New Themes: Magazine and Parament

Isn’t it nice to have a brand new theme, or two, on a Thursday? Maybe you’ll remember, this day in September—because today it’s double the fun with Magazine and Parament now available in your dashboard.

Magazine is a sleek and stylish theme from StudioPress that’s perfect for showcasing your carefully crafted content. Choose from ten color schemes and six layout options and customize it to your taste. Make it yours for a lifetime subscription of $75, and discover all its features on the Theme Showcase.

Parament is a beautiful, all-purpose theme featuring a dark color scheme with bright orange highlights and a textured background. Its clean, colorful, and curved lines will help your content stand out from the crowd. Learn all about it on the Theme Showcase.


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  1. Tom Schulte

    Brilliant! I have been looking for a magazine format and this one just might be the trick. Thanks!


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  3. kenounirenashin

    I wish you’d do some more “fun” themes. They’ve all been so serious and aimed towards the photographers.


  4. River

    Wow–Magazine is beautiful and Parament is striking. I’m always impressed that you all keep producing such amazing themes. Thanks for all of your hard work!


  5. Mikalee Byerman

    HUGE fan of “Magazine” — perhaps because of my background in magazine editing? Or just because it’s super cool… 😉

    Clean, simple, bold — and I LOVE the tabs!


  6. Bhushan Shirgaonkar

    I like the look of the new theme, Parament.


  7. mrasherkade

    I wish Magazine was free. It would be so perfect for my blog!


  8. AnnJoo

    I like the Parament theme. It would be awesome if it was available in brighter colors too.


  9. kensbackhome

    Two attractive and versatile themes. Keep ’em coming…


  10. Borut Peterlin

    That’s what I need for my next blog! Rock and roll guys!


  11. The Awkward List

    Really liking the Magazine theme!


  12. El Santo

    WHOA. The Magazine style is fantastic! I won’t be taking it, though, because it would make my blog look TOO professional, and I don’t know if I’d be able to live up to those standards. 🙂


  13. Eric

    Wow, these are really beautiful themes. 2 rows of tabs is a nice touch.


  14. Mike Elliott

    I like the Parament theme, maybe coz I’m an Aussie.


  15. Raise Expectations

    Magazine would be so perfect for my blog. It has the right style for my blog. Only if it was free…..

    Paramount is cool, especially with the orange highlights and textured background.


  16. thisblindman

    This is great. Thanks WordPress!


  17. Tracy Zhang

    Nice! Love the Magazine layout.


  18. Marcos Roberto

    Congratulations… your themes are always beautiful!


  19. warrenlevine

    I REALLY liked Parament at first sight. My only wish is that I could align my header text; if I could stick it in the lower left-hand corner, I’d say it was almost custom-made for me. Simple, sophisticated, easy-to-read, works on an iPad.


  20. gien

    Sigh… I like the Magazine but I wish it was free… love the pink in it.


  21. glamdolleaston


    reblogged this from glamdollteaston and commented:

    Wow! it 75.00 a month or a year. My first time on here so i’m trying to get use to wordpress. Kinda different from blogspot.


  22. tenbrokenbullets

    Every magazine theme looks like an actual “website”. That’s got to be the reason almost each of them cost money.
    I like the free theme as well. I’ll keep my theme the way it is though, I’ve finally found one that works! =)


  23. review2save

    Wow! Great Themes


  24. deepbellylaugh

    Wow, a double whammy! And both lovely! Thank you.


  25. gamerschase

    Really lovely magazine themes! 🙂


  26. Ans

    The best thing in WordPress team is they continuously give updates…


  27. George Aurelian

    Wow, Parament is the best xD


  28. kevinlippy

    Love the Parament theme. I wish it could be used in and not just in


  29. helloanders

    Really love the Magazine theme. Thanks!


  30. cornutus

    It (Parament) fits my pictures very well. But then I’m very enthusiastic about WordPress…


  31. jessiethought

    I think Magazine’s type style (for the title) is cool, but I like Parament better.

    Why did you name Parament as you did?


  32. Margie

    If I was looking for a theme for photographs, I would certainly use Parament. The photos look good, the font is very easy to read and Blockquotes are nicely emphasized.


  33. awellwateredgarden

    I’m not interested in new themes. I’d rather you work on making the formatting of blog posts with inserted pictures more user friendly so that I could arrange the layout of pictures and text the way I want it to look.


  34. tahirahrose

    Ah, that magazine theme is just what I have been looking for. Good job!


  35. automotivelogos

    Wow! Both of the themes are awesome! I like Magazine, its look and design are really so good.


  36. NiHAWmA

    It’s always nice to see newer themes. It depends on the taste of some visitors. Thank you so much. 🙂


  37. 米雪兒 ♥

    Parament is lovely, great work guys! ^^


  38. Karen Datangel

    Wow, very much in love with the Magazine theme! Will definitely consider purchasing for my site. Thank you, WordPress!!


  39. raincoaster

    Oh man, why is every theme I love premium?


  40. rapid emboar

    I swear, 75 dollars is a little too steep for a theme. 😦


  41. MePsS

    Cool. Hope you will make another theme like this.


  42. whereustand1

    Looks great!


  43. Kemi

    I really like this theme but I bought a premium theme 6 months ago. I feel a little stuck with it now though – maybe I look at changing in a few months time, we’ll see. Great job!


  44. itservicesny

    They don’t look bad.


  45. kenneth@buddha jeans

    Really nice layout, clean and good proportions between top part and bottom, wonder if it should to have small tumbledown into the top headings to make it even more interesting to enter into the pages. All in all a top new style and probably needed since magazines are top stuff. Thanks.


  46. Kuroi

    Whoa, I love the Magazine theme, really cool.


  47. rtm

    That Magazine theme is very cool!


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