Tips for a new year of blogging

The holidays make for a crazy time of year. You’re spending time with family, traveling, maybe enjoying some winter weather. All of this can help you create wonderful blog posts. 🙂

Here are a couple tips on how to let your blog shine as you head into the new year.

Blogging made easy

Press This is a great way to simplify your blogging experience. It lets you grab content from any blog post, article, website, or photo you find on the web. If you can you see it in your browser, you can use Press This to blog about it on!

It will automatically insert an image, quote, video, or link on any website directly into your blog post as well as include a link back to the source. No more having to copy and paste 5 different things. With Press This you can share great content quickly.

Drag the bookmarklet (the link that says “Press This”) from the Tools page of your Dashboard into your browser’s bookmarks bar to get started. This adds a handy link you can use to post content.

The next time you want to share a link, photo, or video on another site just press the bookmarklet. You’ll see a window pop up where you can add photos, video, and quotes straight from the site.

The two icons next to “Add:” let you choose which photos or videos on the page you want to insert into your post.

Combine all of that with the mobile options we featured last month and you can really blog from anywhere on the web or anywhere in the world.

Let your photos shine

After many lovely days spent with family during the holidays you probably have dozens (hundreds? thousands?!) of photos from trips, meals, adventures, and lovely winter weather. makes it easy to showcase these right on your blog.

Using our built-in photo galleries or slideshows you can share the best moments from the holidays. Here’s a few from my trip to Yosemite National Park in the winter a few years ago.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Between Press This and showcasing your photos you have some great toys to play with as you make your blog even better in the new year. Enjoy the holidays!

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  3. webmistress

    I really do love adding photo galleries to the majority of my postings, a photo really can speak to you and the masses, will be trying to post more after the holidays untill then…everybody be safe and have a Happy New Year

    here’s a toast to 2011 – cheers


  4. sibair

    thanks fot tips 😀


  5. Jean Huang Photography

    Sometimes, I wish I can just show my photos. That way, I will have a lot more postings of my photography work. But the story-teller in me won’t allow it. So I’m going the slow-paced way, hopefully with a little more depth to my photos. 🙂


  6. Gabi

    Thank you for the tips !:)


  7. marmaladeangel

    I will certainly read and re-read this to perfect my blog……So HAPPY for this tips…..keep it up…! HAppy New YEAR !


  8. makeupbyjanniele

    Thanks for the good tips!!!! :D<3


  9. ethanchellan

    Thanks for the great tips . Happy holidays ! ;D


  10. Rick Majercik

    Very helpful tips.



  11. komunitasbrosurmurah

    Great job! Perfect moment to start a new blog…..


  12. maykymm

    I especially love the slideshows and galleries. Thank you WordPress! Have a great New Year everyone! =)


  13. dreemwhrld

    Thanks for the tips! I like the slide show option, but I’m still waiting for WordPress to add an easier/less clicks option for inserting single images in bulk. Maybe this year?


  14. Nostra

    Great tips, thanks for the info!


  15. Intelligent Challenge

    Thanks a lot WordPress – you were great in 2010, and my money is on you being even better in 2011!


  16. sherdenise

    Thanks for explaining “press this!”


  17. youtrainonline

    Looks easy, can’t wait to try it!


  18. glowberry

    Great tips – didn’t know about the slide show, thanks!


  19. Will Jackson

    This will definitely be useful! thanks WordPress!


  20. lorenzo

    Cool tips, thank you for the help! Happy new year!


  21. Corinne

    So good to know, I’ve always looked at “press this” and not taken the time to dig into it further. THANKS!


  22. Bay Decon

    Thank you Word Press!! This is great.


  23. plusrunner

    Just used “press this” for the first time. AWESOME. Thank you so much for the easy-to-use tip!! It will definitely make blogging easier this year. Also, thanks for pushing it via an announcement, because I am a) lazy and b) technologically adept but unwilling to go searching for tips like this. Door to door delivery certainly helps. Keep them coming!


  24. NDe. Industry

    This helps immensely. I have decided to take the initiative to create my blog and really continue with its upkeep. These tips are truly insightful, and I can’t wait to read more, as I feel it was a little short, but not too much, so great! Thank you so much and looking forward to receiving updates.


  25. librarykvongole

    Thanks a lot. Wish you happy new year, 2011


  26. gealach

    Sounds really good! I’m going to try it right away! 😀


  27. dadallas

    Great tips. I’ve been looking for ways to improve my blog. I’m an amateur at this sort of thing, but this really helped. Thanks! 🙂


  28. ristinw

    beautiful photos!! Thanks for sharing the tips with us! 😀


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