Are you well-versed in comment etiquette?

Which comment would you rather receive?

“Great post! Check out my blog at”


“Well said! I know exactly what you mean about X, and I’m glad that I’m not the only one who thinks so. I would even say that A, B, C! Your candor is greatly appreciated.”

The second one, of course. Why? For one thing, it follows the etiquette guidelines below. But even more importantly, it was written with the intent to forge a relationship, not to self promote.

Relationship building is a much more effective and rewarding strategy for attracting new visitors to your site than spamming, so if you’re interested in boosting your readership, keep the following tips in mind when you leave comments on others’ posts:

1. Be specific. Personalized comments show authors that you’re genuinely interested in what they have to say, and that you actually took the time to read what they wrote. This doesn’t mean you need to write a long comment, just be sure to articulate why you felt compelled to say something in the first place. Did you learn something new? Did you have a similar experience? Do you want to voice a different perspective? Quote the author directly if you need to clarify what specific sentences you’re responding to.

Even if you simply want to compliment someone’s work, explain what you liked about it. Avoid vague comments like “Awesome! Thanks for sharing.” If you’re not sure what to say, consider using the Like button to show your support.

2. Don’t leave a link to your blog. When you leave a comment on a blog post, your name will automatically link to your blog, so there’s no need to include it twice. (This setting can be found under Users → Personal Settings in your dashboard, in the Account Details section.) Blatant self-promotion is generally frowned upon and is likely to be ignored, so be careful not to tarnish your reputation by creating the perception that you’re a spammer.

On a related note, when you mention another author’s post on your own blog, do include a link, instead of just mentioning the post title or blog name. This will generate a pingback and inform the author that you mentioned their post.

3. Stay on topic. Take care not to diverge too far from the subject of the original post. If you end up in an off-topic exchange with other commenters, message them directly to avoid distracting from the comments left for the post author.

It’s perfectly acceptable to share relevant links, just be sure to explain how they relate to the original post.

Bonus trick: Turn text into links with HTML by using the following code:

<a href="link">text</a>

For example,

<a href="">My favorite blogging platform</a>

creates My favorite blogging platform when published as a comment.

4. Be nice. Even if you disagree with someone, it’s never appropriate to use insults or other offensive language. Rude comments don’t add any value to a discussion, and only divert attention away from the author’s work. It’s perfectly fine to offer constructive criticism, just be polite. If you see others writing disrespectful or incendiary comments, or you receive such comments on your own blog, ignore/delete them. Acknowledging them will only encourage the aggressor, so don’t waste your time.

5. Keep it brief. The more concise your comment, the easier it will be for others to read and respond to. In most cases, a few sentences is plenty.

But what if you feel strongly about a topic and have a lot to say — is it appropriate to leave a long-winded comment? Or should you write a response on your own blog, then leave a comment that summarizes your post?

It depends. Some bloggers feel that long comments are overwhelming and disruptive. Others prefer to keep the conversation all in one place. What do you think?

Speaking of building relationships with other bloggers, it’s not too late to join the Post a Day/Post a Week challenge if you’re interested in interacting more with other members of the community. Check out The Daily Post for details.

Have questions about comment settings and management? Find the answers you need in our extensive support documentation on comments.

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  1. Mahfooz

    Thanks for making that clear for some people, really don’t like it when people leave a link to their blog on the comments.


  2. Esther Sparhawk

    Ms. Johnson, thank you so much for this informative post. I’m an English/Reading teacher. My blog is an educational one, and most of my readers are also my students. As my students and I blog together, I’m always looking for new information to share with my students about blogging. I’ve given them lessons on Internet safety, Internet anonymity, and yes, even this topic, blog etiquette.

    But I have to say, your post is a fantastic learning tool, and I would like to use it to revisit this topic in my classroom. This Monday, I’m going to print off your words (with your permission) and hand them out to my students as part of a comprehensive lesson about blogging. If you have any objections, please contact me via my name/link. Thanks again. 🙂


    • Erica Johnson

      Thanks for your feedback, Esther! It’s great to hear that you’re teaching your students such valuable lessons in web literacy.

