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Sometimes things just work out. When Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7, a complete remake of the Windows Phone platform, we all got very excited. The simplicity of the platform is unheard of, with the target being to “spend less time on your phone – and get to the things you want to do quicker”. A perfect platform for a WordPress app to enable blogging while on the move.

Today I’m very proud to introduce you to the latest addition in the WordPress app family, WordPress for Windows Phone 7:

Screenshot: Action view

The Actions Dashboard

In this, the first version of WordPress for Windows Phone 7, you will find most of what you’ve come to expect from WordPress apps. It’s easy to write and edit posts and pages on the move, you can upload photos, as well as check stats and moderate comments. It’s all easily accessible from an Actions dashboard. In future versions of the app we’re also hoping to implement video uploading – let us know what else you’d like to see!

To navigate through the app a Panorama view is used, something unique to the Windows Phone 7 platform that works really well for managing a blog or a website. You can get an idea of what it’s like using the app by clicking through the slideshow on the brand new WordPress for Windows Phone 7 website.

We couldn’t be more excited about this, and we’re hoping to take the app even further in the coming months. It’s a partnership between iSoftStone, Microsoft and us that’s made this possible, thank you for all your help and support!

WordPress for Windows Phone 7 is an Open Source app. To learn more and get involved, visit windowsphone.wordpress.org/development.

To get the latest news while they’re hot, be sure to subscribe to the WordPress for Windows Phone 7’s Twitter stream: @WPWindowsPhone. We’re also blogging about the app over at windowsphone.wordpress.org/blog. If you need help setting up or using the app, or if you have feedback, be sure to visit the forums.

WordPress for Windows Phone 7 is available now for free in the Windows Mobile Marketplace.

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  1. raditherapy

    Wow! Finally, thank you WordPress.


  2. ticplusinovation

    That’s a great app!


  3. Lazza

    The first paragraph looks more like a Microsoft ad than a story about WordPress. 🙂


  4. ahsanfile

    However I’m more interested in the Android.

    He he…

    But nice info…


  5. soeyoeno

    Development of applications that really support my work… That’s a great app!


  6. hagitalmog

    Good luck and thanks.


  7. Paul Nas

    So I guess all owners of Windows Mobile 6 phones are left without a blogging app?


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  9. ganeshmuthiah

    I’m excited with WordPress for launching the Windows Phone 7 app!!
    Just in time why I’m into blogging.

    Thank You very much WordPress..


  10. skyx

    WM6.5 users unhappy… Include me.
    But actually I can use other way to mobile blogging, such as via email.
    Anyway, welcome WP7 mobile version launch.


  11. 1MereMortal



  12. truthfly46

    Sounds great hope its good competion for the iPhone


  13. Tom Baker

    A great innovation for cell phone users. I like how you guys are always making it easier on bloggers.


  14. 有里

    This one is indeed really cool^^


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  16. guard13007

    That’s great! But I don’t, nor will, have a Windows Mobile phone…


  17. MualMaul

    Great work WP. Poor me, all I have is just a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone. Can’t get higher to upgrade to Windows Mobile 7. Maybe someday.
    May I ask about WordPress on Windows Mobile 6.5? Everyday I’m blogging on my phone only from email.

    Overall, thanks for making this stuff for Windows Mobile 7, hope to catch you there.


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  19. Philip Colmer

    Really pleased to see this made available. Thank you.


  20. deathgleaner

    Good stuff!


  21. tuangouit

    It seems good to use WordPress with Windows Phone 7, but I use Samsung i5700, it is Android.


  22. Mikalee Byerman

    The ability to upload videos would be great… But in the meantime, this app sounds pretty perfect. Can’t wait to watch the slideshow. Thanks!


  23. Charlousie

    Well, it might be a good decision to blog with WordPress 😉


  24. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Thanks for always coming up with cool features!


  25. Eric

    Nice. iPhone, Android, then WP7.


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  27. Ad V

    So I guess WP thinks Palm Pre’s aren’t worth the trouble? 😦


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  29. Mary

    Nice feature!


