New Theme: Sundance

I’m excited to introduce a brand new free video theme brought to you by the team here at Automattic.

Despite its minimalist design, Sundance was crafted with clean, elegant typography and close attention to detail.

The home page offers a featured video carousel where you can highlight a maximum of ten posts that are assigned to the video post format. In the sidebar, you can add your social network links — Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Flickr — so that your readers can stay connected.

Sundance is designed with responsive design in mind. It provides a tailored layout depending on the device you are using. This makes your blog look good not only on desktop browsers, but also on devices with smaller screens, such as the iPad and iPhone.

Sundance supports an optional widget area in the sidebar, a custom background, and custom header image. As always, you can click on over to the Theme Showcase to read more about Sundance.

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  1. Natasha McNeely

    That’s a beautiful video theme; it looks perfect for a wide variety of people. Thank you for continuing to provide great themes!


  2. terrydarc

    Sweet! Multi-platform? Well done!


  3. Mikalee Byerman

    Haven’t played with the video themes yet…heck, haven’t really added much video to the blog yet, so I guess that should come first! 😉 But I do like this design…


  4. timethief

    Thanks for this new minimalist responsive width theme. I like it very much. It’s easy on the eyes and will frame images and showcase textual content beautifully. I’m already using it on my personal blog but have lots of tweaking to do.


  5. River

    Wow, what an awesome new theme! I really love how it looks on the tablet and cell phone–just beautiful. Thanks!


  6. PhotoLord Contest

    Great idea. Having a theme designed for video on WordPress is a great addition to options for bloggers depending on their content. Now videographers can use a theme that will showcase their work nicely.


  7. carmenbrad

    Love it! How do I get it?


    • Takashi Irie

      I’m glad you like this theme! Sundance is, at this point, only for blogs and is not available for downloading. However it is going to be available for self-hosted users soon in Extend so please keep an eye on it.


  8. syedsirajuddinsohail

    Wonderful! I was searching for a suitable theme for my new video blog and this one seems to be perfect for me to have a try……


  9. Waqas Ali

    ‘Sundance’ a beautiful theme with a beautiful design indeed. But what can I do, I am waiting of Twenty Twelve.


  10. თორნიკე

    Great looking theme. I like the soft tones.


  11. kherbe

    Wonderful! I was searching for a suitable theme for my new video blog and this one seems to be perfect for me


  12. Christian Fluttershy Cheerilee Alvarez

    I’m gonna toy around with this theme. Looks very nice!


  13. Энди Поляк

    This is the best theme I’ve ever seen on WordPress! Easy for eyes, suitable for comfortable reading! Thank you very much!


  14. Alex©

    Another minimalist design! Gonna try this now 😀


  15. AudioAcrobat® (@AudioAcrobat)

    Does this work only with the video upgrade or can we include video from 3rd party services?


  16. Josh

    If my blog included more videos, I’d really like this theme.


  17. Gary Lum

    I’ve just changed. I like it 🙂


  18. PostCollegiate

    Love this theme, especially for the way it looks on the mobile devices.


  19. somethingaboutchacha

    Very crisp and clean looking! Great job!


  20. Undomesticated Housewife

    Oooolahlah. Looks awesome.


  21. gabrieladahlbeck

    That’s a really great and wonderful theme, I like it.


  22. fruitaliniyogi

    Interesting…I’ll keep this one in mind, I’ve been planning out my foray into the video blogging arena.


  23. amrohitsharma

    awesome theme….


  24. stergiog

    Well done! very nice!


  25. hajhouj

    wow! That’s a beautiful video theme, thanks! mariage oriental


  26. video competitions

    it’s looking beautiful thanks for sharing. me like colors nd design nd multitasking of it,,,,,;)


  27. 7theaven

    Love these minimalist themes!


  28. usinglight

    Such an eyepleasing beauty. I have to use this…


  29. tenbrokenbullets

    I haven’t been on here in a while. Great work once again.


  30. baarbaarathesheep

    Going to give it a try looks fabulous, thanks…..


  31. LoriLynn

    Simply beautiful. Will certainly consider …


  32. fromthericefields

    This looks excellent! Will try with my blog.


  33. Raaj Trambadia

    Whoa !! Sundance looks gorgeous !! Looking forward for more !! Cheers


  34. Saskia (1=2)

    Very nice. Easy on the eyes. Well done!


  35. Moco Scribe

    Nice clean lines and well laid out, I like!


  36. Νέστορας

    Looking very good, thanks!


  37. sanjaydhawan51288

    Thanks For Share Great Themes Liked IT 🙂


  38. getaguru

    Love it. Can’t wait to get my new video camera.


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