With WordAds, My Nintendo News Turns Hobby Into Budding Business

Last November WordPress.com announced the launch of our WordAds program, whereby WordPress.com sites can partner and share revenues on ads sold and managed by WordPress.com. Since its beta launch, WordAds has grown to over ten thousand sites. WordAds has been a success because bloggers can focus on content and building their audiences while handing off the time-consuming role of advertising optimization to the WordAds team.

Today, we’re launching a new homepage for the WordAds program: WordAds.co. Here, you will find our application page as well as FAQs and a discussion forum. Moreover, most WordPress.com sites can now launch WordAds on their site within days of application.

To celebrate the successful launch of WordAds, we sat down to interview one of the program’s first sites at MyNintendoNews.com. Not every WordAds site has the visitor volume to earn significant revenue, but sites that work to develop their audience can now earn good income from advertising. MyNintendoNews.com is focused on doing the right things to build their audience: publishing every day with well thought-out posts and attention to publicizing to social media. What started as a labor of love has become a budding business.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself including when and why you launched MyNintendoNews.com?

I was studying Web Design and Internet Management at my university and participated in a module entitled Writing for the Web. One of the aims of this course was to create a blog on a subject we were passionate about. For me, this was Nintendo. Since then I’ve concentrated on building the site up and have made it my number one priority to provide the users with the news that they want to read.

Your traffic has grown from around 100,000 pages per month a year ago to over 1 million pages per month now with lots of comments. What would you say accounts for that growth?

I was fortunate enough to jump onto the social networks at just the right time. Due to this I have built up a substantial following on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to take advantage of the free social networks that are at your disposal. Another factor is that the news I publish is clear and concise, and I believe that’s important when you take into account the audience and the demographic that the blog is aimed at.

You were one of the few WordAds bloggers to launch in its first month. What has been your experience thus far?

There were initially a few teething issues with WordAds when it was deployed on the site, as it was still in its infancy. I’m pleased to say that the adverts that are currently being displayed are of an extremely high quality and are also appealing to the users. The adverts aren’t intrusive and ultimately they don’t get in the way, or detract from the blog’s content – which for me is the most important thing.

You have the option to go self-hosted on WordPress.org. What are the reasons that you publish on WordPress.com?

I strongly believe that WordPress.com remains the number one blogging platform for anyone considering starting up their own blog. The great thing about WordPress.com is it’s simple to use and yet there’s so much depth. I love the fact that you guys are continuously improving the service and adding new features. The support you can get is phenomenal considering the service is absolutely free. I’m extremely happy to be a WordPress.com user.

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    Just registered for WordAds for Lukey’s Moshi Site 🙂

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    Fascinating…great interview, too — it’s nice to actually understand from the perspective of someone who has been there, done that.


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    Looks like a goal we all should set.


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    Great interview! Very inspiring… though I am nowhere near to getting the 1 million pageviews a month MyNintendoNews is getting. 🙂


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    It’s pretty exciting to see WordAds grow from initial concept to launch!


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    Longtime reader of MyNintendo News here!


  11. Josh

    I am a WordAds user and also coincidentally a regular reader of My Nintendo News. Though my blog only started less than five months ago, I have seen pretty healthy growth and look forward to expanding on WordPress.com. I could self-host, but WordPress.com provides all the care and support I could ever ask for.

    Keep it up guys!!


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    The WordAds site is great! It’s nice to know a little more about the program.


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    I’m using wordads for 1 last month and still . . . great work guys . . . give me more motivations


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    Only a few days since I started my blog on WordPress.com and I am loving it already. Great job WordPress team!


  17. fantasyfurnace

    Although still in our infancy stages, WordPress, and in particular this articles author, Jon Burke, has gone out of their way to solve issues, address queries expeditiously, and make sites like ours feel important by their constant encouragement. Well done WordPress! Keep up the great work!


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    awesome! best of luck to you!


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    Really cool! I’m going to put adv in my blogs! It seemes to be quiet easy too!


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    As a new member of wordpress, I had no idea that there was WordAds. Glad to see it; thanks for the informative article!


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    It is so nice carrying a tremendous element of appeal with it.


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    great man…..


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    Wish I knew what I was doing!


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    Nice WordsAds team…:D


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    Wow! Good for you jonburke. 🙂


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    Glad to see things are going well


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    truly inspiring blog.


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    Great interview and insightful on how powerful social networks can be.


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    Thanks for the article.


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    I have seen enough to borrow from this post. I am very pleased to be a blogger at WordPress. I can confidently say it is a good day, the day I discovered WordPress.


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    I’m using WordAds too! And I’m a big fan of WordPress.com too! I love that you can track visits to your site and it just looks so professional. Thanks for talking about your blog!


  38. Geeks Who Play Outside

    We have been on word press for about a month and half, still learning the ins and outs but we love it here! Can not wait to grow bigger on this puppy!


  39. HK Johansson

    Reading stories like these instill hope in bloggers like me who are just getting started! Keep it up!


  40. Michael Langdon

    It is very interesting to hear stories of success. The interview is concise and informative. I have word ads on my blogg sportscapture.co.uk. The interview points to some important areas a bout building audiences. Good fortunes to the future for both Jon Burke and WordPress


  41. Balsillie & Associates

    Gotta love a hobby that grows that much


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    This is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing!!



  43. John Hayden

    Very encouraging news! WordAds has potential to be the next big thing in advertising. Very sophisticated advertising content! The words “killer app” spring to mind, but that would be an exaggeration. Nonetheless, I think WordAds can be a significant step forward in the evolution from the mainstream media that dominated 10 years ago to a wide-open, democratized information world.

    IMO, a key ingredient highlighted in the post about MyNintendoNews is the DISCIPLINED approach of both MyNintendoNews and WordAds. MyNintendo News found a rich news niche and served it well and consistently. WordAds seems to be concentrating on developing the world-class advertising app for blogging. This approach doesn’t guarantee success, but it gives success a chance. I think WordAds could become the Apple of blog advertising. That is, Google ads or something else could remain more widely popular for a long time, but WordAds has the potential to capture the Apple “magic” of style, quality, and loyalty — ultimately resulting in tremendous success.

    After more than five years of blogging, I’ve not yet found the news niche or the discipline to focus like a laser on a single subject. Part of my problem is I have too wide a range of interests. But the example of MyNintendoNews and other successful blogs helps me understand how to focus my attention and find the niche. If I’ve learned one thing from this post, it’s that providing INFORMATION THAT READERS NEED AND WANT is critical, and if it’s information that’s not widely available on a million other MSM outlets or blogs, you’ve got a NICHE! Write on!


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    A significant development in the world of blogging. WordPress is beta testing a new advertising feature called WordAds. You may have noticed test ads on both here on “Work In Progress” and on my other blog, “Ocean City Blog” AKA “Maryland On My Mind.”


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    This is one priceless information particularly to those who are not much familiar about ads and blogs, such as me. Thanks for sharing….


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    Enjoyed your post. I hope one day to be part of Word Ads. I have lots of ideas outside of listing products. Have a terrific weekend!


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    Amazing, can’t wait until I have enough page views!


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    been accepted to word ads and finished my setup tonight. excited. nappiechick.com


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    So far I am loving the WordAds on my blog and am polling my visitors asking them to vote yea of nay. 100% yea to date. The ads are actually fun to watch so I am reblogging on Face Book and Twitter. Thank you Word Press for this exciting new program!


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    Sounds cool! I’m going to visit the wordads link.


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