New Themes: Hum, Monster, and Timepiece

We know you’ve been waiting for it – Theme Day has arrived, and with it comes three awesome new themes!


First up is Hum, a beautifully designed theme by Automattic’s very own Daryl Koopersmith. Based on Twenty Eleven, Hum offers up a new twist on an old favorite, with a fixed left sidebar, support for multiple post formats, and space for a logo. Simplify, bring your content front and center, and do so in graceful elegance with Hum. Visit the theme showcase to make Hum your very own!

Read more about Hum’s features on the Theme Showcase or dive right into previewing it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

Next up we have a seasonal treat. In many parts of the world, the leaves have started to turn, the air is getting crisp, and that can mean only one thing – the witching season is upon us! Why not decorate your blog for the occasion?


Introducing Monster, a frightfully spooky Halloween theme designed by fellow Wrangler Michael Fields and illustrated by yours truly. This theme features six classic monster figures to choose from, so you can change it up to suit your mood.

Haunt the theme showcase to get your own Monster today, or preview it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

And last, but certainly not least, we have Timepiece. Designed by Joen Asmussen, Timepiece is built to make your archives shine. Like a river of content, the theme will make going back in time easy peasy and show it all to you in glorious color and a simple, minimalist layout.

Timepiece: Home Page

Timepiece: Home Page With Custom Header

Read more about its features on the Theme Showcase or dive right into previewing it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

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  1. Geovane

    Timepiece – Amazing theme 😀


  2. timethief

    Monster makes me laugh. Hum draws my interest. Timepiece may be right for me. 😉 Cheers for the Themes Staff for rolling out these new themes for our use.


  3. jujubandung

    With a cool header and 6 post formats, “Timepiece” will be sophisticated. 🙂


  4. Fotomatico

    Again, cool works from the theme team! Timepiece has very interesting structure.


  5. olee

    Fabulous layouts.


  6. Raise Expectations

    Hum is cool, but Timepiece is amazing! If I wasn’t committed to Nuintus on my current blog, Timepiece would probably be the one I would be looking for.


  7. Jane

    Hum and Timepiece are tempting me to change my layout! Thanks for making it non-premium themes available for everyone!


  8. Katariina Partala

    Nice themes, well done! 🙂


  9. knewthais

    Monster is lovely.


  10. victorworang

    haha.. after matchbox twenty twelve now kiss has new theme, monster.. 😀


  11. 8oni

    Just changed my blog theme to Monster. Love it! 🙂


  12. chaoticwhitespace

    Thanks for constantly providing us wonderful choices!


  13. Victoria Treder

    Hum is so crisp and clean. My blog is almost all words, and I can see Hum making the whole thing more readable and fun. Thanks for being so creative.


  14. Lea

    The Monster theme is LOL!


  15. sulunglahitani

    I love the Monster theme. 😀


  16. Agnel Waghela

    Reblogged this on Agnel Waghela and commented:
    Love Hum!


  17. christrocks

    Neat themes! Not really my style, though.


  18. Gustavo H. Razera

    Timepiece is awesome, man!


  19. Imogen Shepard

    Hello! Hum is really rich in customization after viewing it in the showcase and extremely impressive. The image here really doesn’t do it justice (no offence intended at all) But it sounds amazing. 🙂

    Monster is too cute and would be great for bloggers young and even old with it’s fun factor. But Timepiece, for me personally, would not suit. Still great that they are all non-premium. Thumbs-up and a thanks, WP! 🙂


  20. Missey Twisted

    Monster is a great theme! The font is easy to read and the layout is simple, yet spacious and catchy. Excellent work!


  21. xoBRiot

    I just saw this! I think it’s so cute, I almost used it but at this time it doesn’t serve my blog’s purpose.


  22. Journey Photographic

    Hum is brilliant – exactly what I was looking for for my photoblog!


  23. Sheri

    Wow x3. 🙂 Hum is really fantastic!


  24. CreeperBomb

    I think I’m going to use Timepiece… I think my blog will look better.


  25. Jess

    I’m loving the Hum theme! I can’t wait to activate that theme soon 😀


  26. mokimikmak

    Love them! 🙂


  27. entrepreneursplaybook

    Liking the Hum Theme. Simplicity is best!


  28. sabrina20122012

    Monster theme looks awesome for Halloween or for general use.


  29. kensbackhome

    Great themes. Something for everyone here. Timepiece looks intriguing.

    I also like the “Frankenbone” illustration on Monster. Looks like me some days – except he has more hair…


  30. wordcoaster

    Thanks for giving us yet more options! Love the idea of holiday-themes to decorate and celebrate the seasons. Also look forward to reading Timepiece-themed blogs. It’s minimalist without losing an artistic aesthetic. 🙂


  31. Park Rynchan :3

    I like the Monster theme. Cute >,<


  32. Anna

    I must have missed these when they got emailed around — they are just fantastic! Monster is my favourite. I’m thoroughly tempted to set up about a million new blogs just so I can use that theme repeatedly.


  33. disclamaboy

    I like Timepiece.


  34. Bryan Lee

    Hum! I’ve been waiting for you. I’ve been searching for a minimalist theme and it finally arrived! Yeah yeah!


  35. Anurag

    Hum is so nice.


  36. Chas Rad

    Loving Monster. I’m gonna use it…even after Halloween too.


  37. JustMoi

    Love the monster theme….not really ideal for my blog but very cool simple design 🙂


  38. ye-mek

    Nice one…


  39. Southern Cricut Lady

    Love Monster! I’m using it on one of my blogs! Perfect for Halloween!


  40. Caasi Tica

    Monster is cool! 🙂


  41. Aahna Saxena

    Nice set of themes!


  42. Serg

    Monster is a very good theme for a professional text blog, maybe the best available on WordPress. The only thing I don’t like is too much header height, otherwise it is nearly perfect.


  43. alessp

    Will Timepiece be available for self hosted blogs?


    • Caroline Moore

      We don’t have a timeline on when Timepiece will be released for self-hosted blogs, but yes, that’s the plan. 🙂


  44. closettonarnia

    Timepiece looks amazing. Gonna give it a try!


  45. Kale

    Cool monsters!


  46. tabletgadgets

    Thanks, this Monster theme is quite appropriate for this time of year.


  47. laketta

    Reblogged this on Business Soup and commented:
    Monster theme is cool 🙂


  48. martinagirsang253

    I like the Hum by lion picture at the temple.What kind of symbol is it?


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