Your Stats Have a New Home

Are you addicted to checking your site stats? You are not alone. The stats dashboard has always been one of the most popular admin screens. It’s gratifying to know that people are visiting your place online.

With the front page evolving into a one-stop shop for posting, exploring, following and reading blogs, it seemed natural to put your blog stats there, too.  Stats are becoming more and more about interacting with your readers and other bloggers.

My Stats Tab on

You’ll still see your summary stats and chart on your main dashboard, and the full stats page in your dashboard will remain for a while, but the My Stats tab on the front page will soon become the home for the most comprehensive view of your stats.  Stats will also continue to be available by clicking on the sparkline in the admin bar at the top.

While adding the My Stats tab to the front page, we also gave it an updated look by making the panels regularly spaced, using rounded gravatars for your commenters, and giving it an overall lighter feel:

Stats Before and After

We’ll be adding even more features to your stats and the front page soon.  We’re working on adding country stats of your visitors, which many of you have requested.

If you’d like to attract more visitors to your site, check out these great resources on boosting your blog readership:

(Note to Jetpack users: Your stats will still be available in your wp-admin dashboard. However, you may still enjoy viewing your stats on

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  1. Thomas James

    So far, reading the recent responses from Matt to the objections are very disconcerting. Rather than listening to your users and reassuring us that our stats will remain in the dashboard, you seem to be saying that even though we are VERY against it, it’s just something we’re going to have to live with. I’m not happy with that at all. I see no reason why you can’t add the stats to the WordPress homepage while still keeping it on the dashboard as well. Forcing this change, while suggesting that everyone will come to like it eventually, is an insult to users who give you a lot of money every year.

    You’ve got people BEGGING you repeatedly to leave stats on the dashboard. Shouldn’t you listen?


  2. Cristal

    VERY BAD IDEA. I don’t want to go to WP homepage for MY stats. It belongs on MY blog. This needs to be reconsidered ASAP. It’s obvious you’re trying to attract more attention to YOUR page.


  3. cobbies69

    I cant say whether I like this idea, it does seem to me a little silly, because why repair what is not broken. But wait and see, when up and running proper, then will comment and have view.


  4. palassiter

    This is just bad customer service, plain and simple. You say the stats page is one of the most popular. Has it ever occurred to you that we check it a lot because it’s *convenient*? Please don’t make me load another page with my slow I-net connection. It will just double my waiting time. PLEASE give us an option for the Stats to stay on the dashboard. PLEASE! And please don’t just “put up” with our negative comments and wait for us to shut up and go away. Please hear us…



    • Matt

      The new page should load faster than old page, and you don’t need to load anything twice. It’s also the same number of clicks.


  5. Mihir Nayak, Owner of the Mitaroy Goa Hotel


    Instead of trying to fix something that isn’t broken, why can’t you allow Google Analytics or atleast increase the information you provide via Stats (e.g.How much time readers spend on each page/post) instead ?

    Why can’t you give US, the users, the option of choosing where to view our stats ? I have ALWAYS viewed my stats from the dashboard because this was convenient for me. And I want to continue to do so.

    I’m sorry, but this is a really stupid decision.



  6. Mike Hardisty

    Facebook and Google come to mind here, We’re doing it so live with it…..


  7. Hyouten

    I really do think this is wonderful and all, but I also believe that we should have the option to be able to see the stats from the dashboard page. What if we’re doing something on the dashboard (i.e. editing a custom menu) and want to check on the stats? I don’t see anybody getting hurt from keeping the stats on both places. If anything, having the stats on both pages will feed our stat addiction even more because we can see it everywhere we turn.


  8. alphawriter

    Noooooo, I like having the little graph up at the top. That is the easiest way to check stats. Don’t do it, call it off, tell them stop. I’m too young to click home…
    Just ell ’em don’t do it.


  9. raincoaster

    I really cannot believe this. It isn’t April First, for god’s sake.

    You’re taking our stats OFF OUR BLOGS ENTIRELY? Your hope is that we will keep the page open all day?








  10. archiearchive FCD

    What has happened to WordPress? You guys used to listen to your users.We used to be a community. Now we are being treated like sheep. It is a great incentive to think seriously about where my blogging future lies! If it ain’t broke – don’t muck with it!


