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Earlier this summer we launched a few tools to make it easier for developers to create new apps for Starting today, you can integrate your blog with Feedfabrik and Empire Avenue.

Turn Your Blog Into a Book

Have you ever wanted to publish your own book, or a collection of your favorite blog posts?

Feedfabrik makes it easy to convert your blog into a book format, and even allows you to customize the cover design and book contents. You can order a hard copy of your book, or a digital PDF edition.

To try it out, head over to Feedfabrik, choose Bookfabrik, then select “I’m on” Receive a 10% discount on all September orders with the code “WORDPRESS-INTRO”.

Grow Your Social Capital Online

Empire Avenue is a Social Stock Market, where your social networking activity and engagement earn you virtual currency and determine your virtual share price. It also helps you discover new people and brands, and allows you to invest virtual currency in their profiles by buying shares on the Social Stock Market.

Along the way you’ll have a bit of fun, make new connections, and learn about social networking and the value of your network! Empire Avenue is completely free and deals in virtual currency. Sign up today to get started.

These integrations are made possible because supports a protocol called OAuth2. OAuth2 allows developers to build applications that securely communicate with We have also launched a developer portal to help developers to get more information about our platform. 

 If your service wants to build with us, don’t hesitate to contact us through the developer portal.

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  1. Mattie J.

    Pretty cool. I usually use if I want to put my poetry into a book, but I’ll definitely check it out for prices. If they’re better, maybe I’ll make the transition. Thanks for the post ^_^


  2. Carolyn Thomas

    I’m curious about why you chose a German company, books priced in Euros, and not inexpensive (approx $15 per book, very rough estimate, PLUS shipping costs from Europe). I’m off to compare pricing for well-known (North American) suppliers instead.


  3. Mikalee Byerman

    OK, seriously: I keep telling people that my blog is “my book, one crazy chapter at a time.” And now you’ve made it WAY easy to make that statement a reality?!?!

    Best. Tool. EVER!!!



  4. Brad Matthies

    How do we add a badge to our blog? Or can we?




  5. Sekhemty

    Nice features. I hope that in the future we could also get some more integration with Google services, like Analytics, Adsense, and so on.


  6. Mike Dalgarno

    I’m confused…how do you link Empire Avenue with WordPress?

    I can’t see it on either sites


  7. thisblindman

    Pretty cool.


  8. timethief

    There are several free ways that one can publish their blog as a book, or a digital PDF edition, so I’m not attracted to the paid Bookfabrik option at all.


  9. yousef59



  10. Angeline M

    Thank You! I have been looking for an answer on turning an earlier WP blog into a book or e-book. I know one of the other blog sites has it. I can’t wait to check out the site.


  11. mrasherkade

    This is freakin’ awesome! I write my blog for my three kids who I lost many years ago. Weird I know. If they ever surface, they could read my blog book….


  12. Eric

    Great add!!


  13. Mikhail

    Is there a free version of this app?


  14. Aditya Mehta

    Just when I was wondering how to go about publishing my collection of short stories, you guys throw this at me! I love it!


  15. Nostra

    Fun idea to be able to turn your blog into a book…will check it out…


  16. Mahfooz

    WordPress is getting more and more exciting, keep up the great work 😀



    good good good


  18. crozzzlinx
  19. eof737

    What a great idea on the book making offer. Love it. TY! 🙂


  20. Jim Kemeny

    I like the idea of a book. I’ve never managed to get the early idea of organising posts in reverse order with each one a chapter to work for me. Look forward to seeing this new idea developed.


  21. Chorwin

    Empire Avenue is kind of cool way to built network and make new friend..


  22. pratyushnalam

    Thank you for suggesting Empire Avenue!! Wonderful site!!!!


  23. sarahwayland

    Great information. I’m going to look forward to getting automatic updates on new apps in the future!


  24. Ethan Chellan

    Every time WordPress surprises me. That’s AWESOME!


  25. bussiness70an
  26. filmdrift

    I joined up and linked up over at Empire Avenue . . . still figuring it out . . . but so far so good; people there are buying shares of me. hehe


  27. warung2011

    it is really amazing plugin


  28. John Hayden

    This might be a “killer ap,” or “da bomb” for indie authors. The quality of the books looks top notch, but of course the production price is high. I can see great potential for other designers to find ways to connect with Amazon, or Apple Books, or Lulu, which could produce a true revolutionin in book publishing. “This could be the start of something BIG.” Also a good idea for a song.


  29. wildanrahmatullah
  30. Matthew Paladino

    These are some great features – definitely will try them out!


  31. lghtbrr

    Cool, I like the book idea. I’m an avid writer of songs, poetry and some prose. Keep at it.


  32. tkmoitra

    Thanks for information


  33. ladyserenity92




    Exactlly this feature very useful for me
    Thank you 🙂


  35. scrib64

    Coolio. p.s. Keep on running! 😉


  36. gmrana

    definitely helpful for all.


  37. gadgetrush

    What? now we can turn our blog into a book? This is going to be an interesting app.. hope to try it asap.


  38. socialtrail

    Very neat. Sure gonna check this out


  39. graymatterinfluence

    Awesome- I was just considered turning some of my blogs into a book. How amazing!


  40. febrineldiko
  41. Aku Ingin Hijau

    i tried the pdf proof. it is awesome!


  42. jessiepeace

    This is all pretty awsome, all making wordpress super connected.


  43. tenbrokenbullets

    SO, I love this.
    Just proves why I love WordPress so much!


  44. Lavender Queen Liz

    I signed up yesterday and it’s fun so far. We’ll see along the way…


  45. skinit

    This is a really cool feature! What a great idea, and app.


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