Custom CSS gets an upgrade

Heads up, Custom Design users! The Custom CSS feature on now supports all of the new features of CSS3. This means that you can use gradients, animation, multiple backgrounds, @media queries, and many more new features in your custom CSS.

If you want to make your images pop and tilt, give your post titles a polished letterpress embossed look, or add high-dpi graphics for retina displays—you can do that. If you’ve just got to have a Machu Picchu color palette complete with linear gradients to show off your lovely llama, you can do that too. CSS3 opens the doors to all the latest cutting edge things going on in the web design world today. If you can dream it, you can do it.TM

The CSS editor itself has been upgraded too! Now that we’re using Ace, it’s just like having a desktop code editor in the browser: syntax coloring, auto-indentation, and immediate feedback on the validity of the CSS you’re writing are just a few of its features.

If you don’t have the Custom Design upgrade and you want to use these awesome new features, including fabulous Custom Fonts which are included with the upgrade, you can add it to your blog from the Store link in your dashboard.

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  1. Dennis N. Santana

    Oh wow, that is awesome. Makes me want to pick my CSS book back up and try a crack at it.


  2. Geoff

    So, I don’t really understand. I had assumed that buying custom design would have given me access to the stylesheet. Since CSS is just text and support is ultimately down to a user’s browser, what was to stop me using transforms, gradients and all that jazz before today?

    Did parse and filter CSS?

    Does it still? And if so, what restrictions still exist?


    • Christopher Finke

      We do parse custom CSS in order to filter out and prevent possible security holes, and this announcement reflects that we’ve updated our parser to allow the majority of the CSS3 features to pass through the security filtering step. @import rules and javascript: URLs are a few of the things that you still can’t do.


  3. alexiskrystina

    I really want to get CSS but I think I’m a bit overwhelmed by it. I don’t know if I’ll be able to customize my site the way I want, or if I’ll end up really screwing it up. :-/


    • Sheri

      Don’t be overwhelmed! There is tons of support out there including a CSS Basics tutorial, beginner guides, and a Custom CSS forum for Custom Design customers.

      Plus, you can try any CSS using the Preview button on your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS page before you buy or save changes.


    • lee

      Go ahead and give it a try, starting with a tutorial as Sheri suggests. All those professionally done sites you see were all done by someone who started where you are now.

      I wouldn’t call myself a professional web designer by any stretch, but I’ve done my share of learning CSS. One trick I’ve discovered is that if you can’t make your CSS work, start over and try to use less, simpler CSS than you did before.

      Don’t be afraid to try. Think of it as a puzzle. Good luck!


  4. susielindau

    Sounds fabulous. Something new to play with! Thanks WordPress~


  5. Andrew Nacin

    Are there plans to soon update the Custom CSS plugin with these new improvements, for installs?


  6. elenaramirez

    I am just curious….does having this, on our blogs, give our posts the capacity to have music on them? Thanks, your considerations, are greatly appreciated. Elena


  7. fjpoblam

    Thank you *very much*! That’ll save me loads of time. Inasmuch as I already have a domain name and I already have a host for other purposes, I’d been considering offloading my blog to my own website with Now, mebbe I’ll hesitate. We’ll see how it goes.


  8. that girl again

    Does this mean you’re not stripping CSS comments any more? Commenting one’s code is generally good practice and I never entirely understood why the parser didn’t agree.


  9. rossanaf

    Thank you! Great news.


  10. jyjhouse

    Wish I knew how to do some web designing so I could use this but thanks for the upgrade!


  11. Konstantin Kovshenin

    Reblogged this on Konstantin on and commented:
    With just a little bit of CSS knowledge, you can make your really stand out, even without a premium theme!


  12. severin

    Oh now I’m going to HAVE to get the CSS Upgrade. It’s looking awesome.
    sev x


  13. Judee

    I have a question – I have one WordPress Account, but five blogs associated with it, all to the same email address. If I get Custom, can I use it on all five blogs, or do I have to buy the Custom package for each blog?


  14. NixNivis

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! As a CSS-loving Custom Design user, this makes me very happy indeed. 😀 And the upgrade to the CSS editor is great! No more searching high and low for that elusive semicolon I missed and that’s messing up my code. 😉 WordPress rocks my socks!


  15. bwbears

    This is such great news, I learn CSS by copying bits and pieces over various sites on the web… won’t call it stealing but anyway it helps me understand the code and eventually learn to do the coding myself and this is definitely a great upgrade.


  16. Scott Fillmer

    absolutely love the css editor… fantastic update to the custom css page!


  17. Kishore Samudrala

    If I purchase CSS and use it for an year to develop my pages and later if I dont renew, I understand that I will not be able to develop new pages with CSS. But will the old pages still be the way they were developed with CSS or will they lose those features?



    • Sheri

      The CSS you add will still be saved in your dashboard if you let the Custom Design upgrade expire, but the updates will not be visible on your blog unless the upgrade is renewed.


      • Kishore Samudrala

        thanks sheri…I am nt sure I got ur reply completely…sorry for the trouble..

        will the existing pages continue to look the same even after CSS upgrade gets expired?


  18. Nathanael Coley Prince

    Like the layout its really fly


  19. Bobby Torres

    What is the best and quickest way to start learning CSS and ACE?


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