      You might also find to be useful.

      Feel free to share away!


  3. Chloe

    there’s nothing i find more rude than someone who leaves a comment that doesn’t even remotely relate to your post and who leaves the ‘..check out me..’ line with a link to there blog – you can guarantee, if you leave that type of comment on my post that i wont approve it

    blogging is about meeting other bloggers – it’s not about seeing how many people you can get to comment on your post or being painfully annoying (& desperate) and leave those ‘..check me out @..’ comments

    …glad this was finally bought up as a topic.


  4. Josh Duke

    Great post! Check out my blog at… Just kidding! This is basically how I comment, but it is nice to see that it is “the” way it should be done.


  5. jacksgardentips

    Great stuff Erica, Keep it coming. This is exactly what I need.


  6. ElenaSC

    Great post! Check out my blog at – lol, Just kidding! 😛


  7. themissadventurejournals

    Thank you for this helpful post. I have been writing a lot of comments on other blogs without getting much love in return. I will use this post as a guideline and hopefully start building up some real relationships. The HTML in point 3 is really handy too.


  8. Val Erde

    For me, the length of comment depends on all sorts of things. In general I love long comments, but they have to be on topic and not ramble too much. I ‘ve had commenters who sort of free-flow/free-associate and that’s fine on their own blogs, but not on mine. I suggested to someone a while back that before posting a comment that they think might be long, that they paste it into Word or similar and do a word count. I didn’t suggest a specific number of words, but really if it’s very long it’s not a comment, it’s a post and should be in their own blog.

    I’m afraid if I read “Your candor is greatly appreciated” I’d think the comment was a spammer. You know why? Because ‘is greatly appreciated’ is not personal. “I appreciate your candor” is better. Oh but hey, you don’t want negative comments here do you!


  9. a solemn punch

    Mabuhay! Your post is very timely. Etiquette is badly needed nowadays.


  10. jessicapalotas

    Yes, yes and yes. I agree with all of the points, a. b. and c. 🙂 I really dig the poll there at the end too! Great idea.

    Thanks for posting.

    Jessica Palotas


  11. NiHAWmA

    Thanks very much.
    Etiquette has something to do with behavior. Every reader will be comfortable if the one posting the comment has good manners. Sometimes it depends with the taste of the author. That is why there is moderation. Not every reader will agree with the article or comments. The most important thing is respect which is the best etiquette.


  12. Coco

    I think the comment ettiquette varies with the relationship. If you know the blogger/commenter, then a simple comment (“I’m so happy for you!”) may be appropriate because you know there is more behind it. As for linking to my own blog in comments, I might add a link if I have written about a similar topic on a post written a while ago (so linking to just my blog wouldn’t help), but I don’t do it often. I guess if I remembered the html code I could do it that way, but it’s the same result.


  13. shamballa9944

    I’m not so much concerned about the length as in the writing of the comments and posts. I get very irritated by very poor writing skills and very basic spelling.

    If the content is on topic and is relevant, great. If it is simply rehashing what the original post said, or making it all about the commentator, not so great. If a comment is too long winded and not adding value, just keep scrolling down 😉


  14. WonderGoon

    I love getting comments from all sorts of people. (Not you, spammers.) The feedback I get helps me put out better posts and have interesting conversations, which is really the point of my blog, anyway. I try to provide a (hopefully) relevant topic, (like Bletiquette is for this topic) and get a discussion going.

    In all honesty, I need all the feedback I can get, since I’m not that good of a writer. (And, no, I’m not fishing for compliments, here. I’m just being honest.)

    I do like this post, by the way. Lots of good advice in it. Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes I get lost in the grander picture and forget to stay on topic.

    Kindest Regards,


  15. Gabriel

    …I had someone leave a 6000 word comment on one of my blogs, I let it stand, despite the insults, but I’m still not sure if I should have. Since then I have a limit, depending on the person’s karma, of 500-800 words.