  11. Val

    One problem I have with this is – how is it good to have ones stats on an http page when the dashboard can be viewed more securely with https? Or are you planning on somehow making the homepage secure, too?


  12. Keishon

    Just to weigh in on the new stats homepage – don’t like it as I rarely go to the homepage. It’s good to know that I can still access stats via the graph bar on my admin page and hopefully that stays. There are obviously a lot of people who do visit the homepage and I can see how that can be a neat feature for them but for the rest of us who don’t, not so much excitement about this new change sorry to say but as with life, I will learn to accept it and move on.


  13. jessiethought

    I’m not sure about this. I do like the dashboard, and I don’t usually use the homepage that much.


  14. susielindau

    I had to come back and say that I LOVE it!! Not only are the new features awesome, but the fact that I can check in two places now rocks!

    I got to believe that some of the negative remarks were made by those who didn’t check it out first….geez!!


  15. SabaneroX

    Oh C’mon it’s everything the same, it’s just another tab in the front page for wordpress, I’d be more concerned about when the country stats are coming over


  16. Olivia Tejeda

    Wait! You’re making me click one extra link (sometimes) in order to access lots more information in a much more pleasing format! Why you thoughtless boobs!


  17. Connor Ring

    I like my stats being in the dashboard, and I dislike the rounded gravatars. I do like the idea of country stats though.


  18. Jackie Paulson

    I love the stats because it gives me a better idea of what others like to read or what have you. I love


  19. wordcoaster

    This is the first time I’ve not liked a change from wordpress. I must say I join with the crowd above saying that it’s fine to add the stats tab to the home page–I’m sure it will be very convenient for some people. But don’t take it away from the dashboard! It seems clear that there are people who live on their dashboards (like me) and there are a great many of them. It’s a disservice to us to force us to change and to conform. I thought blogging was about creativity, and so far wordpress has not failed me on that front. I just don’t want this forced change to be a trend. Thank you 🙂


  20. Aimee @

    I’ll find ’em wherever you put ’em. I’m pleased with WordPress overall. My only dish is I’m jealous of Blogger friends who get to use Google Analytics. They say its more sophisticated and detailed in tracking the traffic.

    How about making your next improvement enhanced WordPress stats or the option to use Google Analytics on WordPress sites that are not self-hosted? Hmm? Pretty please, Matt? With ice cream on top?

    PS: It would also be so helpful if you all added some type of widget so I can throw a nice weekly link up party with fellow bloggers or highlight related posts. You know, sort of like Blogger friends can do with Linky Tools and Linked Within. What do you say, Matt?


  21. Matt S.

    How about adding more to Recent Commenters. It only shows 7. How about 10 instead. Thanks.


  22. OldDog

    Matt, After reading so many negative comments concerning the stats page, your reply’s sound a lot like our totalitarian government. You express yourself like a polite dictator. Give us options not dictates!


  23. Ebrael Shaddai

    Many of tthese features could heve been added to our homes much longer ago…but it’s not too late. Congrats!


  24. Honjii

    If it aint broke don’t fix it. I don’t visit the homepage and I like my stats where they are. Why not put them on the homepage for those like the idea while leaving them accessible from our dashboards. I find having to leave the dashboard to check stats as an irritating inconvenience.


  25. rosesandcoffee

    I have bookmarked the MY STATS PAGE so i can get it in just one click. So what is the benifit if it is placed in the home page.


  26. Margaret

    I have a question. What is the benefit — the advantage — that WordPress sees in making the front page the best place for our stats? How does it benefit WordPress and how does it benefit the writers? What makes WordPress so sure the writers will really be happy with this change?


  27. lialexis

    I’ve read through some of the further comments and responses since my original comment, and I don’t think I’m of the same opinion I was this morning, but I remain leery of the idea of this change as a whole. As long as my personal dashboard remains as it is, with the option to view a summary of my stats (and everything else I can currently do from there), and then click through for a more specific breakdown, I’m happy.

    Based on the way that I work, and the way it seems many people work (based on the comments above) I would think that the majority of your focus should be toward making our personal dashboards better and better. (And they’re already awesome, of all the blog sites out there I think you guys are waaay ahead of the pack in every way!!)

