Your Stats Have a New Home

Are you addicted to checking your site stats? You are not alone. The stats dashboard has always been one of the most popular admin screens. It’s gratifying to know that people are visiting your place online.

With the front page evolving into a one-stop shop for posting, exploring, following and reading blogs, it seemed natural to put your blog stats there, too.  Stats are becoming more and more about interacting with your readers and other bloggers.

My Stats Tab on

You’ll still see your summary stats and chart on your main dashboard, and the full stats page in your dashboard will remain for a while, but the My Stats tab on the front page will soon become the home for the most comprehensive view of your stats.  Stats will also continue to be available by clicking on the sparkline in the admin bar at the top.

While adding the My Stats tab to the front page, we also gave it an updated look by making the panels regularly spaced, using rounded gravatars for your commenters, and giving it an overall lighter feel:

Stats Before and After

We’ll be adding even more features to your stats and the front page soon.  We’re working on adding country stats of your visitors, which many of you have requested.

If you’d like to attract more visitors to your site, check out these great resources on boosting your blog readership:

(Note to Jetpack users: Your stats will still be available in your wp-admin dashboard. However, you may still enjoy viewing your stats on

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  1. Stephen A. Watkins

    Just as an addendum: it’s clear from the admin replies to the negative comments that you guys aren’t listening to your users here. Someone decided to make this change, and now you guys don’t seem to care that your users don’t find it helpful. Or maybe you just don’t understand what we’re saying. I’m not sure what the disconnect is. Maybe you just don’t understand how we use the platform.

    For instance: yes, clicking the stats checker to check my stats is one-click to get to the stats – this seems to be a common admin response to complaints about the difficulty of using this new stats page. But I can’t easily go back to where I was before I clicked the stats (i.e. the dashboard). Before, that was an easy one-click, too. Now… it’s not clear or intuitive at all how to get back. That makes it more difficult and less useful.

    Please… just listen to your users. I would think the people who actually use the platform are probably a good group of people to ask how well changes to the UI are working… and in this it’s pretty clear that this group of people have given this change a resounding thumbs down!


  2. strandedalien

    I hate this change!!! Please put it back like it was.


  3. Biblioklept

    Tried to get used to this and I hate it—hate, hate, hate it. And that’s a first for something at WordPress, an organization I deeply love and admire.


  4. Kelly Booth

    I think like any change, you have to get used to it. I am not sure why everyone seems to think you have to go to the WP homepage to get to the new stats though. I can get there from my homepage. One change I don’t like is that in the old stats, my best day and month were highlighted making them easy to find. I hope that you will think about putting that nice feature back.


  5. Worlds Weary

    I will look at the wordpress home page on my own. I don’t like being forced to do so. What element of the dashboard will you remove for “convenience” next?


  6. refrainmusic

    not a fan of this change…but it seems like we don’t have a choice…we are being forced to the home page (for no reason I can see, it doesn’t make things easier for the user). Want to make it easier have my site stats and summary tables on one page versus two.

    Also do not like how you removed the highlight for the month/day with the highest traffic total in the summary tables…

    Country stats would be a great addition…


  7. jimrcole

    Reblogged this on jimrcole.


  8. Velle

    Moving the stats from the dashboard to the WP home page does NOTHING for me. However, giving us more analytics would be awesome. Stuff like where traffic’s coming from (country, IP), how long they stay on a page (are they just bouncing, or actually reading?)… that sort of thing.

    Or just give us the ability to embed Google Analytics in sites. That would be HEAPS helpful. And then you’re not reinventing the wheel. (*hint hint*)


  9. Jagvilljagkan...

    I find it all difficult to navigate, when redirected to the wp homepage I can’t hardly find my way back to my own blog. I have to click on my favourites bar to get back to where I want. ie my blogs front page. Or am I missing something?

    But more importantly, I find the text on the new stats page nearly unreadable. Why so da*n small?


  10. amelie

    I appreciate the quality of WordPress, it’s been great, but I have not liked any of the new changes. Blog Surfer was much valued – now I have to wait and wait for the Read Blogs page to load (if it does at all, and we have the highest internet speed available) only to see 1/4 of the blog post and then I have to read most of my friends’ dark page backgrounds which is hell on my eyes.