    I have always treated the people who comment on my blogs with as much consideration and respect that they show me. Unfortunately I have a hard time leaving comments on other blogs because of various social anxieties, and when I do leave a comment — specifically on a blog that’s new to me — I’ll spend so much time making sure it’s perfect, that I’ll end up screwing it up. So one thing I’d love to see would be a thirty-second post-comment editing ability, where the person making the comment might have a second chance after hitting “post comment”.


  16. greatshalom

    Very helpful. I finally located the Personal Settings, Account Details and got that right. Whew! That is important to me. Thanks.


  17. Stepski Galeb

    Great post! Check out my blog! 😆 😉


  18. jassydroll

    Thank you for sharing these tips. I find commenting on somebody else’s blog a challenge – I never know what to say or how to say it or if I’m doing it the right way. I can’t wait to try them out. Oh wait, I already did 🙂


  19. Matt

    Many thanks for the wonderful advice! It’s always great to know more tips 🙂


  20. ram0ram

    dear and divine…. a post worth time should be acknowledged with comments worth time… all…


  21. Matt

    Not surprisingly, the comments on this post are pretty good.


  22. Maximilian Forte

    Even more useful would be WordPress allowing us to link to, or post our comments policy right above the box where users post their comments. Otherwise, it leaves it up to commentators to guess if the site has a comments policy somewhere, and few bother to take the time to find out.


  23. Astami T

    Thank you SO MUCH for writing this post! At first I thought I was being a bit sensitive when I was irked about people leaving comments like “Nice Post. Check out my blog” but I’m glad that I was spot on. It’s rude and intrusive. There’s a classy way to create relationships amongst bloggers and blatant advertising is certainly not it.


  24. etio

    Being relatively new I already blundered on 2 points and discovered that these don’t work by first hand experience !
    (Seeing inactivity, I provided self-promotion links to my first post at many places, i also argued with someone on his blog and ended on a negative note.)
    Great points in any case, except the fifth… lengthy comments, if relevant and properly formatted, are welcome and responded to at most blogs i read. If one has more to say then it is better that one says it in 2-3 comments rather than making 12-15 comments. Same applies to a choice between 1 comment and 5 comments. Note that, wordpress already provides a feature for the blog owner to modify comments on their blog … that is, in addition to disapprove them.


  25. pochp

    ‘5. Keep it brief.’

    I almost always follow this rule but I don’t mind receiving long comments. Long comments I receive just makes me feel guilty sometimes lol.
    In my ‘about’ page, I stated that I will treat as spam comments that contains only links. Maybe you should mention that too Erica. Thanks.


  26. cynthia winton-henry

    Thank you so much. I am knee deep into blogging and grateful for this clarity. I also really appreciate the trick. Keep em coming!


  27. bmj2k

    The only comments I don’t post are personal attacks. I edit the profanity (if necessary) but I’ll respond to any criticism, and most time I will at least respond with a “Thanks!”


  28. CraftyStaci

    A good reminder for us all…thank you! The sticking point for me is always whether or not to reply. I want my readers to know I’m paying attention, but I hate to reply just to do it when the comment was rhetorical. If they ask a question, I always answer it. When they say something like “Great post!” I’m never sure if a response is expected or necessary. Not that I don’t appreciate comments, no matter what form they’re in!


  29. Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator

    I liked this post on leaving good comments so much I reblogged it! Here’s the link! (Just kidding!)


  30. joyunspeakable2011

    Wow, I like the 5 points raised they are so on point.

    I like “The second one, of course. Why? For one thing, it follows the etiquette guidelines below. But even more importantly, it was written with the intent to forge a relationship, not to self promote.”

    I like this comment ettiquette post
    Keep it up


  31. Serenely Rapt

    There are a lot of people who need to read this.


  32. fanshiwei007

    Thanks…thanks a lot, I learned many things


  33. apollodorosh

    Great post! Check out… Nah just kidding 😛

    It’s really nice to have all the rules in one place 🙂


  34. Jenn

    That’s a nice list. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who don’t know how to follow such etiquettes.
    Anyway, on my blog, I’ve turned off the comment feature. I just want to write. That’s all. If they want to socialize with me they can reach me through email. -J


  35. Jenn

    I agree that spammish comments are annoying. I don’t receive such comments a lot though. What’s annoying for me is getting comments from “know-it-all” people who act dominantly. I want to remind them “hey, I think this is my blog. You have your own blog, right?” haha. Anyway, I just try to ignore them.