    Also, I think I understand what you all are saying about being able to post to my blog from the wordpress frontpage, and I suppose that’s a really cool feature for some people… I guess. (I still don’t get why I would ever post from anything other than my dashboard if my dashboard is available, which is always is, but whatever.) Just don’t take away the options for people to work the way they want to, in favor of them seeing whatever content you decide should be on the front page. I don’t usually come to WordPress to see whatever your content is, I come to manage my blog. (Sorry to say.)


  28. Rayya

    Personally I have removed Meta from my widgets and would rather start my daily blogging by going to and signing in from there.
    The homepage is the real deal for me! I can read blogs I follow or check out topics I like and of course see if my post got on Freshly Pressed! Site stats on the homepage is a fantastic do up!

    Cheers guys:)


  29. dwetto

    Like this….



    Yes, I like numbers and stats
    Unfortunately, this feature can’t be displayed as a widget.
    Any idea to convert this feature as widget?


  31. readytochangenow

    Oh no! I was just starting to recover from my stats addiction….


  32. yadasim



  33. kvennarad

    A Plea. DON’T do it. I prefer my stats to be available from my dashboard.

    Thank you for listening (she said, with little hope).

    Marie Marshall


  34. Joe

    Matt, when you say that WP expects negative feedback to changes like this and it’s something you’ve “learned to get through,” does that mean WP ignores negative feedback and just waits for the posters to get tired and stop posting? I’m not trying to be rude, just trying to understand how WP weighs the feedback it gets from comments on these announcements.


  35. Arif Setiawan

    love it 😀


  36. ITCS

    I feel great to have a blog at wordpress. it is like a semi website and have lot of features. it is great to all new updates. thanks


  37. Todd Beal

    I am firmly against removing the stats page from the blog dashboard. Now, instead of simply choosing a different screen from the dashboard menu, I must separately navigate over to just to view my stats. It is the epitome of inefficiency and is terribly counter productive.

    I fail to understand the logic behind this illogical decision. Leave it the way it is. Some people tweak things because they see room for improvement. Other people tweak things because they just like to tweak things. Leave our blog stats on the dashboard. No tweaking is required, or necessary! Sometimes the greatest improvement is leaving something just the way it is!


    • Andy Skelton

      We don’t want to force you to click or type more. All of the same links that take you to the stats reports will still be exactly where they are today.


      • davidgaughran

        For me, the problem is not so much the extra clicking to get to the stats page, it’s when I want to take *action* when on the stats page (i.e. view comments, etc.).

        Let me explain. The stats page is essentially my homepage. It’s the first page I go to every day, or any other time I go to tinker with my blog. Depending on what I see there, I will decided to take care of any number of tasks.

        Under the new system, I will be forced to go to the new stats page on the WordPress homepage. That’s a pain, but not such a big deal. The real problem arises when I’m on that new stats page, and want to do something. No longer will I have the same options I have now (the menu down the left hand side).

        That’s where the real usability issues lie, and why I think this is a poor move (and the first change I haven’t liked, by the way).


  38. IamNotDefined

    Awesome! You guys make it super easy to learn and use!


  39. Harper Ganesvoort

    I agree with Thomas James on this. We already have “one-click” availability of our stats from the Dashboard, and many of us are clearly content with that, not wanting to lose that ability. Yet you seem hell-bent on making this change for some reason, a change that is really unnecessary. It makes one wonder if this is being done to satisfy some code jockey’s desire to switch things around to their way of thinking.

    WordPress has been generally successful with changes, and is a fine piece of software already. Why not listen to your user base who want to keep this one part as it is, or at the very least offer it as an option to users from the Settings: choose stats on the Dashboard, or have them on the main page. WordPress was created to be something that people could customize to work as they like. Please keep that spirit alive, and listen to your user base.


    • Andy Skelton

      I’m sorry this wasn’t clear in the post. We definitely aren’t going to make it harder to get to your stats by removing links. If anything, we’ll add more. 🙂


  40. susan

    I agree with those wanting the stats to remain on the dashboard. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And if you are trying to get more viewers to the WordPress homepage and you think having stats there will accomplish this, put the stats there also as others have suggested–but not exclusively there. You’ve made many great changes but I don’t think this is one of them.