    Now with the stats, all I see is a blinding white page which made me think the info had disappeared altogether. And I used to be able to approve comments all from that page. Please put it back into the bar the way it was. The circles look pretty, but am I missing something? Other than unwelcome cosmetic changes, did any features get added?

    Please, please, please don’t change anything else, and I’d love the blog surfer back. 😉


  11. amelie

    One more thing, if I may, it would be great to know which people are subscribing to my blog who don’t live on WordPress. I have 39 WP followers but 80 total and I have no clue who those other folks are. Would be great to know who’s visiting and from where, and who else is subscribing.


  12. kauilapele

    Okay, so I go to the new stats page, click “new post” and up comes this new-formatted new post page. Where are my categories, and where are the simple buttons that used to be on the old “new post” page? How do I add categories on this new “new post” page?

    I’m sure there are improvements (?) but now it is like learning a whole new system.


  13. kauilapele

    Here’s the new “new page” page that I’m talking about.!/post/


  14. kauilapele

    One more comment. I really have liked, and still do.

    Also, though, about the new My Stats page; there is a sidebar on the left of ALL other pages. Why did you take that off? It’s such an easy way to navigate to any other page (Posts, Comments, Settings, etc.). This new My Stats page is very inconvenient compared to the former way with the left sidebar.

    I say, bring it back. Please.


  15. Teresa

    Wow~huge debate. I generally like most changes you make (although I agree the little goals and gold stars are annoying). I’ll reserve my judgement on the move for the full stats page. What I came here to see was whether or not there was a change to how stats were counted. I used to see a message that my own page views weren’t counted. I no longer see this message. As I started a new blog I see there’s 14 page views, which I can only assume is my attempt to change the header and see how it looks as I play with widgets and stuff. I really liked knowing the page views really were from other people, not my obsessive checking my blogs.


  16. kauilapele

    I did find out that I can get to the old stats page this way:

    1. Go to Dashboard
    2. Click on “Site Stats” just below the “Dashboard”
    (2a. alternately, click “View All” above the Stats bar graph)
    3. That takes you to the old Site Stats MOST of us seem to love more than the new one.



  17. lvegas

    Not liking this change at all….this is supposed to be better? For who? I don’t get it.


  18. Robbo

    Excellent, I love seeing how my site is going…Hitting one million visitors last year made all my hard work worth it…Not bad with no advertising or back-linking or whatever else mediocre sites do! Thanks wordpress for the best free thing on the internet…




  19. marketlavingtonmuseum

    In reply to my last comment against the moving of the stats the reply was given, ‘That’s the way things are going’. It proves my point. You are not listening or not prepared to listen. So many people have voiced reasons why it is not good – can you not realise this is an unwanted, unwelcome change. I’m about to talk to Wiltshire museum workers. I was about to tell them that wordpress is great and makes blogging easy. Now I shall have to add, as long as they don’t change the rules to make it worse.

    Come on, get your priorities right and listen to the blog writers.

    Rog Market Lavington Museum


  20. Maria Petre

    I am also not a fan of the stats page changes and do not understand why they were brought in. However, more importantly for me, the new stats page does not work properly.

    In the “Totals, Followers and Shares” section, the share link no longer displays a breakdown of who shared what and where, but merely brings me back to the main Stats page. Similarly, the Spam link no longer works, telling me that Askimet has protected me from 49,962 spam comments (it has most certainly not).

    All in all a bit of an unnecessary inconvenience. Sorry, WP.


  21. lotterydotnet

    looks good!


  22. Tickets There

    I don’t like the new ‘New Post’ UI, I don’t like the new stats. Please give us an option to keep the old format.


  23. gaudetetheology

    Joen A.
    February 1st, 2012 at 9:00 am

    Hi Todd,

    I’m responsible for a lot of the design of the new stats page. Thank you for your excellent feedback above. We think there’s huge potential in having stats right on the homepage, but we are aware that there are a number of use-cases we haven’t yet polished. We will be iterating the new stats page to try and adress these issues, including many of those you’ve mentioned above.

