New Themes: Shaan and Adventure Journal

I’m happy to introduce two new cool and colorful themes: Shaan and Adventure Journal.

Shaan is a smooth-talking theme, quietly delivering a cool, casual backdrop for your content. It’s perfect for writers who like a calm, quiet tone to their blog. If you use images to illustrate your writing, you’ll like how Shaan displays featured images in two sizes: small in archives and search results, and large for sticky posts on your home page as well as on single posts and pages.

Example of Shaan in action.

Designed by Specky Geek, Shaan is available today in your dashboard and directly from the Theme Showcase.

Have a well-traveled blog? Adventure Journal is a natural fit for highlighting your adventures. A theme for your next trip. Or your next blog.

Example of the Adventure Journal front page.

Featuring a warm wood background, a header image for your favorite photo, widget areas styled on curling paper, and a crinkled sticky post area for those important notes—this theme is full of rustic charm. Customize it with layout options, sidebar and footer widgets, and more. See all the options and details on the Theme Showcase.

Designed by Contexture International, Adventure Journal is available in your dashboard and directly from the Theme Showcase.

Also… Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you gobble these themes up.

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  1. Tracy Zhang

    Love the adventure journal look!


  2. Natasha McNeely

    These look great, particularly Adventure Journal! I may have to use it if I ever get tired of my current theme.


  3. Pranab

    Well, though these themes are not suited for me, I am sure a lot of travel bloggers will find the second one to be a great fit for their blogs. Meanwhile, I still wait for a free, good magazine type blog theme with a lot of white space for my main blog.

    Cheers to the Theme team for their great work in bringing more and more options to wordpress users.

    WP rulez!


  4. #NoteQu#

    Very nice.. 😀


  5. Waqas Ali

    I find Adventure Journal really enchanting, perfect for travel bloggers indeed. Shaan is also likable, but not what I wanted.


  6. Nish

    I love Adventure Journal. Had switched over to it even before I got the email from you guys. My blog is not particularly well-traveled, but I love it all the same 😀


  7. Kathrine Roid

    These are very pretty, but just not right for my writing blog. The feel I want for my genres – fantasy and science fiction – is a little rougher. Still, these are gorgeous!


  8. Mikalee Byerman

    Digging Shaan…but I’m guessing it’s just a bit too calm and subtle for the content of my blog! Maybe when things calm down in my crazy life…

    Love the options…as always! 🙂


  9. ZainRMian

    The themes are alright. Not quite my type, though.


  10. timethief

    Thanks for adding Adventure Journal. Though I’m not a travel blogger many others are and some requested this theme. I like Shaan’s calm appearance and the feature image options too. The fact that there are small featured images in archives and search results will be well received as some bloggers have been seeking that feature.


  11. Raise Expectations

    Both look great. Happy Thanksgiving!


  12. Shinrin

    The Adventure theme looks really cool! I like the rustic feel, it’d go with my art & cultural photography. Think I’ll try it out. 🙂


  13. Bosstiger

    Both themes are really rocking! Keep up the good work. I’m really happy and enthusiastic about using WordPress. 😀


  14. Balsillie & Associates

    Very cool: As others have said, it’s not for my business but I can see these themes being very cool for clients!


  15. Gracie

    Nice – I especially like Adventure Journal. Thanks, as always.


  16. Reggie

    I like the scrapbook look of Adventure Journal, and the way you’ve made the photos stand out almost in 3D – it’s really creative and unusual. So pleased that you’re making more themes available!

    I am still hoping for more *free* magazine-style themes, with options for featured posts, featured images, featured headers, custom menus, layout choices, different fonts, and a homepage where I can highlight some featured posts.

    The premium magazine-style themes are *gorgeous* – so far, none of the free themes come even close to looking so beautiful and polished. I’m hoping they will soon!


  17. J Besonia

    They’re both beautiful. They look so elegant!
    This is one of the many things I am grateful for.

    Happy thanksgiving to everyone! (Even if we don’t celebrate it here in PH)


  18. fruitaliniyogi

    I’m seriously considering Shaan. Thanks for the new options!


  19. severin

    Oh that’s rather pleasing on the eye. A nice theme.


  20. Jessica

    Ooo, Shaan is so pretty, I can’t wait to try it in the New Year!


  21. Matt George

    Great idea on the Shaan theme with the images showing as larger in posts and smaller in search and archives! More themes need this. 🙂


  22. Tally accounts software online tutor

    Both themes are really amazing


  23. Tiwie Indt

    Ah, I guess I don’t need to think about anymore. I’ll choose Adventure Journal as my blog’s theme. Thank youuuu 😀


  24. Blogger

    Adventure Journal is a good theme! I like it!


  25. Spice Ice116

    Shaan is sexy.


  26. Kale


    I so like Adventure Journal.


  27. Afsal Ismail

    If I go traveling, I’ll definitely use Adventure Journal.


  28. wordcoaster

    Though I won’t be using either of these for my blog (I’m still sticking with whimsical Koi), I look forward to reading blogs with these two themes. 🙂


  29. My Camera, My Friend

    The wood background is a nice touch.


  30. jk

    Everyone of themes are awesome. Every theme is just meant to be for art bloggers. There is rare themes for technology and news bloggers. So, we the technology bloggers are requesting to create effective theme for technology sites. thank you for the above creation!!!


  31. smokymind

    I do like Adventure Journal.


  32. Susan Lower

    The shaan design is really nice. Calm and sophisticated. 🙂


  33. ohmart

    Two great themes! Adventure makes me want to go on holiday 🙂


  34. severin

    Oh a nice look.


  35. sophie4503

    I love this 🙂


  36. AishaDExpress

    The second theme looks nice ! I am going to have preview it !


  37. imagineer100

    My blog uses Adventure Journal!


  38. EdselT

    It looks great but I want to see an automotive theme.


    • Sheri

      We’ll keep that in mind when we review future themes. For now, try adding an automotive image to a theme that has a custom header option and I bet you can get a great looking effect to start.


  39. Helio

    Shaan my favourite. Really nice colours and great layout.
    WordPress rules the world. 🙂 Cheers.


  40. MartinaInJozi

    I love Adventure Journal, but not the brown background. I changed it to white, but feel that the dark vignetting at the sides is too wide. It would be nicer if it was still there to frame the page, only thinner.


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