  41. gsohn

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  42. contemplativemoorings

    Can you say “spaghetti logic”?…You’re going down the road to dysfunction…


  43. domacinka

    sometimes I am confused and feel like a fish with two seconds memory, but as a lady of half of century plus twelve trying to follow all news…sometimes I do not care of changes, sometimes I am confused again and again…hahaha


  44. judithatwood

    Oh, Come on! If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it! The stats page on the dashboard is not only familiar to almost every wordpress blogger, but there is nothing wrong with it, and your proposal to change it is just picayune BS from you guys — listen to your bloggers, and remove our stats from the dashboard.


  45. Holyriches

    Nice programs working for us. Keep it up!


  46. Bruce Stambaugh





  47. dandelionsalad

    Thank you. I actually like this improvement. On the same page with the new stats tab, it has the blogs that we follow. Now it is easier to go read the blogs that I follow, and maybe those who follow my blog will also find it easier and then the stats will go up.

    The only thing I don’t like about the new stats page is the layout is a bit large for my computer screen for the text size to be readable.


  48. Darren Bayliss

    I to am Addicted to the site stats I am now seeking advise to wean myself off them 🙂


  49. Nancy Bell Scott

    NOT a good idea for many of us! Some of us use your front page once a week, once a month, or once a year. I’m not going to try to keep yet another tab open all day solely to check my stats on your front page; the only page I want open and easily accessible is my own wordpress page. This “new” and very annoying idea will mean another window and another step simply to check stats. Please don’t reply to this comment with “you’ll really like it” or “it will save you time.” Neither is true for me, nor for many others. Why not give people an option? It’s ridiculous not to have access to stats from our own blog/site. Or is it time to move my blog/site elsewhere?


  50. McEff

    I’ve never commented on WordPress changes before – but I’m going to comment now. This is a bad move. I don’t like it. It is totally undemocratic. There has been no consultation. People have built their blogs from scratch, they have personalised them and they are proud of them. What you are doing is for the sake of WordPress – not the users.


  51. azi-ta-da

    As long as I’d still be able to access the stats page from the graph line at my site I’m cool with this.


  52. shinigamilist

    I do stay on the stats page quite often, but I do not have it in its own tab. I would like it to stay in the little bar where the reblog and follow/unfollow are. I hope you won’t change this thing together with taking it off the dashboard?

    Also, I don’t know what you think about this and why is has occurred, but I don’t see why there will be a dashboard without statistics – aren’t they a crucial part of the process of creation? Anyway, I have always been happy with your updates and even if I am preoccupied with this one, I will give this a chance and see what happens next 🙂


  53. Thomas James

    It amazes me that with all the negative feedback on this, all the reply comments from WordPress have failed to address it. There have been statements suggesting that it will really be easier, that we will just have to get used to it, and the deceptive claim that our stats will still be on the dashboard where they are. The truth is that the stats that will remain on our dashboard will just be the ‘stats summary’, which is not what people are complaining about. We want our full stats to remain on our dashboard because that is where we do our work. We want our stats to be the same place that our tool bar is, where we can not only post, but also access everything from our CSS, to our Posts, to our Pages, Settings, you name it.

    You want people to have the option to view their stats via the home page? Fine. The point I hear again and again, and that fails to be addressed by WordPress responses, is that we want the OPTION of keeping the stats as they are on our dashboard.

    PLEASE give us the choice.
    PLEASE listen to our complaints.
    PLEASE give us the choice.


  54. Fish & Bicycles

    Wow, what an unfortunate ruckus simply because this news announcement didn’t make it clear that the stats graph we see in the right column of the Dashboard is NOT going away, as has been revealed upthread after everyone, including me, flipped out.

    As I said, I have NO problem with adding the MyStats tab on the home page, and I even think it’s a great addition for those who do use that page as a portal of sorts.

    For those of us who use our Dashboards as a portal, however, I think it’s clear now that we’ll be happy that the stats graph will remain in the dashboard.



  55. Sherry

    For those of us who have multiple blogs is it always the “primary” one whose stats come up? and can you get to the other blogs stats?


    • Greg

      There is a blog switcher in the upper right corner of your stats, which maybe we need to make more prominent as you are not the first person to ask. 🙂


  56. inkophile

    January 26th, 2012 at 10:34 pm

    Anything we change with stats generally gets a ton of negative feedback at first, it’s just something we’ve learned to get through. There are some cool new features for the homepage stats on the roadmap, though, that I think people will enjoy.”