    Hi Joen,

    Two specific things pertaining to accessibility:

    – please be sure to test any further changes on the new stats page with the text-only zoomed up 4 times, on a browser window that is square (ie not maximized to fit a wide-format screen, which not everyone has) to make sure that it is accessible for low-vision users.

    – it would also be good to do some testing for accessibility issues for those with fine-motion issues. For example, having to hover over a menu to get a drop down, then find the right item in that menu and hover over that, is extremely problematic for some users.

    And a more general comment pertaining to use-cases:

    – It looks to me as if much of the negative feedback people are reporting about this is not about the details of how the page looks, but about the entire workflow that WP bloggers use. We like to sit on the dashboard, because the dashboard is excellent at its job: it makes everything we need visible and easily accessible. The new black toolbar across the top with the sparkline was a good addition to that dashboard.

    What I’m hearing is that WP is pushing an entire new workflow on us, but only one piece at a time. To which, as a software engineer myself, I have to say, first, why are you forcing a new workflow on your users, rather than improving your tools to support the workflow that we have? And second, if for whatever mysterious reason that nobody is saying (which is not helping!) WP is determined to push us into a new workflow regardless of what workflow we would like, it would help if you presented us the vision of the new workflow as a whole. Then, we could see how the piece-by-piece implementation might make sense and really have “huge potential” in the context of the eventual goal with its different workflow.

    Though I can’t really imagine a better workflow that doesn’t involve sitting on the dashboard or something very much like it. Maybe you should just move the *dashboard* to the WP homepage, if the goal is to get everybody sitting there.


  24. nurugel1

    It’s easy to keep that one page bookmarked on my mobile, and I can get to the WP home page from there if I need to.


  25. Monique

    I don’t really care where the stats are, as long as I can get to them — but since they’ve moved they don’t seem to work for me. I get an error message that “You are not a member of this site.” I haven’t made any changes, so I don’t know what to change to get my stats back! Yeah, yeah, I know, check the forums …


  26. evmaroon

    It’s harder to access them than when they were simply on the top toolbar. And the link to my stats keeps telling me I don’t have access to my stats. I have to get to them from my dashboard link. I hope you clear this up soon.


  27. theeisforerin

    Not loving the stats page. Now I can’t view mine at all because “I am not a member of this site?” What the what? I am logged in as myself and clicking “my stats,” how can I not be a member of my own account?


  28. FlappinessIs

    NOT happy. Suddenly, I have to go clicking around to get to my own stats. And, I can no longer see my Shares correctly since you made this change. Sometimes it goes to the WordPress homepage. Sometimes it gives me a breakdown of my shares. And then, when I click on the number of shares to see where they are being shared to, it reverts back to my general stats. Please fix this!


  29. José Carlos

    Will dashboard stats widget disappear?


  30. Sandra Parsons

    Ok, so I have two blogs (for the time being) that I like to manage from my dashboard and look at the stats too. Unfortunately, now, when I click the sparkline, which used to be my short cut to the stats, I am transferred to the homepage from where I can only come back via the browser’s back button or some other, less convenient way. Yes, I could avoid this by having two tabs open, but that’s two tabs for each of my blogs. Sorry, but I find that annoying. Like so many others, I would prefer keeping the stats on my admin page. Thank you.


  31. Biblioklept

    Okay. Look. This isn’t good. Please, move the stats back. Listen to your users.


  32. ELMalvaney

    I’ll add my hope that the traditional dashboard sidebar will at least be added to the new stats page as the decrease in functionality in the page outweighs any benefits. Also I very much vote against any change in gravitas to circles rather than squares. I created my gravitas specifically to be a circle within a square, and other people have also created their gravitas expecting it to be a square. Changing them arbitrarily to circles makes many of them look strange and takes away the creativity and meaning the user intended.


  33. Melody

    I’m really not a fan of this change–I don’t use the home page at all. But getting to the stats page isn’t actually a problem–I’m fine with clicking the sparkline. Where I’m really feeling the change is on the stats page itself–it’s incredibly inconvenient to have the dashboard link open n a new tab, and not to be able to use the sideboard to go straight to comments or widgets or posts. I really wish you would give us the option to change that back.


