New Themes: Photography, Brand New Day, and Bouquet

I’m happy to announce that we’ve added another group of three new themes to our collection today. Each one has its own distinct personality but they do share one thing in common: they’re all awesome themes that I know you’ll love. Let’s check them out.

The first up is Photography, a premium theme designed by The Theme Foundry specifically for Photographers looking for a great way to share their photos.

It takes advantage of Post Formats to present your galleries in a beautiful custom way — in posts and two custom page templates. Make sure you check it out on the Theme Showcase and browse around the Photography theme demo site.

Next up is the super-fun, Brand New Day theme designed by Caroline Moore. It’s a lovely, illustrated theme that comes in four different “flavors”–day, night, autumn, and winter. Each flavor is expertly tied into the design. Plus it has different sidebar arrangements and a narrow/wide column option.

Finally, we have the beautiful Bouquet theme designed by our very own Michelle Langston and made available for your blog … on her birthday — Happy birthday, Michelle! Bouquet is the successor to some of our older flowery themes. But what’s a Bouquet without multiple flowers? The Bouquet theme lets you pick a Pink Dogwood (shown here) color scheme or Forget-Me-Not blue (you can see a sample on the theme showcase).

Let us know how you wind up using these three themes and watch out for more new ones soon. There are always more on the way. 🙂

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  1. fluffymocchi

    I love Bouquet! Using it right now!


  2. agroekonomija

    All three themes are great. Thank you!


  3. Natasha McNeely

    These look great! I might use them some time in the future. Keep up the great work!


  4. delimoon

    Photography is the photoblog theme I need. But please, please,please the same for FREE !


  5. Christian Debbie Cheerilee Alvarez

    I like the Photography theme. Really nice. “Brand New Day” looks cool.


  6. River

    Wow, Brand New Day and Bouquet are both beautiful–I really like Bouquet’s Forget-Me-Not version. And Photography would be perfect, if I had a photoblog. Thanks for the new themes!


  7. alejna

    Wow, I love that Brand New Day comes with different “flavors.” The spiral design is quite fetching, too.


  8. Christa

    Love ALL of these themes! Considering using the first one for my photoblog and trying to figure out how to utilize the other two as well in my personal and business blogs. Thanks for these great selections!


  9. Waqas Ali

    This is probably the best Theme Shipment yet. Happy birthday Michelle! You guys have made it difficult to chose, and this is the beauty of the themes. Thank you very much for taking care.


  10. Mihir Nayak

    I only wish you would create more free themes for businesses…


  11. Fish & Bicycles

    Nice looking, but I’m not liking this trend towards having only the month and day display for each post many of the new themes.

    When you’ve been blogging as long as I have, with archives going back 2+ years, not having the year in the post date is a bummer. (Yes, I know, the year is in the permalink URL.)


  12. timethief

    Happy birthday, Michelle! And many happy returns too. Bouquet is delighful. 🙂


  13. edmontonstop

    Bouquet is awesome.


  14. Kojiki

    Happy birthday Michelle. Nice theme designs, bright and colorfull. Maybe I will use one of yours. Many thanks!


  15. artroger


    I really like the Photography presentation and have shot off a note to my computer Guru for his opinion. I find it very attractive and clean.

    What will his verdict be?

    Stick with what you are doing or Go for it…?




  16. Eric

    The Photography theme is great! Very clean, looks like a gallery.


  17. Raise Expectations

    Again, great themes. Happy birthday Michelle!


  18. [Gm]

    Oh, how I hope that “Photography” is free theme… But, anyhow, keep up the great work :-)… looking forward to more of similar theme for photoblog.


  19. Nil

    Photography is lovely! That really is a photographers dream. 🙂


  20. akashchakrawarti

    Nice post. Happy birthday, Michelle! 🙂


  21. sami bowhay (@salidalisam)

    These are just wonderful.. can’t wait for the new themes, the more the better… thanks so much.


  22. Sandra Pawula

    Happy Birthday, Michelle! I love the look and feel of Bouquet. I would miss bottom widgets though.