    This is a “get over it” kind of response. Feedback doesn’t matter in this kind of environment. It’s just something for management to “get through.” Hrumph.


  57. Karlee A. Turner

    I like things exactly as they are NOW — Once the new Stats page arrives, I will have to click on another link to see what I want! WHY do you and Facebook, for that matter, feel you have to KEEP changing things – CHANGE is not always better!!!!

    Why don’t you check with your users BEFORE making changes? What you think is better/faster is NOT necessarily so. Facebook is loosing me because of TOO many changes (almost weekly) but the final straw is the Timeline they are FORCING on everyone. If you guys keep making changes I don’t like (and forcing them on me), I will also go elsewhere.


  58. steve13565

    I am also very leery of this change. Let me let you in on a little reality, is not the center of my life. I have my own custom made local home page. I will never use someone else’s page as my home page and certainly one that depends on my internet connection being always available. Sometimes we have cable outages and even cell phone outages. There is a lot of work I do on the computer even when these outages happen.

    Give it up on trying to force me to change the way I use the internet.

    I have many, many other interests that I follow on a daily basis, and home page is not and never will be one of them. I appreciate the WordPress blog software, and I do spend a lot of time with that. I don’t need WordPress to try to tell me what is important in life.


  59. Sylvia Jean Riggs

    I came from Blogger to WordPress this year thinking that it was better. You have forced Reblog, forced the carousel, and now you are forcing the stats move. It would appear that the techs are bored and looking for things to keep them busy. It also appears that WP thinks that they know better than we, what we want. I don’t like the lack of choices. If this continues I may go somewhere else. By the way, I don’t use the home page either. I probably just won’t bother checking my stats.


  60. Harper Ganesvoort

    In reply to Andy Skelton’s reply to my comment: with respect, time will tell on this. If we can still do a “one-click and you’re there” routine, then I will simmer down on the matter.


  61. chandrapzm

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  62. speakingofprecision

    Dislike. I want my “indicators” on “my Dashboard” Would you put the car’s fuel gage on a billboard?
    Putting the gravatars into flat circles is not an improvement either. Round is not part of the design theme.
    Looks like faces in portholes or toilets.
    Just because you “can make a change” doesn;t mean “you should make a change.”


  63. socsoc1

    I hope you don’t do this in the self-hosted WordPress, I like the admin panel.


  64. Mayris

    I’m used to accessing my stats straight from my dashboard, so it would be a little inconvenient for me to access it through wordpress homepage. anyhow, I’d like to think that this change would be for the better 🙂


  65. dankprofessor

    I agree with many others that you should give us a choice, home page or dashboard. Improvements are nice, such aswhat countries our views are coming from. But why the homepage? I think I must be missing something.


  66. procrastin8or

    I’m a little concerned about stuff being moved from the admin dashboard to the homepage. I’m stil irritated that readomatic and tag surfer have gone. I find the new way a little long winded and slow to load at times, plus I feel that admin functions should all be in one place.


  67. procrastin8or

    And Skelton says:

    We don’t want to force you to click or type more. All of the same links that take you to the stats reports will still be exactly where they are today.

    The original post says:

    You’ll still see your summary stats and chart on your main dashboard, and the full stats page in your dashboard will remain for a while,

    Seems to me you fully intend to get rid of them soon though…


  68. career confident (@CC_patriciab)

    is this function available for self-hosted sites. I notice that the chrome wordpress add on doesn’t work with self-hosted sites either??


  69. Donkey Whisperer Farm

    Anything you can do to make the stats page more informative for the readers and the writers is a smart plan.


  70. windybee

    I have always appreciated the improvements that WordPress makes, however this does not seem to be efficient or logical. The Dashboard is each person’s control center, not the homepage. This change seems to be rather inconvenient and doesn’t make sense, but then, I’m still trying to figure out why when I update a blog post and then share it with others – it remains the same, (same link, same photo thumbnail, same caption line as the original. Hmmm…I don’t understand how this is an improvement.


  71. Wineguys Radio

    We Will Roll with The Changes : ) We have Wine


  72. canbebitter

    Site stats are my crack.


  73. Shadowon

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  74. mags

    Yuk hate hate hate the changes. Put it all back to how it was please please


  75. Gum Creative

    If you’re not trying to monetize your blog, do “stats” even matter that much?


