Wow Your iPad Readers

Onswipe Cover ScreenshotWith the launch of Apple’s iPad we have seen the future of computing and it is touch. Nothing matches the visceral feel of navigating your digital world with your hands. The past four months we’ve been working closely with Onswipe to bring your iPad visitors our vision of what a blog can look like re-imagined for a touch experience.

Our iPad-optimized view is app-like in its functionality, but pure HTML5 goodness on the backend: it supports touch interactions, swiping, rotation, and many other features of the iPad. Like when we launched our smartphone-optimized WP-Touch integration in 2009 (now responsible for over 150 million page views a month) this is immediately available and active on the over 18 million blogs on

There are some fun options to play with too. If you browse to Appearance -> iPad in your Dashboard you can:

  • Have the theme use an image from your recent posts as a cover.
  • Upload a logo to showcase your brand or personality on the cover.
  • Upload an image to be used as a loading graphic when visitors add your site to their home screen.
  • Switch fonts.
  • Choose from 9 different skin colors, to best match the feel of your site.
  • Enable or disable the whole thing.

When you tap to view a post, you get to see the full content with a slick commenting interface and social sharing tools for Twitter, Facebook, and literally at your finger tips. It’s a lot of fun browsing sites with Onswipe.

Check out the Onswipe support document to learn more.

Onswipe has also made the plugin available for self-hosted sites.

On we’re seeing about 750,000 page views a day from iPad visitors and it continues to rise. New tablet devices seem to be coming out every time you turn around. In the coming months we’ll be expanding to work with other popular tablet devices, but we chose to focus on the iPad first because… well it’s cool.

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  1. distgen

    Very nice for simple blogs…. But had to disable it instantly because it ignores custom menus and therefore looses the navigation structure of our main site.

    If there was more control over menus I’d definitely re-enable it.


  2. Cheska

    oh that is awesome!!!


  3. techarmor

    Another great way to give people more options and reach them via the most popular devices. WordPress, you’re always in tune with what’s new and innovative. Awesome!


  4. rana34

    I really think that Apple’s iPad is so cool, the only thing is that it’s so expensive, but that’s just me…


  5. DailyKarim

    I think that if you use skyfire you’ll be able to see youtube videos.


  6. rymixxx

    I like this. Definitely shows what’s possible.

    One thing that’s needed as soon as possible is better landscape orientation support. I nearly exclusively use my iPad in landscape mode, but Onswipe doesn’t look or work so well like that. A very unscientific poll with my friends and colleagues suggests that just under half prefer landscape mode.

    Still, nice work and I look forward to seeing what comes next.


  7. Dan Lavis

    Dislike. Agree with others that it takes away my creativity and applies someone elses. As a marketer, this isnt ideal in my humble opinion. Has done all sorts of strange things to my site, including losing most of my pages, which are vital.

    I’ll be switching it off immediately I’m afraid.



  8. azatty

    Nice approach, and I’ve seen some blogs that look good on this. But mine simply gets the “loading” scrollbar for an interminable amount of time. I can’t figure out what’s up. It loads faster when I select a menu item that relates to fewer posts, but forget selecting “All Posts” or a more-often updated menu item. So does this new iPad interface work best for newer blogs with fewer posts?


  9. Andrea Little

    Is there anything in the works for a view for mobile users?


  10. Katie

    Does it work with ipod touch’s?


  11. LoveStats

    can we preview it without an ipad?


  12. makotosun

    I love my iPad.

    I HATE this “feature”. It is not ready for releaseand should not be inflicted on consumers. It ruined the pleasure of one of my favorite blogs.


  13. farlane

    I think that a simple on/off like in the WP Touch theme would be useful.

    I checked it out on a friends iPad and it looked cool, but the lack of Flickr support killed it for me! I know you guys probably rushed to beat the worldwide iPad 2 launch, but it would be nice to spend the time required to make features like remote images (Flickr, etc) work before rolling out.

    And for all of you would would like to see how iPad and other IOS devices view your blog, you can use the “Develop” menu in Safari to choose your user agent.


  14. work2ride

    Thanks and very cool for the blog reading portion of my site, but I must say I disabled it as it was missing a key feature and was buggy. Key feature in allowing user to switch to full web view like wordpress mobile does. The buggy part is on the ipad when I went to pages I couldn’t see all the pages on my site. Thanks and I will revisit it in the future when the kinks are worked out.


  15. Recipe Chefs

    Thanks for sharing this post. I’ve used the iPad to look at wordpress blogs and it’s a new generation for blogging


  16. kanniduba

    I see that most of my issues with the new platform have already been addressed in the comments. Giving the reader the option would solve the problems for me. Thank you for working on that! 🙂


  17. madaboutgreys

    I just tried it. I love it!!! My blog looks fab on the iPad without even trying to tweak it much. Yaaaaay!


  18. bonanza36

    Ugly and distorts the efforts I put into customizing my site. Make it go away.


  19. zkv

    As a proud new iPad owner I shall definitely be trying this out.


  20. kongsp69

    I must have an iPad 2 asap!


  21. jamarr66

    This iPad reader is not wowed at all. Features on favorite blogs like “Recent Comments” are not available; for example.

    It wasn’t broken, so why the fix?

    Please allow us readers the choice to disable this feature as quickly as possible.


  22. Neil Reddin

    I had noticed how it was rendering differently on the iPad – looks very nice.


  23. thefriendshipdoctors

    I don’t like the fact that as the author of my blog, I had no choice nor granted permission for my blog to go to the onswipe platform. I don’t like it. It took away from the original look of my blog, and I had no control over the fact that it was made the default setting.


