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We are happy to announce our new REST Application Programming Interface (API) that lets developers explore, interact, and create great new content with the vast community of sites on the network and, in the near future, Jetpack-enabled sites.

The API gives developers access to posts and comments, as well as the ability to Follow, Like, or Reblog content for users. Other features from, like the daily handpicked content on Freshly Pressed, are also available through the API.

An excellent example of an application that uses the new API is the Windows 8 app, available now.

Our goal with the new API is to simplify the experience of using and adding to the data available on To do this, we now use the OAuth2 protocol to authenticate requests for data. To retrieve public data, you can make unauthenticated requests. To perform actions, such as making new posts or comments, you would need to make authenticated requests. When the API returns data, we now return a standardized JSON object for ease-of-use.

The REST API also self-documents itself; as we add new endpoints, the documentation on our Developer Resources blog will auto-update to provide you with the latest information. In addition, you’ll also have access to a Developer Console, which will allow you to run real REST API queries and see real JSON data directly in your web browser. You can read more about the Console here.

Ready to build an app and integrate it with Great! You can now sign up for and manage your OAuth2 tokens without waiting through an approval cycle. If you have any questions or feedback on the API, please get in touch with us. Make sure to follow the Developer Resources blog for news, updates, and documentation about the REST API and other awesome services we are making available to developers seeking to integrate with

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    I’ve been working on our new REST APIs (in JSON format) for the past few months. This week I was in Boston for an Automattic team meetup. Our project was to wrap up the endpoints and finish up our developer resources site. The new site includes a developer console, full documentation on all of our APIs, and a way for people to create and manage their own OAuth tokens.
    I think that the meetup was a success and it’s really great to see this released.


  3. Cathy

    cool indeed 🙂


  4. teeceecounsel

    Great! Interesting to know that there is consistent effort to ensure that improvement is consistent. Keep up the good work!


  5. fajrthedawn

    I’m liking all the upgrades, thanks wp
    For all the goodies in making the best


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  7. Sajib

    Developers’ stuff. I better not comment. 😛 But thanks anyway. Without being totally sure what it is, I know it’s cool. 😛


  8. 7theaven

    WP upgrades are awesome as always. THanks


  9. Thorsten
  10. rconnor1967

    Great post left me wanting MOORE….haha Also nice beenie. Have a great day on purpose!


  11. adrian.dakota

    All this developer stuff sounds foreign. :S. What does this mean?


    • Tim Moore

      We’ve created a pathway for developers to more easily make applications that work with This is very similar to how other services, like Twitter or Facebook, allow developers for their platforms access data and services to make applications.


  12. spdk1

    sounds pretty cool!


  13. A'Nena Jewelry

    Hi Tim, Thank you for creating apps that make our blogs Rock Stars


  14. bloodsong

    hope somebody is making a ‘comment rotator’ i can stick on my pages…. ::hint hint::


  15. Sunite

    Wow, cant wait till the developers come with some awesome apps for this! 🙂


  16. Topher

    Awesome. Can’t wait to see what apps come from this.


  17. Kartikya Arora

    eagerly waiting for some more apps…wow

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