  76. marketlavingtonmuseum

    Like many other commenters I do not like this change. However you word it, it is LESS convenient now to see the stats. Please take note of a large body of comments and keep full stat access in the dashboard.

    Rog – Market Lavington Museum


  77. marketlavingtonmuseum

    I’m returning to this having looked further at things. I don’t see an option to schedule publication if I write a blog entry from your home page. As I always schedule blog publication, I can’t use the home page new blog feature. It seems very inconvenient.

    I chose wordpress over other blog systems because it seemed to have a minimum of inconvenience – and I have been very happy with it. But I really am unhappy with this development which makes the service offered by WordPress worse than it was. Please keep stats in the dashboard – it is the natural place for them. They are, after all, the stats for my blog so my dashboard must be the right location.

    Please take note of the comments on this issue and have the good grace to step back from this brink.

    Whilst on the topic – but of minor importance – the rounded gravatar looks silly and crops what people, me included, had planned. Is that really a good idea?

    Rog – market Lavington Museum


  78. markdedichter

    Hm, I don’t like this for much of the same reasons as the other people who don’t like it. Just to recap:

    – The stat boxes are bigger now, giving me less of an overview at one glance. I can probably get used to this.
    – It is harder for me to reach my blog when I am watching my stats. This is a real inconvenience. I liked how you could push the site views per hour button form your blog and then push your blogs name to go back there. Now when I push the site per hour thingy and find myself at the stast page without a clear option on how to go back I feel a little lost. 😦


  79. markdedichter

    Hm, okay, after playing around with it for a bit I think I can live with this change 🙂


  80. Apiedapie

    Yippee!! Country stats coming soon! 🙂


  81. Rick Yagodich

    Thank you so much for making it three clicks longer to get to a meaningful version of my per-blog stats. i.e. within that blog’s own dashboard, where all the useful functionality is.
    If you insist on adding “features” (that’s documented bugs to the rest of us) to this interface, please allow us a way to opt in/out.


  82. Caroline

    Sorry I dislike it. Leave things alone that work!!

    First you removed the log out option which sensibly returned you to a log in page and now this!

    I really DO NOT want or need to end up on the WordPress home page.


  83. palassiter

    Here’s the problem. I always work in my Dashboard. Now, if I want to check my Stats (no, the summary isn’t enough info.), then I’ve lost direct access to my Dashboard commands. I have to back up a page in the browser. And if I do look at another tab, say, on the WordPress homepage, then I have to back up twice to be able to do my next Admin task. And believe me, yes, it does take longer and an extra click to go from MyStats back to Comments. Also, as someone else pointed out, it’s not secure. MyStats do not belong on your homepage. It’s logically incoherent. And yes, now that it’s up, I HATE IT.


  84. seeingredaz

    Please reconsider this move. I prefer my stats on my dashboard, along with my other controls. Also, will individual blog readers be able to access the stats? They shold remain private. Not all change is good. I urge you to make this an option rather than impose it on all.


    • Martin Remy

      Your stats will continue to be private as they are now, they won’t be accessible to your readers. The stats summary will remain on your main Dashboard, and your stats will be accessible by clicking the sparkline in the admin bar at the top.


    • Matt

      Nothing has changed about access controls, this isn’t on your homepage, it’s the homepage.


  85. Corrie Kartchner

    I love it when they update the Site Stats pages, seeing as I spend about 4 hours a day just on that page.


  86. palassiter

    If anything, shouldn’t the stats summary be on the WordPress homepage and the detailed stats be on my Admin page? For example, I’m loading a new file, and putting a pointer to it on one of my pages. In order to know if people are getting to the file okay, I watch the list of “clicks”. If the file shows up in the list an increasing number of times, then it’s working. Otherwise, I need to do more Admin. How does it help me to be sent to the WordPress homepage to look at such detailed stats and not have a direct link back to my Dashboard? If you want some stats on the WordPress homepage, it would make more sense logically to put the summary stats there. Y’all might want to consult your users next time before you make a big change like this. What good does programming in a vacuum do? (Except to raise the number of clicks on the WordPress homepage.) You guys are programmers. You know this data flow is crummy! Woof.


  87. gaudetetheology

    So, this is annoying: the fact that it’s no longer on my dashboard means that all the keen useful stuff on the black toolbar(?) that is associated with *my* blog is no longer available from my stats page. Everything is now more clicks away than it used to be.

