Keep Your Upgrades in Order

As more and more of you take advantage of our fabulous Upgrades, we’ve been conscious of the increasing need to offer a great way to manage your purchases. What if you could track all of your upgrades, manage them, renew them and *gasp* even cancel them, all in one place?

Well, starting today you’ll see a new page in the Store section of your dashboard: My Upgrades.

On that page you’ll find the list of the upgrades purchased for the site you are managing, followed by a lists of the upgrades you have on your other sites, if any.

Domain registration, mapping, Custom Design, Space upgrade, VideoPress or Premium theme, you will find them all here, along with links allowing you to renew, enable auto renew, update credit card data, or cancel ( and get a refund within the appropriate timeframe ).

As you can see, the status of each upgrade and its expiration date are clearly displayed there, with some handy color-coding:

  • One-time purchases (Premium theme in the screenshot above) or upgrades currently set to auto-renew (Domain) are displayed in green
  • Upgrades which need to be renewed manually are displayed in orange ( 10GB Space, Custom Design )
  • When these upgrades which need to be renewed manually get close to their expiration date, they are displayed in red ( VideoPress )

You’ll also find some handy dandy links to more information about each upgrade, just in case you forget why you bought it! When appropriate, we give you links to the settings page, too.

We’ve got plenty of exciting updates planned, including the ability to visualize, save, and print your own billing reports and purchase receipts – so keep an eye on the page for more!

Never forget a renewal anymore, visit the My Upgrades section of the dashboard.

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  1. Cathy

    Well this is nice 🙂


  2. drhiphop

    thanks for this layout that’ll make my next steps very easy!


  3. Natasha McNeely

    This is great and will definitely come in handy!


  4. Capital Alternatives

    thanks for the information


  5. Jorge Ledesma

    Excellent add-ons guys, you guys keep getting better by the day. Also it would be nice if the premium theme dev would update their designs more often. 60+ dollars and one feels like you need a little more update fixes. Cheers


  6. River

    Awesome! This is really convenient. Thanks!


  7. Mikalee Byerman

    As someone who manages to lose track of pretty much everything — from passwords to purchases — I’m forever in your debt… 😉


  8. Jenni

    Many thanks for this feature. It’s one less thing to worry about.


  9. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    Y’all are extraordinary hosts, taking care of business so we can focus on what we love best… blogging. Thanks!


  10. cwhitlow

    $60 for an upgrade, and I can’t get the information I need to figure out an issue I have in working with it. Unless the new page has links to better customer service in that regard, I won’t be buying any other upgrades, and I certainly won’t renew them.


  11. Widdershins



  12. timethief

    Good day to you, Paolo
    I am grateful that you have created this page for us as it will make my upgrade management much more convenient. As I’m visually challenged but have no difficulty seeing colors, the color coding is particulalry helpful for me. Thank you also for including the “learn more” links too.


  13. mortycia

    Thank You!


  14. jmoore

    I am using the free version of WordPress. It sure would be nice if you would do a few upgrades to it, i.e. put a delete button on the revisions.


  15. Matt's Photo Contest

    Nice idea. I actually wish there was a way to use the premium between blogs. The ability to switch a purchased theme onto a different blog instead, would be great. If I paid for the theme on one blog, but decide I would like to change it to a different my other instead, I could put it on another blog.


  16. nalub7

    Congratulations and very thankful for the convenience it provides us.






    Well it is a nice layout but please don’t store anything about credit cards or bank details. WordPress site can be hacked like anyother sites we have heard of in the news lately, and then we are all (75 Million of us) f***ed up.



  19. MZPMImpact

    It’s great!


  20. mainograz

    Well done.


  21. Joe

    Yes, Yes, Yes! Thank you.


  22. Fundació Cecot Innovació

    Thank you, good job


  23. June Malone

    Very useful, thanks.


  24. sungame

    Great idea! Thanks a lot!


  25. erumsuchistan

    good to know. thxs for the update 🙂


  26. bwbears

    Nice feature! I like how WordPress is constantly improving…


  27. Maggie ♥

    That’s awesome that you’ll be able to see your upgrades. 🙂


  28. tom

    I just checked it out, it’s awesome.
    Is any notification displayed on the dashboard before a manual renewal update expires?
    Best, Tom.


  29. southfranceholidayvillas

    This looks great! Love WordPress, so many great features! Thanks for keeping us updated 🙂


  30. Frédéric Mahé

    Thank you, this is very useful. It would be great too to add a billing module (edit and print bills for the services & upgrades). Cheers


  31. The Bees Tea Garden

    convenient and time-saving


  32. adrian.dakota

    That’s amazing! I love how WordPress is always coming up with new tools, even if I can’t use them.

    On a side note, has anyone else noticed that the screenshot has a spelling error? It’s minor, but it says it’s “currenty” using 0% storage space.

    I love the colours, though! That’s an awesome way of showing the statuses of the upgrades!


  33. GADEL

    Interesting and exciting too. Thanks.


  34. down1010



  35. hanandp

    Thank you very much


  36. Chitra Sivasankar

    I have a doubt. Suppose If I have purchased two themes for a blog. Will I be able to change between them both whenever I want or will the old one disappear as soon as I change to a new premium theme or a free theme. Thank you.


  37. newblogger21

    Keeping my mind to that. Nice post anyway.


  38. rowyaa

    wow who has this much time to invest… I am so blown away to have no time and I aint doin nothing…


  39. Words of Little Relevance

    I’m getting seriously tempted by the CSS upgrade. More toys to play with 🙂


  40. antonparera

    thanks for your solution……..


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