Coming to a WordCamp Near You

Every now and then I like to remind people about upcoming WordCamps. WordCamps are locally-organized, casual conferences held all over the world that focus on WordPress. Bloggers, developers, and every other kind of WordPress fan get together to show off cool things they’ve done with WordPress, teach and learn from each other, meet new co-conspirators, and generally have a crazy fun day or weekend with other people who share their love of WordPress. Often, members of the team from Automattic are in attendance, and would love to meet more of you!

There are WordCamps this weekend in Albuquerque and Portland, so if you’re anywhere near these cities, you should try to attend (we’ll be there!). In Portland, the WordPress Foundation also will be sponsoring some special activities around Software Freedom Day (I’ll be at this one, testing and giving a sneak peek to attendees of some new features in the works).

Is there a WordCamp coming up near you? Let’s find out!

Sep 15: WordCamp Cape Town Cape Town, South Africa

Sep 16-18: WordCamp Albuquerque Albuquerque, NM

Sep 17-18: WordCamp Portland Portland, OR

Sep 24: WordCamp Lisboa Lisboa, Portugal

Sep 24: WordCamp Germany Koln, Germany

Sep 25: WordCamp Sofia Sofia, Bulgaria

Oct 1: WordCamp Louisville Louisville, Kentucky

Oct 8-9: WordCamp Sevilla Seville, Spain

Oct 15-16: WordCamp Jabalpur Jabalpur, India

Nov 5-6: WordCamp Toronto Toronto, ON

Nov 5-6: WordCamp Gold Coast Gold Coast, Australia

Nov 5-6: WordCamp Philly Philadelphia, PA

Nov 12: WordCamp Caguas Caguas, Puerto Rico

Nov 12-13: WordCamp Kenya Nairobi, Kenya

Nov 12-13: WordCamp Detroit Detroit, MI

Nov 12: WordCamp Richmond Richmond, VA

Nov 12-13: WordCamp Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark

Dec 17: WordCamp Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV

Feb 3-4 WordCamp Atlanta Atlanta, GA

There are also a number of WordCamps still in the early organizing stage that do not yet have dates set. These include: Ft. Wayne, IN; London, UK; Edmonton, Canada; Baku, Azerbaijan; Oslo, Norway; Sacramento, CA;  Birmingham, Alabama; Pittsburgh, PA; Omaha, NE; Orlando, FL; Tokyo, Japan; Paris, France; Zagreb, Croatia; Nashville, TN, Washington DC, Baltimore, MD; Bangkok, Thailand; Istanbul, Turkey.

Hope to see you soon at a WordCamp near you!

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  1. supeksa

    Wow. Nice. When will there be a WordCamp in Indonesia ? I didn’t read Indonesia in the list hehe ?


  2. do not mention the war

    Looking forward to the one in Paris! Just waiting for the date and venue!


  3. kiwicafe

    Wellington New Zealand needs a WordCamp please, can you get it out there, thanks, Richard.


  4. shnookiemama

    Is there Wordcamp coming to Durban, South Africa?


  5. WikiBond007

    Great!!! The best way to really enjoy and get in use to 100% of the opportunities WordPress could give you.
    I’m looking forward to the Bangkok Camp.


  6. Jim Nighswonger (@dogbullet)

    When are you coming to Manila, Philippines????????????


  7. Blogger

    😦 Hungary is not on the list!


  8. ghost301

    No wordcamp for Malaysia? :/


  9. Michelle

    What about Malaysia?


  10. Izaloha

    WorldCamp Honolulu please!


  11. Eric

    Come to Vancouver, Canada!


  12. agusrindu

    Any WordCamps in Indonesia, Bali?


  13. anujacharya

    Please visit the Bay Area (SF or San Jose) we developer here have so many ideas which can make WordPress even better…


  14. poetrasoekardi

    and there’s no semarang Indonesia…sad..hikz


  15. Lugon

    When we gonna have one in Brazil? 🙂


  16. ipunk05

    ipunk05 reblogged this from ipunk05 and commented:

    with what the lady ?

    Read More


  17. thetechchef

    Just found out about this. Very cool idea. But I missed my local one (Portland) by a week 😦


  18. nod 'n' smile

    I am using and am, thus, not self-hosted. Do you think a lot of the topics discussed would still be applicable to me?


    • Sheri

      Absolutely! Talks vary in topic though, so just check the schedule for the WordCamp to see if you can find things that interest you. You could also contact the organizers for an event near you when they are still in planning stages and ask them about the topics you’re interested in. I would also recommend attending just to be a part of the community. WordPress users and developers are completely awesome!


  19. manyhats13

    I notice that there is only one camp available in Canada. It is on the EAST coast. Canada also has a WEST coast with a thriving artistic and writing community.


  20. Faisal Rafiq

    What About Pakistan 😦


  21. icouldspit

    I didn’t see Hawaii- Honolulu
    I am looking forward to eventually attending one


  22. nelson RN



  23. Sri Mulanjari

    I wish you held this event in Jakarta this year.


  24. Suzanne Johns (@sjohns1)

    Any chance there will be a WordPress camp in Southern CA???


  25. eyedealizer

    Why isn’t there one in California? So many good venues here to host it.


  26. doms

    I’d like to be a volunteer if there would be a WordCamp in Manila, Philippines. 🙂


  27. sheilajsn

    I am so excited to see there will be a WordCamp in Puerto Rico next month! I will definitely be there!!


  28. wacky3zaybxc

    Why no New York?


  29. Decci

    I live in Indonesia. I wonder if there will be any WordCamp here someday in the future? I’d love to join. Thanks!! 🙂


  30. Dougal Quixote

    Someone mentioned Edinburgh, why not go the whole hog and come to Inverness, capitol of the Scottish Highlands. New University planned here over the next two years and we cover the whole of the Highlands and Islands, a vast area that relies on internet. Fantastic venues, fantastic food and fantastic people.


  31. nowbyb

    I don’t know about before, but maybe next time there will be one in China. haha


  32. conservationed

    I agree with Dougal Quixote: when you come th the UK, don’t do the capitals, go inland!! So after Inverness, come to Oxford, UK!! loads of venues, accommodation, bloggers, events, good cafes & food…. really close to London on the train but also accessible to the rest of the Midlands/south-West/south-East!! looking forward to seeing you 🙂


  33. Kale

    Nothing near me. Bad.


  34. 4valentines4words4poetry4you

    how long before wordpress gets to london uk any ideas when


  35. Adauto José Rizzi

    And in South America in Brazil for example?


  36. ocicep

    I am there, İstanbul 🙂


  37. NJDespres

    New England would be nice. I am in Rhode Island, the smallest state, and thereby usually overlooked. :o( Boston isn’t too far, though. I also would love an excuse to drive up to New Hampshire for the night! Ho-hum. I feel so neglected.


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