    And, it’s on a fixed-spacing page, which means I can’t zoom up the text and not have pieces of the page fall off the edge of my window. VERY unfriendly to people who need large fonts.


  88. Jo Bryant

    It is very inconvieniant as I don’t usually go to the homepage at all – seems like a trick to get me there. Now I have to click more to do what I usually do and I do not think you have the users interests to the fore here – rather WP itself. Why can’t you leave it as it is as well so that users can choose how they want to operate. As for posting from the homepage I tried that and it is a NIGHTMARE…clicking on the wrong thing takes you all over the place and – well there is only one thing to say – it sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  89. Angie~Lah

    I dislike this immensely, and I’m someone who normally digs changes/new stuff on WP.


  90. marketlavingtonmuseum

    Martin, it seems you are not listening to comments. With many people seing this as inconvenient, can we please see a positive reason for this change? I need my dashboard on a regular basis. Now navigation between stats and dashboard is slow and inconvenient. I must still urge you not to force this change on us all.


    Rog, market Lavington Museum


    • Matt

      I think there are some things we can do to improve the links between the stats and dashboard, but this is the direction things are going.


  91. Tickets There

    Ehm WTF! I just renewed my account and now there’s a new blogging UI. If I’d known about this I wouldn’t have signed up for another year. Anyone know how to keep the old format?


  92. Team Oyeniyi

    Not good. This is not a step forward.


  93. Todd Beal


    Point 1 I checked out the new stats page. You’re right: it is a lot faster but it’s not customizable. You have removed the personalization factor for which WordPress has become so well known and appreciated. Sure, I can move each stat section up and down, but the efficiency of arranging them side by side is now gone. What once required only a quick swipe of the scroll wheel to see every stat section, now requires I scroll, and scroll… and scroll.

    Point 2 The side menu is gone which means I can no longer access all of my blog tools from this screen.

    Point 3 You have reduced an already small font to an even smaller size. I don’t have microscopic vision and I should not have to use a magnifying glass to comfortably read my blog stats. And yes, I am wearing corrective lenses.

    Point 4 Washed out baby blue with very little contrast doesn’t get it. I feel like I’m taking a walk through wispy clouds without a tether tied to earth. The page is stark and has no warmth. Okay, so it goes fast and incorporates new functionality. Would you enjoy driving a feature-rich, smokin’ fast Lamborghini if it had non-adjustable seats and mirrors and boasted a washed-out baby blue interior color scheme? I wouldn’t either. But for some reason you think that’s okay for a Lamborghini blogging site.

    Point 5 I tested the New Post feature from the page (same area to which you plan to permanently move the stats page). The Live Preview feature would certainly increase productivity, and that is certainly a bonus. But, I write all posts in HTML format, bar none, and you have removed the HTML tab. If your removal of the HTML tab is a permanent change, and if – as you are currently doing to the stats page – you also permanently move the New Post page from the individual blogs to the WordPress page, I will no longer be able to use WordPress. This is one of many missing features I found while testing the new page: So disappointing.

    Point 6 I will soon have to leave my blog and go to someone else’s webpage just to view the stats I now conveniently view on my own blog. It’s like buying stock but having to use my neighbor’s computer to see how it performs on the market. It works, but his computer is not my computer. He has a different browser, different screen resolution, unique toolbar and menu settings, and his mouse has no right click button. I can work my way through it but the whole experience leaves me feeling miserable and counter productive.

    Conclusion You said, “We hope this makes it easier for you to keep tabs on your traffic!” Easier? This is not about ease and you know it! You most certainly know it: that is, if you too have a blog of your own and regularly study the stats. The only reason for this move is to initiate the migration of all WordPress blogs to a single, centralized, WordPress area. It is obvious that you are in the beginning stages of implementing site-wide cloud computing for WordPress, where one size supposedly fits all. Remember, you can’t pound a square peg into a round hole without damaging the peg and the hole.

    I am sure you have some valid reasons for making these changes, but for every productive feature you add you end up removing at least one from before. That is not progress. You know it; I know it; and so do the rest of the frustrated WordPress bloggers whose objections you regard as mere fly buzz. Sure, you added some great features and increased the speed of execution, but you simultaneously removed customization and made the gravatars into an oval keyhole shape, thus obscuring portions of the image. Would you enjoy watching a round television screen? No, I wouldn’t either: it would hide portions of the movie. That’s why we have rectangular screens, not oval.

