there,

      Blissful Blog only has a single-column layout for posts. Pages default to two-column, with a full-width template option. The footer widget area is available on every page though, if you’re looking to add widgets to your blog posts.


  3. Bosstiger

    I do love both themes, the first is really groovy, and smartly designed. I like the worm that is the icon for going to the top of the page. I do like the background and I really like its colours. The second theme reminds me of the theme “forever”. This is cool too, but I like the first one the most. I am going to change my photoblog’s theme to Something Fishy !!! fellows, I am truly proud of your work, excellence, and quality, keep this up 😀


  4. twofishswim

    I like the ‘something fishy’ name and theme. Planning on possibly doing an ecommerce theme? 😉


  5. Nish

    Something Fishy is awesome. I am definitely going to play around with it some once I am done with my current theme. I love the little worm, and the effects of the fish swimming through the water. More such delightful themes please 🙂


  6. tbetty

    I liked both of your new blogs. The one about Smelling Fishy is a great one.


  7. Emmanuella

    Something Fishy…I love it! It does bring a smile. I like the header font, and Blissful Blog may be great for photography.



    I like the look of the blissful theme very smart in design


  9. Waqas Ali

    I love both of them, they are complete. Thank you guys.

    For my blog Blissful would be my choice, as it can be styled Minimal.


  10. GraCess_Mommy

    Great new themes! I am tempted to use Something Fishy, but I guess, I’ll stick to my Misty theme. 🙂 Looking forward for another great themes!

    I’ll reblog this! 🙂


  11. GraCess_Mommy

    Reblogged this on A Woman You Can't Ignore and commented:
    Great additional themes! Well, it might be the time to replace your theme! 🙂


  12. Kiti Bolea

    Clean design…nice!


  13. kemasz

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  14. martinrotbart

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