Get Push Notifications on Your iPhone and iPad

WordPress for iOS Push Notifications and Swipe-to-moderateFollowing the recent notifications refresh, we’re super excited to announce that you can now get comment Push Notifications on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Stay connected to your blog and moderate incoming comments wherever you happen to be at the time.

Push Notifications contributes to many Open Source WordPress apps, and we recently enabled notifications for the WordPress for iOS app. As soon as you get a new comment on posts you’ve published, a notification is sent to your phone. You will see the name of the commenter as well as a short excerpt of the comment, as much as we can fit. Swipe over the notification to view the comment.

We’ve also added a new “Swipe-to-moderate” feature in the comments list. This enables you to quickly Approve/Unapprove, Trash, Spam, and reply to new comments – it’s all just a swipe away. Of course you can still tap Edit to bulk moderate comments and tap the comment to view it in all its glory. In the detailed view you’ll see the post they commented on, their Name, Email, and URL, as well as an array of buttons for simple moderation.

Read Blogs on the Go
Did you also know that you can read your friends’ blogs with the app? When you open WordPress for iOS, tap “Read” to launch the mobile version of the Reader. You can read up on blogs you follow, see posts you’ve Liked, browse Freshly Pressed, and peruse popular Topics to find new sources of inspiration. When you find something interesting, you can Like or Reblog it to your own blog. You can even comment on posts you find right on your phone. And here’s the best part: it’s all synced back to your regular Reader.

Of course it’s also a great way to share quick photos when you’re out and about, write a post or two, update your About page, and check your daily Stats. It’s like having a mini-version of your blog in your pocket.

Get the Update
Already have WordPress for iOS installed on your phone? All you need to do to get Push Notifications is to update to the latest version and allow the app to send you notifications when asked.

New to WordPress for iOS? No problem, you can learn more about the app on its website, or click here to download WordPress for iOS directly! WordPress for iOS is available in most common languages and works on all newer iOS devices.

What’s Next?
This is the first time we’ve enabled Push Notifications in the iOS app, and we’ll continue to add more notification options so you’ll be able to have a full experience from your device. We’ll also make sure you get the notifications you want, when you want them. You’ll be able to toggle what Push Notifications you want to receive and which ones you’d rather not get notified about.

Learn more about the app and what’s next on the WordPress for iOS Blog, and make sure to follow @WordPressiOS on Twitter to get the latest news first.

So, hurry up and update your WordPress for iOS app to the latest version, and start using those notifications. Then come back here and let us know what you’d like to see enabled next!

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  1. Musicofourheart

    Your team is the best, thanks for these new features.


  2. New Heights Dance Ministry

    Sweet man, now I am ready for anything! Even dancing!


  3. Mikalee Byerman

    This is great news…love the “swipe” feature for moderating comments, too!

    Any chance we’ll be able to receive notifications of new subscribers as a push feature? As far as I can tell, subscriber stats aren’t even included on the WordPress app…would love to be able to quickly see how many subscribers I have without having to go to the website…

    Thank you for always keeping it fresh!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. adrenalica

    Good job.


  5. Cathy

    This is nice. Thanks 🙂


  6. Natasha Shabat

    What about Android platform?


  7. Paolo Belcastro

    Reblogged this on Paolo Belcastro.


  8. Sandy Collum Sandmeyer

    Don’t forget the Android users please!


  9. Cutaway Creation

    Great new features, I look forward to seeing what’s next for the iPad app.


  10. Tarkan F

    Great thanks! What I would love to see next is the ability to set a photo as featured image when writing a blog post on an ios device. Thanks!


  11. socialmediaecuador

    Reblogged this on SocialMediaEc.


  12. Cutaway Creation

    “Read Blogs on the Go” I do not have this option on iPad? I do not see a “read” button anywhere?? Anyone have this option?


  13. pravinchn

    Reblogged this on pravinchn.


  14. danv30

    Reblogged this on danv30.


  15. Xavier Voigt-Hill

    What about us Windows Phone users?


  16. robertptome

    Hopefully we’ll see some improvements to the Blackberry app as well!


  17. David

    I hope this will be available on Android and BlackBerry OS platforms as well, as my next phone is far, far more likely to be one of those rather than an iOS device.


  18. Gary Lum

    It’s great to read there will be a reader on the iPad version soon. That will make a big difference for me. Thanks 🙂


  19. Phendrena

    I think you need to seriously work on your WP7 app is frankly it’s rubbish. You need to spread the love around stop concentrating solely on iOS when you push out new stuff. I don’t give two hoots if iOS is popular or not, WP7 and ‘droid need the love too!!


    • Isaac Keyet

      The truth of the matter is we’ve worked solely on the Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone apps for some time now. It’s time to get the iOS app up to speed. Naturally any new features added will propagate to the other apps in time.


  20. Karla

    Thank you! Thats what i needed!


  21. Quick Asian Recipes - Ashish Negi

    And what about Android? When does this hit the droid market?


  22. Jacob

    This is great news, thanks! I blog so much off my iPod, so this will be very useful.


  23. nyparrot

    I am still using a regular phone – not a touch phone… I am so un-advanced!:)


  24. TheOriginalBURP

    It’d be really great if you made this for ALL platforms… I’m stuck with a Samsung TouchWizard for another two years, so if I could operate my blog(s) via text messages that’d be AMAZING, ’cause the Dashboard doesn’t even load on my phone…


  25. Leanne Cole

    What about android? I don’t have a iphone, is the app available for other phones?


