3 New Ways to Attract More Twitter Followers from WordPress.com

We love to create new features on WordPress.com, but we also like to make it easier for you to connect your site with other popular services. We’ve teamed up with the folks at Twitter several times over the years, and we’re thrilled to help them unveil the new Follow Button to the world for the very first time today.

The new Follow Button makes it easy for your readers to follow you on Twitter without ever leaving your WordPress.com site. Here are three ways to incorporate it on your site:

1. Add the new Follow Button to posts, pages, or text widgets. You can even show a count of your followers, customize the colors, and display a link to your Twitter page. Check out the Twitter Follow Button support document for all the details.

Here’s a working example of what the new Follow Button looks like:

2. Embed fully functioning Tweets on your posts and pages with Twitter Blackbird Pie. The new Follow Button will appear in the upper right hand corner of the Tweet.

3. Activate the Twitter Widget on your site’s sidebar to display the Follow Button below a list of recent Tweets.

We hope the new Follow Button will help you to boost your site’s reach and exposure. Don’t forget that there are additional ways that you can integrate Twitter with WordPress.com:

  • Add a Twitter sharing button to the bottom of your posts or pages with the Sharing feature
  • Tweet new posts automatically to your Twitter account with Publicize

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  1. eva626

    Very cool!!!

    Any ways to attract people from Yahoo messenger?


  2. corzgalore

    That’s what I like to see, I’m addicted to Twitter.


  3. navedz

    Tweets Tweets… way to go Team!! Splendid job. Appreciated!


  4. Kopf.Adeyemi

    This doesn’t work if you have a private Twitter acount does it? 😦

    I don’t mind people seeing my tweets through my blog, just don’t necessarily want them going through my whole time line…

    Is there any work around?



    • Nick Momrik

      There are a lot of things that don’t work if you have a private Twitter account. The work around is to make your account public. 😉


  5. Rylyne Elangwe

    Thanks Nick for these tips. Will definiely add this to my blog.


  6. katiebrode

    Wonderful, now all I have to do is open a Twitter account.


  7. carla ashley

    Yes!! I’m going to do this ASAP!! Someone please give me reco’s on Facebook integration, also! 🙂


  8. SkaterMom.com

    Why can’t you guys make the facebook like box available as a widget?


  9. karlamaye

    This is great! I’ve been using it for a while. Thanks WP!


  10. Jara

    I’m always quoting Twitter. This helps so much. It would be nice if we could embed multiple tweets by dragging and dropping instead of copying and pasting each URL.


  11. Crystal Rayne

    Continuing WordPress brilliance, Thanks a bunch! @}-}–


  12. sarisaritots

    I will be using this soon! Thanks!


  13. Yaiba

    Waiting for the possibilty to align the button!


  14. crucialpictures

    I’ve laid the code out exactly as you’ve instructed but it doesn’t actually bring up a ” button “…more like a checkmark with our twitter name….and yes, i did verify to make sure i was embedding the code for the button only. Any thoughts?


    • Nick Momrik

      That means you are already following the account. You will only see the button if you aren’t following yet. I looked at your site and see the button there.


  15. wellnesswisdombyalicemccall

    Works like a charm — been using it for a while — and (for those that care about this type of thing) the twitter feed pulls nicely into search results leading a little extra traffic to my blog!


  16. 7des7iny

    Follow features are really handy! Glad this is available now.


  17. My Camera, My Friend

    Sounds wonderful, I’ve been waiting for something like this. I’ll be adding the follow button to my page soon. 🙂


  18. LMSavoie

    One more step to bringing all social media sites together can it work the other way around as well?


  19. trippleedge

    This is a cool feature and good direction in terms of continuing integration with different platforms which will especially be more beneficial for people making their money online. Keep the innovation going!


  20. pbm2011

    Definitely will come in handy for a new blogger, like myself. I get a lot of traffic from Twitter so I cannot wait to implement this feature!


  21. marcellus7

    Awesome! I’m definitely going to use this new method.


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