  23. deepbellylaugh

    What a hat-trick – all three are gorgeous! Thanks for your hard work. I love the idea of different seasons for the one theme. And happy birthday Michelle! Bouquet is such a lovely design!


  24. mhieschelle

    Bouquet is beautiful. I want it. 😀


  25. tenbrokenbullets

    Thank you!


  26. Caroline

    Bouquet is simply gorgeous and I changed to using it straight away! Instead of my orange poppies, I can now display my pink ones! Thank you.


  27. Sri Mulanjari

    I love ‘brand new day’. I use it for my blog now and I want to keep it that way for a long time. Thank you for your hard work and share it with us for free.


  28. thetravelingreader

    Would love to try Brand New Day! 😉


  29. নিশাচর



  30. standbest

    I really like the Photography theme. It looks great!


  31. Chorwin

    Found that recently team likes to announce a few new themes in one go! A lot of surprise to us…


  32. Alexander Kormilitsyn

    You are going the right way, WP team. Thanks a lot for new themes and impeccable service! WP platform is the best. 😉


  33. jomislam

    All the three themes are cool & serve different groups perfectly. Keep up the good work. =)


  34. Bosstiger

    This is a really good hat trick from, I really like the Brand New Day theme, the Photography theme it is really good, and the last one the Bouquet theme, it is just good. But I prefer from these three, the Brand New Day theme, I am really happy and glad for using, keep up the good work. 😀


  35. Performance Gallery

    Themes, baby! Give us themes! :}


  36. Missey Twisted

    These themes are really awesome. I like the Brand New Day. But I am still happy with my Strange Little Town 🙂 I am very appreciative of the super creative minds that work to keep our blogs looking and running great! Thanks!


  37. C. M. Schutter

    I love the photography theme! It looks great. Too bad my blog isn’t full of pictures 😦


  38. Onedesertrose

    Finally, a feminine-looking blog that suits my style in “Bouquet.” Thanks so very much!


  39. Blogger

    My favourite is Photography! 😀


  40. vlakshmi12

    I love bouquet 🙂 Had Koi for more than a year. Will change to bouquet now.


  41. Funny, Fit, Creative

    I love the Photography theme, this is perfect for a business we are getting ready to begin. Great job, and thanks!!!


  42. doreensblog

    Pretty amazing this photography theme!


  43. thedarkestskin

    Wow! I love Bouquet! Its fantastic.


  44. Inge

    They all look great!


  45. jean mazel

    Love the photography theme, nice job !!!! We want it for free. 😉


  46. Tiwie Indt

    Brand new day is so fresh….


  47. Egnaldo Oliveira

    Photography is great!


  48. crimevictims

    Why don’t you have any campaign themes. There are so many people running for office that could use this blog for their campaign page. Especially, since campaigns are so expensive to get off the ground for the average person. It may actually encourage someone who isn’t rich to run for office and compete with the big boys who pay tens of thousands of dollars to design a website.


  49. Sukate

    The theme “Bouquet” is very Beatiful ❤ I love it 🙂


  50. Tech-2

    I like it. though am not changing mine yet….


  51. appans

    Looks good and sophisticated. I would be happy to use them. Thank you.


  52. artroger

    Has anybody started using the “Photography” theme?

    I would like to see it in action live.


  53. bestsellerteen

    Oh, wow — that second one is amazing! Does anyone know if it is premium?
    If it is not that is soooo the theme of my next blog!


  54. Tobi-Dawne

    LOVE Bouquet… No reason to use it unfortunately. LOL But I do love it.


  55. Manoj

    Appreciate the hard work you guys put in getting us these great templates. Moved over from Blogger to WP due to the templates!!!! Thanks and keep up the good work and also work harder 🙂


  56. My Camera, My Friend

    I’m thinking about checking out the photography theme.


  57. Mei Sui

    I so love photography theme! 🙂


  58. aromaticpassion

    I like The Photography Theme.


  59. Nerdygirl98

    Love the brand new day…. been wanting a theme like that for a while now. Thanks!


  60. tipsjust

    Photography is lovely! Nice post.


  61. erhu ianyce

    I think photography is great! and the others too.


  62. vidjinvideos

    Photography is a beautiful theme.


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