  26. Olo O'matthew

    Hmm.. Ever since this article has been posted. It seems that my notifications on my P.C. don’t work anymore. Luckily, I was in my e-mail and it let me know about them there. However on the site the notification inbox hasn’t prompted me for any of them.


  27. trainerchick

    Yay! im glad its hit the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! Even though i only have WP on my Touch and iPad, I use it more on my Android and Windows Phone – not too worried about the Android, but when will you make these push notifications available for Windows? If they’re available already, I must be missing something!


  28. nelson RN

    Nice! But I’m using Android 😦 I hope this comes out in Android too!


  29. scoterisciamis

    How much is the iPhone?


  30. drawnoutdoors

    Great news, and I can’t wait for the reader on the iPad, love it on the phone, but would be so much better on the pad!


  31. bewara13

    Reblogged this on bewara13.


  32. okay456okay

    Hehe, it’s become easier to follow our WordPress blogs.
    Great improvement, hope the Android platform also can be supported.


  33. lkafle

    Reblogged this on lava kafle kathmandu nepal.


  34. dalitelaumbanua

    Reblogged this on dalitelaumbanua.


  35. Gurpreet Dhillon

    Reblogged this on Feel The Beat of Bhangra!!!.


  36. Shubhan Chemburkar

    I would like these to come for Windows Phone too. The current app for WP7 is really bad.


  37. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    OMG so many Is!!! I don’t have an I anything 😦
    But WordPress is DEFINITELY up there with the technology.



  38. petrnikl

    Thanks… Good information.


  39. guen

    This is great. Any plans for Android OS?


  40. Lisa

    So how do I get the push notifications turned on if I already had updated before you posted your blog with the instructions? (That seems to happen a lot–things get updated from WordPress whether in an app or with the site and then it takes awhile for the word to get to us via blog.) Do I have to uninstall and then reinstall? (Which I wouldn’t do–to much trouble.) Would like to see timing improved and coordinated.


    • Isaac Keyet

      This blog is for News, we don’t usually post about the Open Source apps since they’re as much targeted to self-hosted blogs as they are for I’d definitely recommend subscribing to the official WordPress for iOS blog if you want to stay up to date:

      Regarding the app, regardless of when you updated you’ll be asked to enable Push Notifications, so you should be good to go already.


  41. hallucinatingmartyr

    Yup, how about Android 🙂


  42. micksakaria

    Reblogged this on micksakaria.


  43. Evolution Child

    Thank you for the head’s up and for the steady improvements to not only the website, but to the apps… Which personally, I use more than the website! Having said that… I have just a few tiny little wish-list items for the iPhone/ipad app:

    1. It’s nice that we can insert photos, but we can’t edit the photo (size to small, medium or large or add a border… Which is always a nice touch. So I have always have to go into the web later and fix the photos. This drives me bananas.) I do appreciate the edit options that have been added though… It gets better all the time!

    2. It would be nice if ALL comments were pushed to the iPhone / iPad app… For example, when we comment on someone else’s blog and they reply. It would be wonderful if the comments were incorporated in one place somehow. As it is, we have to go to the other person’s blog, fish through the comments, find our comments and their reply… It’s a hassle so I never bother following up. Yeah, I’m that lazy. =/

    3. Will the Stats feature on the iPhone EVER work? It works just dandy on the iPad… But for the year that I’ve had the wordpress app for my iPhone… It has NEVER worked. =/

    That’s all I have for now. Love you, WP!!


    • Isaac Keyet

      Thanks for the feedback, let me respond one-by-one:

      1. If you want more control over your Photo posts I recommend using the post editor to upload your pictures. You get asked what size you want to upload with. The Photo function uses your settings from the Settings app to determine what size the image uploaded will be – go to home screen, tap Settings > WordPress.

      2. In this first iteration we wanted to make it easier for blog owners to moderate comments quickly and be notified about new comments (even if they’re already approved). In the future we want to make it more like the Notifications dropdown here on, so hang in there!

      3. I’m sorry to hear Stats is not working for you. Have you been in touch with support about this already? It would be good to know more about what kind of issues you’re seeing so we can resolve them once and for all.


  44. Evolution Child

    PS: there’s no edit feature on your comment section to fix my typos! *sobs*


  45. bravo116

    Reblogged this on uintayanks and commented:
    Good to know with your iPhone! Even though I’ve had my problems with push notifications on my 4s.


  46. Macy

    Thanks for this! Something I noticed though: the “Read” option doesn’t update automatically. It doesn’t display the blogs I just subscribed to and keeps on displaying posts from blogs I unsubscribed from weeks ago.


  47. alfcoma2012



  48. chasingrationality

    That feature is a great gift from WordPress. I am just about to get my iPhone 4 and this is perfect.


  49. matheusruiz

    I’ve got that on my iPhone.

    It’s great!


  50. Sweetbee Scrapbooks

    Reblogged this on Sweetbee Scrapbooks.


  51. jayward33

    When does the andriod version happen?


  52. Leanne Cole

    It amazes me when Android phones out sell Apple phones all around the world, but companies still think they have to do everything for Apple first, so all the people who have android, and there are far more than Apple, have to wait, YET again.


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