Get Married With WordPress

One of the most important events of your life might just be your wedding. It also might be one of the craziest, disorganized, mixed-up times of your life too. We’d like to help with that a bit with a free wedding theme we call Forever. Along with a handful of cool features we’ll get to below, Forever makes it easy to wrap your wedding up in a neat little blog on You can show off every one of your best photos and highlight every important detail leading up to the big day and beyond.

The Forever Theme

Forever makes it easy to welcome your family and friends to your blog with a dramatic personalized home page. The design is bold and clean with lots of room for large, colorful photos of the happy couple (that’s you!) in an optional featured post slider and home page excerpts.

You can also easily customize the color scheme and get Forever to match your wedding colors with only a few clicks. You can update the background color (or add your own pattern) from the custom background page in your blog dashboard and even change the color of the all the links from the Forever Theme Options page.

We also built in a special Guestbook Template that lets your guests take over a page of your choice with their best wishes for you … and maybe a few embarrassing stories 🙂 … as comments.

And, of course, Forever works seamlessly with all the other features you love; emails sent to your blog followers every time you post, contact forms (perfect for RSVPs), custom domain names (like instead of, customized fonts and CSS with the Custom Design upgrade (great for changing your blog title to a handwriting font), and everything else.

Forever with a custom background, custom font, and custom link color

And it works especially well with our new Milestone Widget.

Save The Date!

Forever also sports a custom design for a new widget we call Milestone. You can find it in your blog dashboard at Appearance → Widgets and it’s pretty easy to use. Just pick a title for your event, a date and time, and a special message for the big day, and you’re ready to go. Now you have a special save the date widget for your Wedding on every page of your blog.

The Milestone Widget in Forever

If that sounds pretty awesome and you want the Milestone widget available for your non-Wedding blog too, you’re in luck. We’re also making the milestone widget available to every theme on right now.

Enjoy Forever

To find out more about our new Wedding Theme, Forever, check out the demo site and visit the Forever theme showcase page. Or just go ahead and activate it on your brand new Wedding blog. 🙂

Here’s to your wedding and your wedding blog on Cheers! (That means you have to kiss now.)

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  1. Sara

    I love this but wish it had been around in early 2010 for my own wedding 😉 Looks great though guys. So many of the wedding websites out there right now are so hooky looking.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. theishu

    Good move, WP!
    A suggestion: more such themes would help people make birth announcements and other special occasions too. After all, a fairytale wedding is just the beginning of a happily ever after 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lu

    Yay for a milestone widget – Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Cais

    Will the “Milestone” widget be made available via dot-org?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The Background Story

    There should be a wedding counter to make it truly complete.

    “This is my nth wedding!”


  6. atsushiandmarjorie

    Oohhh this is great! I wish you had this 2 years ago! 🙂 nevertheless, I surely will help spread the word around 🙂


  7. Christy

    Awesome addition, I’ll also have to tell some of my clients about this.


  8. Edna Nogueira

    Very interesting!


  9. blastedgoat

    I might use this to make wedding websites for my friends who are taking the plunge… I am in a committed relationship but don’t believe in spending the cash just to have that lil piece of paper… and what’s with all the stupid things on gift registries? GEESH! This would be a (much) cheaper and personalized gift 😀 A good gift for an unemployed friend to give lol…


  10. Lauren

    This is perfect since I was already using WordPress for my wedding website — i just made the Chunk theme work until 2 minutes ago… this theme is wonderful. Thanks!


  11. Mikalee Byerman

    This cracks me up…as someone who occasionally blogs about my C-R-A-Z-Y divorce, I’m wondering: Will there be a “Never (again)” theme coming soon, too? You guys always seem to do a great job of adapting to your users’ places in life…


    The theme, however, is stunning. Nice work as always!


  12. Powered by Purpose

    So, where were you in 1983? Fortunately, we’re still married… We eloped. Been thinking about a real wedding to renew our vows. Hmm… Maybe I’ll start my blog today?


  13. timethief

    What a wonderful addition with such useful features too. I love it. 🙂


  14. Mark

    Whilst I have no weddings going on in my life right now, this theme with a dark background suits my blog really well so I am going to use it anyway.



  15. 360hcopa

    Milestone widget – superb!


  16. blablalab

    Love it!


  17. PiedType

    What a wonderful theme idea. Wish it (and the Internet) had been around when I first got married. And hurray for the Milestone widget. I’ve often wished for something like that.


  18. marshallstanton

    Can we get the “milestone” widget on other themes?


  19. cbcburke9

    This is more than important, love it.


  20. MK

    Reblogged this on MK on the go and commented:
    Check out our new gorgeous wedding theme. Can’t wait to get started with it. Major kudos to our Theme Team!


  21. Michelle

    I have a blog about Home decor & DIY, so I Forever wouldn’t work for me – it looks great though. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I love the way you presented the theme. The last phrase was awesome “Here’s to your wedding and your wedding blog on Cheers! (That means you have to kiss now.)” haha Very creative!


  22. natuurfreak

    I like it a lot.Very interessting


  23. thewanderingmoon

    What an awesome idea…wish I was getting married 😀


  24. Jean

    So can we specify in a Milestone widget for a time period, as long as it’s a few consecutive days? Instead of just 1 day.

    I was just thinking for an event that runs over 2-3 days and make the countdown start from the lst day of event?


  25. Eric

    There’s always an occasion for WordPress. Awesome.