    • Justin Shreve

      We are sorry that you do not like the Onswipe theme. We enabled the feature for people who already had the iPhone/Mobile theme running. If you want, you are able to disable the new feature under Appearances > iPad


  24. ayearofletters

    Also doesn’t allow reader to see favorite blog lists, reader counts, overview of the writer. In general most of the “side-bar” information is lost. Many bloggers utilize the side bar to add touches of creativity and originality. I’d love to have this woven in or given the opportunity to keep orginal layout for ipad. Thanks!


    • Nick Momrik

      The mobile themes don’t have sidebars either. You can disable both the mobile themes and Onswipe if they aren’t right for your site.


  25. martharodi

    That’s very cool!!! I want an iPad but unfortunately I don’t have enough money to buy it…but I love it very much. In Greece iPad has already come.
    Will exist iPad 3???


  26. GWOP

    Looks good on iPad 2. Nice feature


  27. philippathomas

    I was totally thrown by having “my” blog re-versioned on my iPad without any advance warning or any request for permission. I couldn’t see where to log in, I couldn’t see how to write a fresh post, and I lost time working out how to disable it. It felt horribly “Big Brother” for you at WordPress to switch the design of my blog on my iPad without my permission.


  28. wizdomheard1

    I’m waiting on the price of the Ipad to go down first before i go out and purchase one. I can just imagine the features of the new iPad. Will upgrade my technology soon 😀


  29. jonesoliver

    The whole digital magazine feel is very cool.


  30. dshpak

    I happened to visit one of my blogs on my iPad last night and saw this – it looks amazing! In fact, it looks better than my “normal” blog. Great work!


  31. animalrightshub

    I don’t have an iPad – is there any way of seeing how a blog will look with the onswipe settings selected – a preview screen or something?


  32. Reinier & Rianne Blijleven

    @ or @ “See your wordpress blog’s iPad version on Mac. Enable Develop menu on Safari, choose iPad as user agent.”

    Can you tell me how exactly to do this?


    • Justin Shreve

      You need to under Preferences and Advanced. There should be a checkbox that says “Show Develop menu in menu bar”. You can change the user agent under the new Develop Menu.


  33. aRuL

    nice theme for the ipad…. simple but elegant 🙂


  34. Latifa

    This is amazing, I actually wish this would be how WordPress would look all the time!!! I always check my blog from the ipad it’s so cool. WordPress rocks!


  35. sewknitsew

    Good idea – but not quite right for me. I use my flickr photos a lot and they are lost on some pages. And the widgets are gone. Turned it off! Wish my favorite blogger would turn it off too.


  36. simonehindin

    I first found out about this by browsing to my libraries’ blog and though that something had gone wrong. Once I knew what was going on I quite like it BUT it doesn’t seem to support sticky-posts.


  37. Kimberley

    I love it! Love it! Love it! Absolutely beautiful<3


  38. A x e l - F

    This sounds great and I will most defiantly be setting this up for my blogs.

    My question is though, I don’t often user pictures in my posts. If I don’t have any pictures as a cover or don’t use a cover, then what will appear? (I don’t have an iPad so I’m rather new to this).

    Also read another comment that the size for the loading image for the iPad is suppose to be 768×1024px. It still shows on my menu 1004px.


    • Justin Shreve

      The text should now read 1024px.

      If you do not have pictures on a post then the title will still be displayed and readers can still click through to your posts.


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  40. sam111111

    I don’t like the look. Sigh. :/. Great idea, though.


  41. Bill Jones

    I bought an iPad 2 when it came out and I am still “playing” with it. I was very surprised the other day when my blog had the swipe feature. And to think I assumed it was an Apple function.

    I like it. I think I’ll keep it this way!


  42. 이家 LEE

    Wow! So cool!


  43. bloggboyy

    Lot of the comments that I read here people wondering how to buy an iPad as its so expensive. There’s however a good solution to that problem if they have some spare bucks saved up in that iPad fund. Since the ipad 2 is out now people are selling off their iPads(the first version) off on ebay and other online auction sites for very less prices. You all can check it out.

    As for the upgrade goes, even though I’m just one post old on I’ve been an avid reader of blogs for quite sometime. So gave it a try at my local apple store as I like many here do not own an iPad..
    Well it feels like the new Ubersocial app ( tap to view the contents of a post) and thats cool. Even though i’m not an iPad user but the overall experience was good. I liked the page like flipping function and also the splash screen image function of some blogs i visited.

    People without ipads can use a firefox addon called user agent switcher and switch to ipad safari browser mode to view this.

    Overall the Onswipe experience was cool. Specially helpful for bloggers as now there’s no need to develop apps for their blogs on iPad. And on top of it all its free.


  44. pltprincess

    I really am going to have to add photos to each blog post, so I can take full advantage of this new feature! Love it!


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  46. Saif Aslam

    Absolutely Love it! 🙂


  47. Pearl

    A million thanks, WP, for so quickly adding the option for iPad users to view in standard mode…{sigh}…home, sweet home.


  48. mrbear235

    I had to learn this the hard way.I thought the website was messed up!


  49. ilineride

    Agree that the iPad is a great device to start with.


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  51. Timmy Conway

    how do I install onswipe on my iPad


    • Justin Shreve

      Onswipe will already be active on your blog. You do not need to install anything on your iPad. You may need to active Onswipe through your WordPress dashboard. Look under Appearance and than ‘iPad’.


  52. Training Up My Boys

    Wow this sound really cool. My husband just got an iPad so I’ll have to check it out. Love the ingenuity and progress of WordPress. Right on!


  53. lottoziehungen

    Since I am still very happy!!

    I think the time of the mobile internet has come with the ipad final.


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