New Theme: Twenty Eleven

Last year on we introduced the world to the first new WordPress default theme in 5 years — the first annual default theme — Twenty Ten. Now it’s our pleasure to introduce you all to its successor, Twenty Eleven.

The Twenty Eleven Theme

It might look familiar. 🙂 Yep, Twenty Eleven started life as the Duster theme before it made the theme big leagues. But it’s not just a renamed Duster. There are tons of really cool improvements and features packed into it — more Post Formats, beautiful new header images, alternate color schemes and layouts, even custom link colors. All those features add up to the best part of Twenty Eleven: just how customizable it is. It looks great as a blog, a showcase of all your posts, and even a tumblelog or photoblog.

If you want to know more about the cool new features in Twenty Eleven we’ve made a page that outlines them all on the Theme Showcase. You can read up on Twenty Eleven there and check out a live demo or just simply activate it on your blog and start experimenting! And if you have a self-hosted installation of WordPress you haven’t been left out of the fun. You can wait to give Twenty Eleven a shot when WordPress 3.2 is released in about a month or try it out right now with the beta version and upcoming release candidates. We’re looking forward to seeing how you use Twenty Eleven on your blog.

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  1. Prakriti

    It looks great!!


  2. Sasha

    I just switched, and am currently tinkering around [the sidebar font size, especially, plus something got wonky with the post writing]. Still, blah-blahs aside, I am loving it so far, thanks. Perfect for kick-starting my blog after its too-long hibernation.


  3. Zoya

    Like the theme especially for the option to set different headers for different pages. And the theme is neater and not too bold or splashy either.


  4. Elga Ayudi

    LOVE IT! I used Twenty Ten before it turned into Duster and now it becomes Twenty Eleven! Love how I can change the link color! It’s just perfect as i wanted to! 😀


  5. Ammon

    I just implemented Twenty Eleven on my blog and I’m quite impressed! I think I’m happy with it for now and there’s still plenty of extra settings to tweak.

    Thanks for another great theme 🙂


  6. spradebass

    I am using it for my brand new blog 🙂 It is good but lacks some options for header height and sidebar to the right if you use showcase.


  7. plrang

    Finally something really AMAZING! Thanks a lot.


  8. camary1996

    Well done…looking forward to 2012.


  9. Fikri

    It’s my favorite theme. Great!


  10. Julian Kassum

    Excellent! Good job!


  11. Stefano De Rosa

    I am currently using it: GREAT!


  12. MJ Advincula

    As always, WP delivers.


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