  26. FLYNN

    Ah! I think I’m in love with this theme/, too… “Forever, and ever, and ever…” 🙂


  27. Team Oyeniyi

    I’m with Sara, although I wasn’t blogging when I had my wedding! Love the new widget and will definitely find a way to use it!


  28. Karen Datangel

    How adorable!


  29. Rose

    Great. Let’s get married! Can I marry WordPress?


  30. beththayerart

    Will I be able to get this theme on .org?


  31. Rk

    Wow, this is great ! What a timing. My friend was just asking me for suggestion for a wedding site, well, what better than a super easy to setup/use interface, ad-free, free, blog with a custom theme on wordpress. I am not going to search any further.


  32. meg

    I need help making some of the features work, but there is nothing in the forums or support about this theme yet. How can I get help?


  33. Nomadic Photographers

    Brilliant Idea. Wish this had of been around when we got married two years ago. It will make the planning a lot easier for couples.


  34. makingmade

    Beautiful and simple! Love them!


  35. Raise Expectations

    Very Cool. Perfect for weddings.


  36. omnimagnus

    Now I m too desperate to marry so that get a chance to show the whole world about my partner & start new phase of my life. Thanks WP, thanks Ian Stewart 🙂
    Good Luck for your Widget.


  37. yvonne ayoub

    I LOVE this new theme!! I’m not planning a wedding but its elegant simplicity suits my Greek painting/travel/photography blog perfectly! Just what I’ve been looking for, so – THANK YOU!


  38. jackgimate

    I really like it. Wish I could change my blog to it. 😛


  39. Sandra Pawula

    I agree with Mark and Yvonne. This is a beautiful theme and there’s no need to get engaged to use it! Theme team, you rock!


  40. Matt Steele

    The new themes look great… I know many people each year who get married and I will have to let them know about this.


  41. belladaze

    Love the idea of the milestone widget – thanks!


  42. foodtable

    Love this! Definitely will use it if I get married anytime soon…


  43. nelson RN

    Nice! I wish this came out 4 years ago. I wonder if I can customize it to make it a post-wedding/ marriage blog 🙂


  44. Kilmore Fisz

    What I like most is the “Milestone widget”.


  45. Lemon Custard

    Wow, that is fantastic. My cousin got married not long ago, and I wonder if she would have used this theme? I really like the new widget, and I expect I’ll be able to use it soon (though not for a wedding). Thanks.


  46. Bosstiger

    i really like this theme 😀


  47. Leslie

    I really like this theme. Would you say it would work for all events…not just weddings?


  48. Kojiki

    This is a very nice theme and fit more than just wedding ..I have juse it for my flower blog Fleurs du Monde…and so THANKS for all your great themes….WP rocks!!!!!!


  49. eof737

    Brilliant! Wish it had been around when I got married… oh well, next time! 😉


  50. griyahabbats

    nice theme


  51. Isabella

    Very nice theme


  52. J Besonia

    I do, WordPress, I do.


  53. paul

    nice theme 🙂


  54. ana pauper

    OMG, so ballerinic 😀


  55. zipporahkphotography

    Love this theme! When will it be available for users?


  56. swmmp

    Nice theme, simple but elegant.


  57. graftedintothevine

    Looks really good.


  58. MindMindful

    What a great theme! I doubt if I’ll ever need to use it, but I bet those who will use it, will be very happy with it.


  59. tomte

    This theme is really cool. I’m not getting married anytime soon, but I love the milestone widget. It’s really cool and I cant wait to use it for my next big event.


  60. severin

    Awwwww, that’s really nice. I need to get married now so that I can use it!


  61. AishaDExpress

    Nice!! I might try this if it is free! 🙂 Thanks for simple and lovely theme!


  62. bekastays

    LOVE this theme!!! I’m using it for my everyday life blog, beka stays, and just waxed poetic about how wonderful it is here.



  63. onlytruffle

    Gorgeous! I love it!


  64. max4love

    Aww… so sweet and romantic. I’ll remember this one, if ever the day comes. 😉


  65. Elizabeth E.

    Just want you to know I grabbed this theme for the makeover for my quilt blog. It’s a winner. I am using the Milestone widget to count down to local events that relate to quilts. I love the width of the column as it allows me to post up large-sized photos of quilts, and the font style is great looking (just wish it could be a titch larger for many quilters are older). I like the look, the layout, and how clean-looking it is, even with lots in the sidebar. Thank you, thank you!


  66. Jae

    I say, “Yay! to the milestone widget!”

    Now, who’s with me?


  67. tetah7

    Wooooow. It is Gorgeous. Ballerinic, “OMG” i can’t believe this.


  68. Jessica Sideways

    I wonder when this time (or rather, if this theme) will be made available for users…


  69. ravimaini

    THANKS…! I have really loved this. What a wonderful idea.



    Milestone widget I This is a good idea
    Thank you…


  71. El Santo

    Darn it! I could’ve used this at my wedding! That said, we did use WordPress in 2008 to coordinate the wedding party, and for that my wife and I are forever grateful. 🙂


  72. Ariane

    This is gorgeous!
    Now if only this theme would make marriage legal in my state, it’d be 100% useful to me.


  73. singoolala

    Oooo, I probably would have used this for my own wedding…


  74. SU 63 NK

    This is awesome!


  75. Vinaya

    So beautiful! I just got married eight months ago. Thanks for creating this pretty concept. 🙂


  76. sjain111

    Nice! Best of luck on the big date!


  77. genksukasuka

    wow very nice


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