    And I’m happy my blog’s now comment-free.


  36. Winged wizard

    The biggest motivator of blogging for me is the comments people have to offer on my posts (basically it’s the sole reason why i decide to write a post every now and then) and the thing i dislike most is when people give a comment but which is meaningless
    One thing i’ve noticed is that sometimes comments sent to my spam folder are actually good comments :o.

    Great post !


  37. metaglossia

    Good coaching there. Advice well taken. Thanks


  38. xiahticjoy

    Thanks for the advice, I need tips on how to improve my blog since I’m a newbie here. Kinda felt guilty on 1. I’m so used to leave comments like that. Thanks for sharing^^


  39. safehugh

    Thanks, as a person that is still feeling my way around it was very informative, Cheers


  40. Jessica

    Hi there
    Thanks for an encouraging, consise post. I need some guidlines and reminders about commenting!



  41. Stuart Farrimond

    What about – “I quite like lengthy comments in my blog posts” as an option for the poll!?


  42. ritchie684

    i tend to enjoy leaving comments that let the blogger know that i agree or relate to what they have said and also to build an understanding or friendship.


  43. teadevotee

    Erica I’m so glad you wrote this though it makes me a bit sad that people don’t have the common courtesy to know that a link saying ‘here is my blog’ isn’t an appropriate comment! It’s also self-defeating as I am far less likely to ever visit anyone’s blog who does that.


  44. J

    Awesome tips! 😉 I like to apply the “Mini Skirt Rule” when writing comments – as short as possible, as long as necessary. My law lecturers taught me that. 🙂


  45. floroy1942

    Excellent post Erica! This is something that needs to be said out loud, as I also get a lot of spam and self-serving comments. I find them a blight on blogging, and will be happy when people use the comment facility in the proper manner, i.e. relevant, sensible and constructive.


  46. Nick

    Thank you, Erica, for sharing these “corks” that hold up the net of communication on the web. You are also reminding me that if I’d like others to catch the passion behind my blog, I need to read others’ writings.


  47. gilsongardensinc

    Very well said! Always good to be reminded of the do’s and don’ts! Especially newbees like me! Thank you!


  48. adonis49

    I love your suggestions: It was about time that wordpress focus on interrelationship among bloggers such etiquette… I prefer to respond by an article and then send a link when my comment is long and concern readers.



    a lot of bloggers need this blogging-etiquette stuff. thanks for giving us this very helpful article.


  50. Cenya95

    Appropriate on. It is additional informative and quick to comprehend. Thanks a entire lot such a nice guideline.


  51. eddietwohawks

    This is a handy post with many tangible tools for even the most avid blogger. Thank you for the helpful insights. Information like this goes far to improve internet quality.


  52. Julia Johansen

    I like to try to leave comments that encourage a conversation, and I write my blog posts in a way that encourage conversation. For me it’s mostly about building relationships and make strong connections–those are the blogs I usually read. Ones like these–random ones that get me thinking or that I connect with–I’ll leave a comment. I hate spammy comments, though! It’s true–just a “great post” isn’t one I enjoy getting. I like when my blogs have inspired someone to think about a point in their life and they’re sharing as well. There’s no way to turn “great post” into a conversation.

    I also personally like when people leave long blog comments, even filled with links or pictures or videos. I love the conversation aspect, rather than the “keep to your side of the blogosphere.” Though it’s equally awesome when someone is inspired after that to blog and then they link back to your original blog. Feel the love.

    Thanks for sharing!


  53. routeen

    Great Post! Not many comments on my site though


  54. Linda Ryan, RN BSN

    Awesome~thanks for sharing!
    This was really valuable to me as a new blogger (just about 2 weeks now) and here’s a link to my blog…… MORE KIDDING!
    Thanks again, I really appreciate your tips~ NOT kidding! :o)


  55. BabyBird

    Agreed!! I hate shameless plugs, disguised as comments!!