  34. publicinsight

    First things first. WordPress is a superb facility for those who, like me, wish to blog productively for the benefit of others. Until now, I have felt comfortable with developments affecting how I see and interact with the system.
    In normal circumstances, I have neither cause nor wish to visit the WordPress homepage. I work in and around my own WordPress sites.
    I hope that WordPress will leave fullest Stats data available directly via the Dashboard.
    By all means, WordPress should continue to offer a link from the WordPress homepage to a version of Stats, for those users who wish to use that method, but (judging by the majority of comments above and the strength of feeling exhibited therein) WordPress would be ill-advised to alter what is clearly a popular existing arrangement.
    Incidentally, like other commenters here, I don’t take kindly to being told, in effect, to “get over it”. WordPress should be at pains to remember who the customer is in the context of this debate – and whose opinion, in time honoured fashion, matters.
    I hope sincerely that commonsense will prevail.


  35. Kinna

    I’ve been mulling over Matt’s earlier comment that development at WP is now heavily focused on the homepage. I think in the long term this will be good. I can imagine how such a format would be. And even accept the philosophy behind it. However, in its current form, the WP homepage is patently not useful to most of the users. Mostly because we cannot customize it, nor does it complement or enhance blogging functions. The Freshly Pressed page has consistently featured at most a subset of 6 types of posts on WP and our tags are no longer global. As other commenters have pointed out, there are inconsistencies between the same modules found on the homepage and those on the dashboard.

    The truth is that most of us ignore the homepage and doing so has no impact whatsoever on our wonderful blogging experience at WP. Yes, for WP this is not a good thing. And to be honest, this is also not good for bloggers.

    But forcing us to deal with the homepage by migrating the Stats Page when WP hasn’t changed the usefulness of the homepage is not the way to go. If you look at raw views of dashboard modules, it would appear that the Stats Page is the most useful page. It is. But only, and crucially, in the way in which integrates so completely and seamlessly with other dashboard modules.

    I’m really all for using the homepage but it must enhance our experience as well as serve as a wonderful introduction to non folks. I implore WP to invite us to be part of this new development, to share what you are thinking with us so that we can impact the process. You have to do this in respect of the wonderful product that you have already developed and in respect of a user community that is very committed to this enterprise. Please make use of us. WP develops the product but we use it best and that should count for a whole lot. Thank you.


  36. S Joe

    I don’t like the new stats and it doesn’t work fine as I have 2 blogs. I am checking the stats for one blog. After a while, when I click the site stats tab, it automatically takes me to the other blog (which I did not want to monitor). Unhappy about this 😦


  37. kwgenuined



  38. Linda Kruschke

    I agree with the many comments saying not to move the stats. I have my dashboard bookmarked and that is where I spend most of my time. Everything is there and I like it that way. I seldom, if ever, go to the WordPress homepage. This sounds like an effort to get more people to a page you want them to go to rather than something really designed to benefit the user. Why can’t a link to the stats page stay where it is in the dashboard AND be on the homepage for those who like this idea? Peace, Linda


  39. palassiter

    Okay, so I don’t know whether different servers are going up at different times or what, but the bar graph takes me to As you wish…whatever. I discovered today, though, that the Dashboard Menu in the left column has a sub-category of SiteStats and takes me to detailed Stats while remaining on my Admin page where I’m working (and always need to return to). If this is a response to all our complaints, then I can certainly live with it, especially since it looks like the Dashboard Menu (sometimes) is a fly-out menu not requiring an extra click.
    If the fly-out Dashboard menu I’m seeing with full SiteStats is something that is going away, then I am still complaining (LOUDLY). Otherwise, I am satisfied. 🙂
    p.s. Thanks for considering the excellent suggestions in Todd Beal’s list of alterations for the new stats page. They’re all good.