    The bottom line though, you have already made up your mind. It wouldn’t matter to you if the entire WordPress community posted on how much they dislike the new ‘feature’. You’ve made your decision, and in your mind we need to simply get over it. If I remember correctly, a few days ago WordPress conducted a site-wide blackout protesting the new internet ‘censorship’ legislation. You voiced your contempt and the politicians listened. They realized the public is against that legislation in its present form and consequently cancelled the move forward. We are against your decision to move the stats page. Will you cancel your decision in response to our protest, as did the politicians in response to yours?

    I challenge you to ask yourself, “Will others enjoy these changes as much as I do, or am I merely forcing them to adopt my preference in place of their own?”


    • Joen A.

      Hi Todd,

      I’m responsible for a lot of the design of the new stats page. Thank you for your excellent feedback above. We think there’s huge potential in having stats right on the homepage, but we are aware that there are a number of use-cases we haven’t yet polished. We will be iterating the new stats page to try and adress these issues, including many of those you’ve mentioned above.


  94. aka gringita

    Ooh. I see you’ve made the full transition. Hmm. Here’s why I HATE IT.

    I used to visit my stats page a lot. Why? It’s not because I am Just So Fascinated with how many hits I’ve had every day.

    The stats page used to be incredibly useful. It was a one-stop source to see NOT ONLY the stats but easy access to all of the menus on my account. Not only could I see the stats themselves, but I simultaneously had instant visibility to the arrival of a new comment for moderation, to a new post, or any other activity I might want to take.

    It wasn’t JUST the stats that was making my stats page the place to be. It was the combination of the stats and menu. And as of today, no matter how I get to My Stats, that menu is stripped away. You just made My Stats an interesting but ultimately useless place to be. I humbly request that you consider switching it back.


  95. johnmichaelphotos

    how about you make it an option. when I click the bar graph in the bar on the top of my screen, I want to go to the old fashioned one. The new location sucks. A lot. Let me decide where my default is.


  96. andersonboatworks

    The old format let me see all the sections without scrolling down….maybe you could make the boxes smaller?


  97. johnmichaelphotos

    This adds more clicks. I’m on the stats page. Where is the one click that gets me back on my blog??? There isn’t one. Why increase the number of clicks? You want to put a stats page on the wordpress main page? I don’t care, go ahead. But when I click the bar graph at the top of my screen, I want to see my stats on my dashboard. You can have your opinion, that’s fine. It’s not fine for you to tell me that yours is better than mine. I like one click going back and forth between blog and stats. I like the stats page FILLING my screen, not in a little column like this new page.

    I used to play world of warcraft a lot, and your new policy and your responses to comments are straight out of Blizzard’s book. That’s about the worst company you can possibly emulate.

    I want the bar graph to take me to my stats on my dashboard. Don’t you dare tell me that I just don’t know what’s good for me.


  98. Stephen A. Watkins

    Okay, that’s not funny. Please change it back. Getting shunted away from my Dashboard to the WordPress homepage is decidedly not helpful. It’s more difficult to do anything that way. I can’t quickly and easily check my stats then go back to my Dashboard without going through several extra clicks. Considering the number of negative comments on this post, I simply don’t understand why you guys persisted in this change.

    At the very least, give us the choice to not get bumped off our Dashboard just to check our stats.


  99. Robin Hawke

    If I could get to my dashboard from the top menu without a pull-down, I wouldn’t mind the change. But, I’m with the others who like the old system better.

    I do have a suggestion for another tab, though, on the wordpress page: posts by people who subscribe to your blog. Thank you. Off to redesign my gravatar so that it won’t get chopped up round, Robin


  100. KatiesCameraBlog

    I don’t like this at all. I click the header graph icon on my blog page to get to my stats, and now it takes me to the one on the page. I don’t like it. I want that icon to take me back to the dashboard where my states live, so I can have access to my pages, my posts (not just create a new one), my media, etc. I know it’s just a couple more steps to get to the dashboard stats, but still, I don’t know why this was taken away. I don’t want to automatically go to all the time. I just want my admin pages when I click on that graph bar icon.

    Not a fan of this change.


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