    “Cool! Check out my blog blahblahblah”

    I always write proper responses to people, and if I don’t have time to formulate a proper response, then I’d rather make no response at all!


  56. HeshamHamed

    I totally agree with all of those points! its good to read the full post before commenting on it and to leave a good comment even if it’s long one


  57. owlsez

    Woops! Was going to ask a question about linking, but see I’d better go to forums – so much to learn, so little time – thanks for making it quicker and easier.


  58. Tall Dark Roast

    Another point worth mentioning — actually read and respond to them! This helps tremendously. It’s pretty funny to see blogs that allow every comment under the sun to be auto-accepted. Some of the biggest blogs out there are just filled up with Spam Comments.


  59. Mark Armstrong

    Thanks, Erica. Very helpful, especially your reminder to be specific, even with compliments.


  60. Deborah

    Thank you for this post. I am amazed at how many people use comments to promote themselves. I also find it annoying when it’s obvious someone has not read a post and is using a generic comment for every blog they stop at. I have had some comments longer than my posts and would have preferred the commenter email me or if they feel so strongly about the subject post on their own blog.


  61. doctorwhofan98

    This post has some great tips on blogging. I never knew about that HTML code before! My favorite blogging platform Thanks for the great tips, and the great blogging platform! I’ll be blogging on till the day I die… 🙂



    The title and “only” the title of your post and the words “well-versed” and “etiquette” were almost enough to get your message across.
    Very helpful tips for the WordPress bloggers.
    Thank you


  63. cindydnds

    Interesting blog! Links of blogs to comments are individual blogger tracks and i agree it is right to leave links while commenting. Also useful comments gains attention quickly.
    Thanks for sharing!


  64. Turkey Trot

    Total condescension and censorship. This is an awful post – if people who moderate blogs don’t like comments, they can remove them. But the point of a comment is to say what you think – if that’s insulting, or off topic, or rude, you say it anyway, and let the owner decide whether to keep it. If you’re changing what you think to fit within the niceties you so kindly scrawl in the post above, you’re a failure to yourself, and your integrity. God. Social conventions are irritating.


  65. Aditya Mehta

    Thank you! This was very necessary.


  66. Grey Rainbow - स्याह इंद्रधनुष

    Thanks for writing this, many a people need to know these comment etiquette.


  67. pressreleasearchive

    Nice job. Short, Brief and informative. I’m pretty new at posting comments so that helps put me at ease a little. I’ve been doing blogs for years but mostly for my friends and family to visit. I just started using WordPress and I think I like it better than Blogspot.


  68. Aidyl

    People in the world today really need to work on their 1) grammer and most importantly, 2) etiquette! When I read a blog, my own or one I read, a rude comment makes me upset.


  69. Margaret

    This was very well put…. To show that you actually read the post and can make a relevant response is of great importance to the writer — even if you disagree…. I’m glad you made the point about not putting in links to your own blog…. Those “look at me!” comments show a wee bit of insincerity and that the commentator only has their own stats in mind.


  70. blacklisted

    I’m curious about what you have written about not acknowledging or deleting disrespectful comments. I have read elsewhere on WordPress that deleting comments because they are negative/disagree with the author is generally considered poor form. Where would you draw the line between disagreeing and disrespecting?


  71. David Crew

    I just hate people that comment without reading.

    Like they’ll ask a question that’s answered in the post, but you just feel obligated to answer them anyway, like the good little blogger you are 😛


  72. Souza Nurafrianto

    I never moderate any comments unless Akismet consider it as spam. I think censoring will lead to bias-opinion. That’s why no matter how harsh and a troll a comment is, the only way to silence it is by ignoring it or bashing it harder with another argument.


  73. harmamae

    The bonus trick in #3 looks very useful… I will have to remember that.


  74. Patrick

    Thank you Erica. This was great.

    I’m ashamed to say I have left my blog link in a comment becaues I thought it was relevent to the comment. Now I know my name will automatically link to my blog.