  40. Verbifex

    You should modify this post to mention prominently that the My Stats page is available through a link in the W menu on the dashboard page. You have only mentioned that in your response comments, not in the original post. There probably are still reasons why users won’t like it. But if you modify the post as suggested, at least you will not give the impression that a user has to get there through two steps (going to the front page and then clicking the tab).


  41. McCormick y As.

    Stats and new comments is what I look for. What about comments? We have got to move to another screen to find them now. Why not a tiny comments icon in the stats page? Thanks


  42. erimzy



  43. amelie

    Maybe at some point WordPressers could be given a chance to talk about what glitches need to be fixed? As it is it’s nearly impossible to read my WP friends’ blogs on the home page and there’s nowhere else to read them now that Blog Surfer’s gone. Don’t you think the bloggers here could give you guys some good ideas on what to fix instead of cosmetic changes?


  44. camary1996

    Check stats is driving me…CRAZY!!! I can’t eat…crashed my car, burn my dinner every night, slaped my mailman, bit my husbands toe, put holes in my mattress, threw my lap top and eat gallons of ice cream!!!! I have a serious stats addiction!!! My doctor put me on 1,000 mg of valium!! My kids call me stat Mama. People call my house and I answer the phone…”stat stat stat”. Someone called 911 and reported this and when the paramedics came they got wordpress on the phone and begged them to discontinue the stat page.

    I’M MAKING THIS ALL UP…except…I do check my stats at least 10 time a day or more. I used to be a 20 a day-er but I’m improving.

    I luv wordpress…keep up the good work!


  45. Jo Bryant

    Note to Jetpack users: Your stats will still be available in your wp-admin dashboard. However, you may still enjoy viewing your stats on
    If this is possible for Jetpack users why can you not make it an option for the rest of us and allow us to choose instead of treating us like children who know no better and must be dragged in to doing it your way. Respect please for the people who keep this site alive with their blogs !!!


  46. Lora Maroney

    Personally I like the look of the new stats page, but I won’t use it because the rest of the homepage is useless to me. I tried it, but the ‘New Post’ tab is actually unusable — no categories support, no way to choose whether I want to publicize a post via Twitter, Facebook, etc. or not, no way to schedule a post for later …

    If the New Post option on the homepage were actually a full version and not a truncated, functionally useless one, I’d be much more tempted to use the homepage stats, despite using the Dashboard to access my spam comments, drafts, widgets, etc. on a daily basis. But while I’d have to go back anyway (or do a million mouse-overs and sub-menus from the top-right button), there’s no point.

    I like the new, clean look, though! It’s just a shame that it’s housed somewhere completely non-functional otherwise.


  47. hearcareusa

    stats, stats, anybody seen my stats, I love stats


  48. The Background Story

    I’m generally happy with your changes but this one just annoys me. I don’t like how the stats page looks like, and I think it was better before with everything in just one place.


  49. The Background Story

    And I agree with kauilapele — please keep the old option available. I hate to see it completely gone soon! 😦


  50. The Background Story

    I’m sorry I’m leaving many comments but I’m feeling very strongly about this.

    I just went to the New Post tab from the homepage and was surprised to see it looking very Tumblr-like. If I had wanted to be in Tumblr, I would have been there to begin with and not bothered with WordPress.

    Second, even Tumblr has an HTML option. Why does the New Post tab have no HTML editor? Or did I just miss it? I use HTML when posting. Are you taking away that functionality, too? Should I move to another blogging platform now?


  51. Stacey Gleddiesmith

    I don’t mind you putting them on the homepage so much as I mind the fact that they no longer work properly there. On my dashboard I can nicely see how many people viewed my blog today, and yesterday, and the day before. On your homepage I can see who viewed my blog today, and a few other random days. This is not helpful. Actually – I do mind where you put them. Any chance you’ll also keep them on the dashboard?


  52. drumiq

    Thx guys its going to be great.


  53. Florian Hartig

    Using the old stats page from my dashboard works for me, too, hope this option will be kept alive.

    Still, I wish one could choose defaults for stats linking either to the old dashboard page or to the new stats page. I’ve tried the new page, but like many others I fail to see an improvement over the old page, and it’s more difficult to get back to my blog from the new page.


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