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  35. alamendah

    Thnak you, WordPress!


  36. adventurewriter

    Terrific! Simply genius. Another job well done WordPress.


  37. mannwhy

    I love the Windows Phone 7 interface so much, now I just need to get a WP for Christmas!! (fingers crossed lol)


  38. Sheepy D:

    Sounds great, but unfortunately the iPhone app is still buggy as heck 😦


  39. Ali Reza

    PC is the best 😀


  40. salqincity

    Good, thanks.


  41. Hisyam Hananto

    When do want to make a WordPress for Java?? :mrgreen:


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  43. anddeveloper

    Nice 🙂


  44. screwwalmart

    Good thing that Windows may finally be actually trying to succeed, again.


  45. metaglossia

    True? That’s great news! A good Chritsmas present. Thanks. Still to try it though.


  46. khaledansarii

    Great app guys, thanks.


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  48. Alister Scott

    I wish you’d fix the buggy iOS wordpress app.


  49. clarabrown1

    Sounds like a must for bloggers.


  50. Susanne

    If only it wasn’t Windows. 😉


  51. xantarmob

    I’m still waiting for the addition of statistics on the iPhone version … On Android and Windows Phone 7 is avaiable.
    I hope to update soon the iPhone version, because it is rather low compared with the completeness of the other two versions.



  52. CWSuskun


    WordPress For All Linux Phone System Integrations Now Pls 🙂


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  56. shamballa9944



  57. sanejan

    windows 7 has not impressed me as much as I though it would, however the subsequent versions must improve a lot, given its user base


  58. devry

    Cool! 🙂


  59. Intelligent Challenge

    Great work. Thanks


  60. peepaltok

    Good work.


  61. glenn1963

    Yes must try this out. I have a Windows Phone-Samsung.


  62. coolfunnytshirt

    Nice one.


  63. ganeshmuthiah

    I’ve tried it, This is excellent.

    Cheers WP.


  64. nelsond9

    Thank you


  65. tiennganat

    The link at the end of the post directs us to zune.net, what is that? no introduction to the application for Windows Phone 7?…


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  67. mlmtopnotchmkt

    Very nice! Thanks


  68. Laura C

    Awesomeeeee! Im going on a trip tomorrow and this app comes just in time! 😀


  69. bungiesgirl

    Awesome, thanks very much guys, this is going to make blogging on the go that much easier!


  70. JM

    I would LOVE to be able to save a draft instead if immediately publish. But I am definitely happy to have this application on my new phone. Thanks!


    • Isaac Keyet

      We’re working on resolving this, let us know in the forums if v1.1 didn’t fix this issue for you. Cheers!


    • JM

      It does not appear that I can save drafts yet with 1.1. It would not be a big deal if I could copy and paste from Word on Windows Phone 7. I like reviewing what I write before putting up the little that I do.


  71. pltprincess

    Just churning out the goodness! Well done and happy holidays.


  72. danielegan

    I love how everyone is using the Panarama control in their applications. I have been waiting for this app… I dont blog on my phone too much… but there is always that one time that i need to 🙂


  73. nagarajanp

    Is it working for windows 6.5?


    • Isaac Keyet

      I’m assuming you mean Windows Phone v6.5, in that case no, it won’t work. This app was built specifically for the new Windows Phone 7 platform.


  74. crul785

    cool! nice app. Happy holidays


  75. fashionmile

    He he he, one month ago, I bought this device =)


  76. the mouth

    Works great – thanks for the effort. One suggestion: add a visual indicator that the phone is doing something when you tap an item.


  77. fahimshekaib

    Straight away I went to download it, is it Zune software?


  78. rachel3409

    I like the info of Windows Phone 7. It’s cool 🙂


  79. loicbar

    Thanks ! 🙂


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  84. Mohammad

    I Love Windows Phone 7!

    We Love Windows Phone 7 !


    I Love WordPress !

    We Love WordPress !


  85. MualMaul

    WP app is working on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Symbian. What about WP on “bada”?


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