  75. CommentatorandPoet

    Generally, I do not spend a great deal of time reading a company blog more than once. This posting was the exception. As a consultant with forty-five years in sales and management training, I found your points regarding this subject well written, and well put.


  76. nessafrance

    This is very helpful advice; thank you.

    It would also be interesting to get some advice on responding to comments. I respond to all of them on my blog, but this takes increasing amounts of time, especially when the commentator keeps coming back. At what point, and how, do you politely close down the conversation? I don’t like to just not answer – that seems rude to me.


  77. littlemissgonnabe

    Love this, it’s so easy to accidentally spam another blogger so having some guidelines helps. I’m having trouble getting people to comment on my site so I practise good comment karma whenever I can!


  78. Flighty

    I always reply to every comment made on my blog, and I’m always polite! Most people who do comment are blog friends and it’s great when someone new does.


  79. Tāṇḍava

    I think that it is also important for blog owners to have “comment etiquette”. Have a fixed page on comment policy, saying that you are not obliged to post every comment. Sometimes you have to edit comments, but it should always be clear what was removed, for example don’t just edit it but say something like “I liked your post, but some people will be [expletive removed] annoyed”. Never edit a comment so that it appears to say something different to what the commenter intended.


  80. wellcraftedtoo

    I go back and forth on the ‘whether to promote your own blog/post’ issue. At first, it seemed too self-promotional to me. Then, later, I read a series of pointers on WordPress on how to increase traffic to one’s own blog, and the suggestion was made to take the time to view other, related blogs and to comment on them…with or without links added wasn’t made clear…

    Now, I’m very tolerant of posters, including me, linking to blogs–one’s own and other’s–on comments. I’ve concluded that it’s really nice to get comments, I enjoy both leaving them and receiving them, and that, as one person said somewhere, the internet isn’t called ‘the Web’ for nothing–at its best, it’s all about communication, sharing, and sending around info.

    And, yes, I do on occasion leave a link to one of my own posts in a comment IF it seems on target, and clearly related to the post I’m commenting on. And I’m fine with people doing the same with their comments on my posts.

    As for long comments, gotta love (almost) all comments. So few people take the time to comment that I can’t imagine getting upset about ‘long’ comments!

    And, as Ron, above, points out, comments are moderated. At the press of a button, they can be deleted, disapproved, whatever. So rather than focusing on being annoyed by this and that type of comment, ‘moderate’ them to reflect your wishes.


  81. Donna Welsh

    Thank you, Erica, for addressing something people should just know, but often don’t. I don’t mind long comments for the most part. I like to know what others have to say, and generating conversation and stimulating discussion is welcome for me. I am still relatively new to all of this, and appreciate the insight. Be nice, share, don’t hit…still covers it.
    Peace and light to you.


  82. poetrymaven

    I really like this post. I have had questions in mind for awhile now about how best to use the comments section. This post really filled in a lot of the gaps in my knowledge. I appreciate the way the writer organized her points into numbered paragraphs. That was helpful. I passed the information along on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you, Erica!


  83. adampembs

    I remember people used to use the term “netiquette” – haven’t heard that for a while. Although this was originally used for UseNet i.e newsgroups, it is still relevant for forums and blogs.
    It included such terms as:
    “shouting” – i.e writing in all capitals;
    “flaming” (telling someone they are a retard because they don’t understand what “shouting means”)
    being a “troll” – i.e writing a provocative post to get lots of attention
    “lurking” – ie not posting in a forum until you have understood the culture of the regulars there.


  84. jessiethought

    About that poll — I’m usually just so grateful for comments that I don’t really care about the length — except for spam comments. They’re sort of annoying.


  85. reinkefj

    I use three coterie for when I comment: 1 is it necessary (I.e., “great post” ain’t); 2 does it add dikw — data, information, knowledge, and or wisdom (I.e., eating wild mushroom has been know to kill mushroom experts OR be sure you can read your registry backup before fixing that win doze registry — assuming you have a backup); 3 is it charitable — you maybe wrong, pigheaded, or missing the joke (I.e., minnesotans thought Al Frankenstein was a serious candidate –the didn’t get the joke). Ok I’m human.


