New Theme: The Morning After

Say hello to The Morning After, a classic and popular magazine-style theme that has withstood the test of time. Based on its great success for self-hosted sites we’re excited to bring it to you for the first time on

Example of The Morning After's front page.

Introduced in 2007 by Arun Kale, The Morning After was a game-changer as the first magazine style theme for WordPress; it is still considered by many to be the top of its class. In June 2010 WooThemes announced it was taking over the theme:

Considering the significance of this theme, we jumped at the opportunity. We felt that [The Morning After] started so many things in the WordPress community… and we wanted to put our weight behind one of the “pillars” of that community.

The Morning After sports a special home page template with featured posts, three available widget areas, and special styles for posts in the “Aside” format. Also included is an optional full-width page template that removes the sidebar and full support for a custom menu, header and background. A robust theme options menu allows for further customization: header links, page headings, full or partial content an archive pages, and more.

Read more about The Morning After on the Theme Showcase.

The Morning After is now available in your dashboard and, for self-hosted sites as a download from WooThemes.

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  1. Martin Tjandra

    it looks like fine. But I think it lacks a unique feeling. But it was based on magazine style anyway. I hope there will be another magazine styled theme that gives fresh concept. Keep up the good work!


  2. Justin

    Awesome theme. I just switched from Enterprise. This is much more compact and readable.


  3. Lilylnx

    Thank you. Your theme is very nice.


  4. clintb01

    Really liked it, nice theme.


  5. frizztext

    I like this theme very much and have installed “The Morning After”


  6. Ardee Napolitano

    Cute. But I don’t like the two columns in the right. Maybe it’s just me. haha 😀


  7. dnkidztv

    Love the theme. Half retro, half laid back.


  8. alainndedi

    I enjoy it. It is very interesting and innovative. Keep on going!


  9. Jack

    Supercool theme! 🙂

    i was praying for one like this


  10. sirbuffalosushi

    I like it, it’s just not my style. Keep up the great work, though


  11. abieomar

    Have to try it…


  12. RoadRunnerPatrick

    I like it, started using it yesterday. I dunno if it’s more SEO or what, but my traffic doubled overnight, and it was all search engine related.


  13. schloertenaehtwas

    I like it. Nice work.


  14. ltpy

    Realy good. I am laughed around I think I have to go back to this one and to arrange my blog!


  15. Dave

    Switched over to this a few days ago and really like it but there are few things I wish it would offer (can’t think of them now, of course). Either way, great job 🙂


  16. forexgambling

    Very nice theme. 🙂


  17. aeeshart206

    Very nice theme, really like it.


  18. bibekkunwar1

    Thank you for this theme, it is very nice.


  19. HeapyLatic

    Great theme and has changed the look of my website for the better full of features.


  20. Jade Elizabeth

    Eh, not a fan.


  21. kenkoisanchez

    Haha. This is nice 🙂


  22. Kuka

    Hey! I’ve adopted this theme and I’m liking it!


  23. prettyricorico

    This is a nice theme. I should consider it.


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