3 New Ways to Attract More Twitter Followers from WordPress.com

We love to create new features on WordPress.com, but we also like to make it easier for you to connect your site with other popular services. We’ve teamed up with the folks at Twitter several times over the years, and we’re thrilled to help them unveil the new Follow Button to the world for the very first time today.

The new Follow Button makes it easy for your readers to follow you on Twitter without ever leaving your WordPress.com site. Here are three ways to incorporate it on your site:

1. Add the new Follow Button to posts, pages, or text widgets. You can even show a count of your followers, customize the colors, and display a link to your Twitter page. Check out the Twitter Follow Button support document for all the details.

Here’s a working example of what the new Follow Button looks like:

2. Embed fully functioning Tweets on your posts and pages with Twitter Blackbird Pie. The new Follow Button will appear in the upper right hand corner of the Tweet.

3. Activate the Twitter Widget on your site’s sidebar to display the Follow Button below a list of recent Tweets.

We hope the new Follow Button will help you to boost your site’s reach and exposure. Don’t forget that there are additional ways that you can integrate Twitter with WordPress.com:

  • Add a Twitter sharing button to the bottom of your posts or pages with the Sharing feature
  • Tweet new posts automatically to your Twitter account with Publicize

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  1. Trudy

    Ooo. I like the tweet embedding. I use tweets in my posts about social media a lot. Cool frickin’ beans!


  2. InsideJourneys

    Pretty cool, WP!


  3. Charlousie

    Wow! This is great.
    I’m gonna try it out and hope it’ll work!
    Thanks for this nice feature! 🙂
    Twitter tweets “twank” you 😉


  4. American Elephant

    Awesome! Is there any way for us to use our own custom image for the twitter button?


  5. pltprincess

    Wow. I love this newest addition. Simple to implement, easy for vistors to use. You guys rock!!


  6. Gardens Of Paradise

    Thanks for the tips! I love learning these new gadgets…


  7. Eric

    I LOVE social media integration. I really like this new addition. Perhaps Facebook and LinkedIn integration next?


  8. cosmonavigator

    Too bad i don’t tweet. 🙂


  9. Zed

    w00t! That is REALLY useful!
    Now I can finally, uh, well, post the clever things I tweet on my blog. YEAH.


  10. ironsidesx

    You people on WordPress.com are absolutely fantastic! I moved my blog from Microsoft Spaces, and have never fully understood what some features are about.

    But today, I’ve been on here awhile checking FAQ and other documentation. I’m still trying to understand a full explanation to Read-o-matic.


  11. The Gateway Blog

    Now I’m gonna start tweeting!


  12. Sopheak.P

    Cool cool cool. I’ll try this. It would be useful i think. B-) i like twitting!


  13. yoriyuliandra

    Wow…. I love this feature. The button appears automatically. I just realized it.
    Thanks, keep up the good works 🙂


  14. Maziko M. Mbvundula

    Brilliant! Now I can get rid of my workaround. Thank you!


  15. Andrew

    Bring on the hits!


  16. Jeff

    Is there something similar for Facebook?


  17. Leo Lenox

    Good going guys. Like it alot. There is just one “but”: the “display follow button” tick doesn’t actually do anything. Follow button is always displayed.


  18. filmdrift

    Very nice new feature and easy to use. Thanks.


  19. Ugly Bug

    This is really nice. Too bad my tweets are so dead boring; so dull in fact, I discourage my readers from following me. Have you got a button for that?!!


  20. emmajaneforever

    What about facebook intergration?


  21. iamfg

    Very cool. I shall put this to use next time I give the blog a good going over.


  22. hometipster.com

    Cool and very useful. Yet another move in the right direction. Thanks guys


  23. victorworang

    Wohoo! I like it. Well, I often connect my blog to Twitter. Now, I can replac the words i used before ‘you can follow me on Twitter’ with a simple button ‘follow’. 🙂


  24. Jenn

    Thanks WordPress! I’m glad you’re making more integrations with Twitter than Facebook. I love the former than the latter. 🙂


  25. David (1MereMortal)

    Very cool…will have to explore this further.


  26. gardening

    Like it! I’m going to add this one.


  27. tom

    Nice new widget! But it would have been nice to have everything in one widget, twitter follow button with and without tweets. Thanks.


  28. KathrineROID

    Neato! I don’t have twitter – yet – but when I do get twitter I’ll sync it first thing. They say writers are supposed to have a good handle on social media, after all.


  29. Ricardo Jorge

    More good news from the WP. Congratulations!


  30. Timothy D. Naegele

    You might think about adding the same feature to comments beneath our posts. For example, I write articles (or posts) periodically, and then update them with continuing comments, as well as the comments of others. I would like the comments to be “tweeted” too, but this is not possible now.

    Thanks so much. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Pearlie

    Thanks!! Will be sure to explore this further..


  32. onefunmom