New Theme: Chapters

If you’ve wanted to promote a book, this unique design is a perfect match. It’s called Chapters and it’s the latest in a series of terrific themes from WooThemes.

The Chapters Theme

Chapters, designed by über-designer, Tim Van Damme, was originally used to to promote the book “Rockstar Business.” The unique design of this great theme makes reading a blog post feel like you are reading a chapter in a book. The top chapter number gives an overview of the chapters and also a visual bookmark of the post you are currently viewing.

You are also able to customize your Chapters with a lot of features like the other premium themes available on

Chapters is available for the lifetime subscription for $45. Read more about the Chapters features or preview it live on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

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  1. Ai

    Finally!!! Thank you!! ♪



    Nice… Great.


  3. Matthew Paladino

    Great design for writing a book – got me interested!


  4. The Awkward List

    Too awesome! And I’m glad the price isn’t that bad! 🙂


  5. Margie

    This would be an excellent theme for a book! The chapter tabs across the top are great for navigation, and the center column that looks like a few sheets of paper is a nice touch!


  6. wayanggoro

    Yeah, right… Looks clear and easy to manage it… Congrats Chapters!!!


  7. zeebadeeb

    I think it’s a great idea to break up your blog into chapters. I have read other blogger’s comments about using their prose to form a book for publication. It’s a useful way to organize your thoughts and information.


  8. Belsim

    Absolutely wonderful! I’m in! 🙂


  9. Simon Geezz

    Wow!!! Great new theme !!!! Looks amazing!!!


  10. El Santo


    I guess now it’s time to start writing that book I’ve been holding off on!


  11. The Movie Brothers

    Keep up the great work!


  12. kensbackhome

    I like that content can be posted in chronological, rather than reverse-chronological order. The tabs to jump to specific chapters is a nice touch, also.

    This opens up some new possibilities. Great job.


  13. shil

    Looks pretty!


  14. Raise Expectations

    Looks great. Definitely meant for book type blogs.


  15. obsidianfactory

    Well done WP. I am so happy you are making amazing themes!


  16. Captain Wordpress

    Beautiful! Can’t say much else to be fair.


  17. severin

    I like the idea of this theme and functionally it would appear to be well thought out.
    However …….
    The paper effects at the top and bottom are inconsistent. If the sheets enjoy the same identical orientation (as the parallel bottom edges would suggest) then the pages behind the top sheet cannot be offset to the left at one end but to the right at the other end.
    I know, pedantic, but these things matter (well to me anyway).
    Pretty though.


  18. estefaniaabut

    Thank you very much, i`m going to see that!


  19. guyuesasha

    Really wonderful!!!
    I like it.


  20. yusrinrazikun

    Simple.. but still cool.


  21. marthasentlep

    Thanks a lot. This theme is very nice and supports with my feel….. like an androids system visual.


  22. Neeraj Bhushan

    Exactly what I was looking for, for the last two years…. and was in a fix how to go ahead with my World’s First Online Diary. Thanks a ton. You rock.


  23. Shafali

    Interesting and creative. I like the sheaf-of-papers effect a lot. I also find the ribbon marker very interesting – it builds a mental connection with the iPad (I don’t know if it is there in other readers too.)


  24. songdongjin

    Nice theme… It looks like faenza…. thx 🙂


  25. Editor

    This is just too awesome..Like it!!


  26. Bosstiger

    its a very nice theme, the perfect solution for writing a book, a novell, or a short story, keep up the good work 😀


  27. jcwusthoff

    Ooo, I see great potential! Not for a blog, but for a website… ^^


  28. sabahsongs

    So hard. All these beautiful Themes – I keep wanting to change ….


  29. bloodsong

    Oh, FINALLY! a book-style theme rather than a slick magazine! I have been wanting something that is like a cross between Quentin and Garland, mainly because garland has left and right sidebars and quentin has a right sidebar sorta stuck to the middle…. So this looks very good, and with two sidebars!

    But…. the side-spaces are the same white background as the central page. I would like those darker, so they fade back, and I would want an ivory/parchment colour for the main post background. Would it require a CSS upgrade too, to get those things?

    Great job, and more book-style themes, please! 🙂


    • Takashi Irie

      Thanks. I’m glad you like the theme.

      Yes. Changing the background color of the sidebars requires CSS upgrade.


  30. tenbrokenbullets

    I must admit, this I wouldn’t mind paying for.
    Keep the themes coming! =)


  31. Kidwithgreatambition

    I love this theme. It is very nice. I should try this for my blog create more of this 🙂


  32. Rachael

    This theme looks fabulous!! It’s really great that the blog can be splitted up in chapters. Sounds good!


  33. Teje

    Hello! This looks so great! Makes me want to start finally …
    Well done and thank you!


  34. SaniAgung

    The world give two thumb for this theme!


  35. superninja3

    Your themes are good! Keep up the good work!


  36. Blogger

    This is a nice theme!


  37. Eric

    Took one look at how awesome it is and I knew it was a paid theme.


  38. LaPichardo

    Awesome! Maybe I should write a book to use it!


  39. Nathan Hemlock

    Very nice. Hopefully, I can use this in a fitting blog.


  40. jessiethought

    I really like this, but I don’t have a blog to use it on!


  41. astarme

    Wow great post, I’m writing a book and this may come in handy 😀 Thanks


  42. T.

    Very nice, different design.


  43. Lizzums

    Quite nice. Not surprised it costs money.


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  45. Kale

    Really nice. And it’s a first of its kind, right?

    It costs some, though.


  46. CityShy

    Really like this a lot, very useful


  47. joseph

    Best one…..


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