New Themes: Gridspace and Ascetica

Happy Themeday, all! Today we have two brand-spankin’-new themes for your visual enjoyment.


First up is Gridspace, a classic, elegant premium theme by Graph Paper Press.

Gridspace lets you show your work in style. Designed as a portfolio for photographers, its slick features include light and dark color schemes, multiple thumbnail sizes, a responsive design, and a convenient space for your logo. Your readers can easily switch between two blog layouts on the fly – grid view and list view – while large featured images and an elegant overall design make your work the focus.

Live on the grid, and check out Gridspace on the Theme Showcase!

Next up is Ascetica, a beautiful theme from AlienWP, designed by Galin Simeonov.

Get rid of the clutter and concentrate on your content. Ascetica prefers subtle details over flashy gimmicks and provides the perfect balance of minimalism, white-space, responsiveness, and customization to allow you to focus on and support what matters most – your content – while doing it in a way that is uniquely your own.

Love that minimalist look? Then make sure to visit Ascetica on the Theme Showcase.

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  1. Derek Springer

    Reblogged this on 12-inch pianist and commented:



  2. Kit

    Love the Ascetica theme! 🙂


  3. Faire Un Voeu Photography

    Oh why oh why is Gridspace a premium theme? 😦 I love it!


  4. jujubandung

    I like that Gridspace premium theme. 🙂 It shows a lot of large images.


  5. Sandra Pawula

    I’m in love with this theme! It’s so beautiful. I’m keen on the serif font, the simplicity, the elegance. If only it had a two column option.


  6. Imogen Shepard

    I really like Ascetica for it’s minimalistic feel, yet it still has character. The only thing I am not too keen on is the post layouts – where you need to ‘read more’ – but if it didn’t have that, then it would take away all its functionality.

    It’s SO difficult choosing and finding the right theme that checks all the boxes! Nice job nonetheless. 🙂


  7. John Hayden

    Wow! Nothing new here, just the best features of blog design together in one theme. Can’t believe it’s free!


  8. Lane Ashfeldt

    Gridspace looks great for photoblogs. Thanks.


  9. Louisa

    These are truly beautiful, but yet again, Ari is the theme I am sticking with! So exciting to see new stuff, guys.


  10. verbalbanter

    It must be just me. All of these look so much the same.


  11. M.C.

    Ascetica looks great!

    A couple of the recent new themes that prominently display pictures with featured posts are making me re-evaluate my blogging strategies, since I customarily store my photos off-WordPress for the sake of space.


  12. Admin1

    Too simple for me… nothing new, nothing special.


  13. hcfbutton

    Ascetica looks fabulous. Debating the switchover…


  14. TheMeth90

    Ascetica is nice, thanks.


  15. christrocks

    Beautiful themes, as always!


  16. Princess Temi

    Are you expecting any new themes from Elmastudio?


  17. chaoticwhitespace

    Love Gridspace~wish it were free! Please make one similar to this for those of us with less greenback! 😛


  18. guitanaeima

    I really like Gridspace. Looks exciting. I was looking for a theme just like that.
    Wish it was free.


  19. Matt George

    Gridspace is legit. I want to see what it looks like on my photo site. I love checking out the new themes every Thursday!


  20. Joel Emmanuel

    Wow this is great for photographers like me. Thank you and keep up the good work! Will try this some other time 😉


  21. GraCess_Mommy

    I like the Ascetica but I’m sticking with my current theme. LOL. 🙂 Thanks for the new themes. I am looking forward for more themes that will entice my interest to change my current theme.


  22. anolin7

    Great themes. I’ll use the Gridspace for my future photo blog. 🙂


  23. irisoniris

    Ascetica is rather elegant. I’m no designer so I can’t really pinpoint the subtle differences among these minimalist themes but I will have to admit that Ascetica is my favorite. Great timing too because I just decided to manually import my 2003-2006 blogs (read: hundreds of entries) from Multiply because they are shutting down the blogging service and deleting everything, and I’m looking for a fresh look. This would have to be it. Thank you for all your hard work! I appreciate that WordPress is a dynamic and well-supported community. I hope this service stays around forever!