  86. 5ecret4dmirer

    mmm great tips 😉


  87. infinity100ideas

    “Which comment would you rather receive?” My answer is: like all these comments you have on this post!!!:)


  88. artistmuse

    This is interesting because I was reading a forum today and scanned the comments and they were all so happy and positive (which is great) but they didn’t say anything and I was wondering what that was about. Maybe simply to be noticed? Possibly being supportive. I don’t know, I’m pretty new to this.


  89. BornToInspire Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD

    I think this lesson on comment etiquette is so important and should go out to anyone who starts a blog sparing us all the annoyance of “self promotional commercials” disguised as posts. {The same for Amazon book reviews!} Thanks for sending this out!


  90. xboxoz360

    Totally agree Erica,

    And agree with the Poll as well. Shame that there are some extremelly well writen ‘spam’ comments beibg generated by bots that at times look like valid comments . . .

    It’s especially difficult when you get 30-70 a day as my site can do at times. So it can take time to sort through the valid ones that have slipped through the filter, or that have feel into the filter and need to be un-spammed.

    I moderate all comments of course, and the site does have TOU that commentators must abide by naturally. They get one warning, and repeats of inappropriate behaviour are blocked of course.


  91. mat4nira

    Awesome! great tips!


  92. Margaret Ivory

    Thanks for reminding us how to comment correctly to other blogs. I will make it point to adhere to these rules.


  93. doktercahaya

    Thank you for writing.
    I’m so glad to learn how I can tell ‘thank you’ in the right manner here, not only ‘thanks for sharing’ but also my own mind to share. Since our essential purpose in writing is to share one another, isn’t it?


  94. Derek Mead

    Thanks, but I kind of enjoy how many people who think I’m interested in their handbags and vacuums. How can I play “insane or spam” without them?


  95. Ellie K

    It took me a long time to learn not to leave overly lengthy comments. It really ends up appearing that you’re an attention hog.

    For blogs that I like a lot, with very engaged readers commenting after each post, I make sure to keep my comments focused. But I’ll make comments on multiple posts, as long as the topic is similar, if I really want to say a lot. Not something that happens often!

    Sometimes the commentors get into dialogues with each other, back and forth (rarely on my blogs, but on some others). I think that’s great, as long as it isn’t hostile, and stays on topic.

    About non-spam but unnecessarily harsh/ critical comments, I actually have arrived at the same point of view as Souza Nurafrianto. It is unpleasant, but in the long run, better to ignore them than deleting them. Deletion seems to just incite more of the same. Ignore them, and after a few times, they often lose interest.


  96. troy

    A pet peeve of mine is people who comment on the latest post of a blog they’ve never been at before. This is of course exactly what the whole ‘freshly pressed’ affair is about, and if you go back to the blog after it was inundated with 200+ freshly pressed comments you see the numbers dwindle back to their ‘before freshly pressed’ tallies. I always, always, always ….especially when I come across a blog I like, refrain from commenting until I get a grasp of what the blog and/or person is about.

    But that could be me…


  97. nitopalermo

    Hi Erica! Thank you sooo much for this blog. I think most reasonable people will also realize how useful and important these tips are. If only bloggers follow all these tips, then the whole blogsphere will be a pleasant place to visit and to get information or entertainment. More power to you, Erica Johnson.


  98. mybusinessaddiction

    I agree although I think comments that are slightly longer than usual may indicate that the reader actually has an opinion to share and it is not just doing a hit and run (motivation is to leave link only). But then again, short precise comments are more concise and tend to stay relevant. K


  99. xnicc ♥

    Finally someone has addressed the matter of comment etiquette! Brilliant points.


  100. Mary Contrary

    Thanks for the coding trick – as a lifelong BBer, I’m rather html-challenged. I second the opinion that the information on this should be on a static, searchable page (permalinked to the Dashboard, perhaps?) so that everyone is familiar with it. Then we’d have fewer people thinking the comments section is an open forum.


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