New Themes: Everyday and Origin

In our quest to help you find the perfect look for your blog, we’ve added two brand new themes to our collection!

First up is Everyday, a beautifully designed premium theme by James Goode.

Screenshot of the Everyday theme for

Everyday has been precisely calibrated to be pleasurably readable on almost any screen. Attention and care has especially been given to provide a robust and versatile layout to suit your writing needs. From short quips to lengthier bits of prose, Everyday will rise to the challenge and shine with every post you publish. Read more about it in the Theme Showcase or take it for a test spin in the demo site.

Next is a wonderful free theme named Origin by Galin Simeonov.

Screenshot of the Origin theme for

Origin is a light, elegant theme with a minimalist look and feel, perfect for a blog or journal. Your photos are the focus thanks to featured images and stylized Sticky posts, and the responsive design makes it a great fit for mobile devices and small screen sizes. A full list of features is available in the Theme Showcase and a demo site has been set up so that you can see it in action.

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  1. Margie

    So many themes to choose from. I’d be tempted to buy a Premium Theme, but have found it is much more fun to have the CSS Upgrade. Now I can modify all the free themes to my heart’s content.


  2. Sandra Pawula

    I love the simplicity and elegance of “Origin”. Might need to give this one a whirl! Thank you for the continuing stream and new themes.


  3. Sajib

    Both are lightweight themes. 😉 But I’m waiting for more existing themes to be WordAds-optimized. Specially Splendid, which is the only theme I’m deeply in love with. ♥


  4. Mikalee Byerman

    I think I’m in love with “Everyday”. 😉

    My theme features a red background with black font, and I know that can be hard on the eyes…I really think I’m about ready to graduate to something more simple but still eye-catching. I think I may have found that in this new theme!


  5. Matt's Photo Contest

    The origin theme looks super clean. I also like the look on mobile devices.


  6. Kojiki

    Origin theme is simple, elegant and clean. Like…..


  7. wordcoaster

    I guess minimalist themes are the most popular because they can be used for just about anything. Still, would love to see another whimsical option when you get the chance 🙂


  8. timethief

    Oh my! Origin has caught me eye. Thanks you guys for keeping all these great themes coming for us to choose from. It’s appreciated.


  9. joogz

    Haven’t seen many borderless themes that I have loved. But Carousel is an exception. Excellent use of space and color. Cheers!


  10. neonworm

    Origin looks good but i think it should have more color though.


  11. crystal48891

    I still haven’t found a theme I feel married to.


  12. marjorie

    I like Origin a lot! I’ve been using Twenty Ten and I may just be ready to give this new one a whirl. I have a lot of photos in my posts. Still working on getting around wordpress. So glad I’m here. Thanks for continuing to come up with the great looks!


  13. Killer Kleaners

    I love the use of colour, Origin is especially attractive with it’s clear and crisp look and the red at the top doesn’t take anything away from pictures used in the body.


  14. bwbears

    “origin” is clean, modern and tidy. An immediate favorite!


  15. evmaroon

    Is it just me, or do a lot of these themes look alike? There are only so many ways one can do “minimal” design.


  16. torijohnson5

    Both are lovely – WordPress has a great collection of themes for writers to use to beautify their blogging worlds!


  17. ptaheru777

    I love the myriad themes offered on WP…but for me, custom backgrounds are the only way to go!


  18. K

    Origin is one awesome bunny. I’m using it right now!


  19. Imogen Shepard

    I quite like Origin. It’s simple, clean and looks really nice. The Everyday theme, sorry, I am not so keen on because of the grey and red, it reminds me of a few other themes in WP and doesn’t stand out for me, sorry James 😦 . Origin, on the other hand, looks bright and elegant and stands out. Good job Galin. 🙂


  20. nuramalina17

    I think that these new themes are absolutely amazing! I hope WordPress can create more blog themes like these, so that more blogs can look even more attractive!


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