  24. bandungtravelista

    I have tried Ascetica, but the header image is not shown… can you fix it? Thank you. I like this theme 🙂


  25. thirdeyemom

    I finally found my theme!!!! After months of searching, it felt like fate to get this new theme today.


  26. It's A Rush World

    Is the featured slider a Flash embed where the featured pic for the post changes automatically, or do we have to set it manually? Can’t confirm with the live demo. Immediate response is much appreciated. Thanks! 🙂


  27. Irfan Hussain

    I’ve customized my site to such an extent that changing a theme seems to be a nightmare now. Great theme,s though. Some of them tempt me to go through all the customizing again. 🙂


  28. fotomatico

    Pretty “less is more” themes… though I continue by “Mixfolio”.


  29. davidbladon

    Gridspace looks great. As a photog, I love how the images are displayed.


  30. Lebensmelodie

    Two absolutely stunning themes. Please keep up the great work! 🙂


  31. Rahul's Peak Energy

    Wonderful, thanks!


  32. 1innovator

    Options are most always a good thing.


  33. Cori

    I really enjoy all of the new themes. However, may we see some new themes that can easily accommodate the ‘foodie’ in us? I have a food blog, and my readers like an easier access to my recipes. Thank you.


  34. lovekpopfanfiction

    Wonderful. 0.0 I like this!


  35. seremban yoongs

    I have a question about Gridspace. Is the fee of $75 a one-time purchase or a yearly fee? and I am assuming this is a and not .org? Thanks!


  36. megacolby

    Reblogged this on Technicolby and commented:
    I really like the Ascetica theme. Will use it in the future! 🙂


  37. sravanthotakura

    Gridspace looks nice.


  38. tysonpham

    More FREE themes please. 🙂


  39. Tommy Maverick

    I will always love minimalist themes. I like the first one a lot more… sadly, it wouldn’t work for my blog AT ALL.



    Simply brilliant! Thanks for the info.


  41. Anna

    They’re both wonderful, Gridspace is my favourite.



    Actually I love them… but always wait for free themes, please. 🙂


  43. knowlij

    Very nice designs. Contemporary, sleek and stylish. Keep doing what you are doing, you are talented.


  44. Vivian J. Paige

    Really like Ascetica but it won’t work for a multi-author blog due to the lack of info on the post writer 😦


  45. Gerci Monteiro de Freitas



  46. ranibarra

    Reblogged this on ranibarra and commented:
    These are good WordPress themes for those who are into photography and graphics designing. Having a portfolio for various image works is a great help with regards to organization and visibility.


  47. vsantos

    Cool style for an online portfolio. Kudos!


  48. satchwell

    Love the Gridspace theme — very clean and smart and gives the content full attention.


  49. jbwebdesigner

    I really dig the Gridspace theme. It’s simple, modern, and I think that the font chosen for it is perfect.


  50. missinjane

    Wow, that’s simple and beautiful. Love it.


  51. Udin Widarso

    My blog is using Ascetica. I love it. Thank you. Gridspace and Ascetica are so good.


  52. coogeeprecinct

    Love Ascetica, it’s clean and I really like the way the featured images are also present when you click into the actual post. There are so many themes out there that just seem to forget about this. My two points are: The slide doesn’t seem to slide, am I missing something? And the box for writing the email address in a Follow Blog widget is really tiny. Your response would be greatly appreciated. Kellie


  53. aminebenbouzid

    Love Gridspace!


  54. Jacqueline Jax

    I wish there were more dark themes for musicians. There’s only one right now and the front page has too much type. Any suggestions?


    • Caroline Moore

      Hi there! We hear you — our users want more music-oriented themes! Hopefully something that appeals to you will come along soon. 🙂

      In the meantime, you can search for Dark themes in the Theme Showcase (look under Filter, then Styles). If you have a specific theme you’d like to see on, you can post a request in the Themes forum. I hope this helps!


  55. kofegeek

    I have just changed my blog to the Ascetica theme. It is so nice. Unfortunately, my WP Like button doesn’t work. My readers can see the WP Like button, but when they click it, it doesn’t work. Help me please. 😦


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