New Theme: Oulipo

Are you tired of clutter? Are you looking for a theme that puts the focus on your content and gets out of the way? Meet Oulipo, our newest theme. Oulipo’s clean, grid-based design and elegant typography make it perfect for a one-page announcement site, a photoblog, a journal… or anything else you choose to showcase.

Example showing Oulipo's light color scheme and beautifully simple layout.

You’ll notice the unique placement of the left-side menu: it’s pinned in place. This keeps the site title, description, and main navigation in view at all times. A screenshot isn’t good enough—see it in action on the Oulipo demo site.

Make Oulipo your own with your choice of light or dark color schemes, background color, header image, and custom menu. Tip: If you choose a dark-colored background, switch first to the dark color scheme in AppearanceTheme Options to take advantage of contrasting text and border colors.

Example of Oulipo's gorgeous dark color scheme.

The simple beauty of this theme is a sight for sore eyes. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Designed by Andrea Mignolo, Oulipo is now available for and, for self-hosted sites, from the Themes Directory.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. Main column width is 480, sidebar is 176.
  2. Custom header image dimensions are 712 by 80 (width, height).

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  1. Teri Malo

    This is a really beautiful theme – simple, elegant, and could be perfect for showing off artwork in my studio blog. Can’t wait to try it. I look forward to more themes that are as understated – maybe a three column version?


  2. Quadvision

    Great! looks very clean. 🙂


  3. leocheungblog

    This theme is awesome for people who just want to express their content. For me i have other purpose like show people my links and stuff.


  4. тσм||тωιηg

    I’d appreciate a theme that had a bit more vibe to it, I really want more vibrant themes to play with.


  5. Daniel

    Only drawback is it not using the potential of the computer screen.. scrolling on and on, feeling like having a smartphone.. 😦 But still, nice work!


  6. Ebrael Shaddai

    Very cool, really! I remain with mine, but WP themes are coming up better! Keep on so, WP Staff!


  7. grace1107

    Cool!I like the cherry tree ! I like the blue sky! I like the green grass land! I like the new theme.


  8. kbo

    I think this theme is almost spot on. Love the simplicity of it! But I hope there will be another theme like this, but with bigger space for photos. Photos are such a big part of my blog, that it’d be a pity to make them this small.
    Good work though!


  9. munir ardi WP

    That’s too simple. I like my current theme.


  10. RE

    Nice & clean. Luv it!


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  12. 枪枪

    Thanks so much, it works. I think the theme is prefect now. Have a nice day. 🙂


  13. gs collector

    Sleek, smart, sassy…


  14. honigschnuetchen

    Thanks for hard work, but I don’t like it.



    Thanks for your work!


  16. mesin kasir

    Looks very nice, I must try it.


  17. Basma Mostafa

    Love it!


  18. Omar Jutt

    Another minimalist WordPress theme. Faster, simpler, ‘n’ cleaner. Now I’m going to apply this theme for my personal WordPress blog.


  19. hamido1243

    Very good design. I really like it!


  20. 1992superman

    Good job! I love this one.


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  22. Stewy

    It’s true. Less is MORE!


  23. rashmikamath

    Hmm…. I like it! 🙂


  24. erwanlescop

    Saw a question about “Oulipo” name… might be legally stolen from famous French Oulipo 🙂 ? See :


  25. guoshe

    Looks kinda boring, don’t see what’s so “freakin’ amazing” about it. :/


  26. vamsi4you

    The writing space is so narrow, waiting for a good theme from you.


  27. Domenic Marbaniang

    Good one, though would wish it a bit wider. Thanks! I’ve activated it.:-)


  28. Domenic Marbaniang

    Must add that it’s sleek, simple, and elegant; and, notable is the header fixed to the left so that the reader never loses sight of it.


  29. relaxtovisit

    Well done. Appreciate if in future theme could be something about travel with wider width. Dark grey background and orange font colour on sidebar would be impressive from my point of view. Thanks.


  30. onethousandseas

    Ooh, love it. And I’ve always wanted Oulipo with a dark theme.


  31. tonjafjell

    Absolutely PERFECT! Thanks.


  32. amek932x

    Nice and clean, I like it.


  33. poppyvall

    Definitely love this theme, thanks.


  34. eof737

    Truly lovely!


  35. remembertimes

    a pretty good one.. focus on the writing, and the impressions that come with it 🙂


  36. amirafimisr

    Honestly… not seeing anything special, but it is OK to use. Sorry I cannot lie.


  37. mentaylimon

    Perfect! Simple, clear…. great.


  38. innocuouswhispers

    Beautifully simplistic, clean theme! I am very tempted to switch over to this one…


  39. Lauralea H

    Just an idea: how about more colorful themes. A lot of your themes are plain white and clean, but more color variety would be extra nice. This one looks good, though.


    • Lance Willett

      Hi Lauralea, we love colorful themes, too—and we’ve added several recently. See Koi, Notepad, Greyzed, and Bueno as examples. You can view all our latest theme launches:

      Also, many of our themes allow custom background color and background image to spice things up a bit. You can truly add your own personal touch and a bit of color using those features.


  40. cleyzal

    I don’t like it so much ^^


  41. fuzzy

    Too simple!


  42. manoj1987

    thanks for placing the “categories” in the right column and not at the bottom:)


  43. grace

    Love it. Added a doctor who header and I’m ready to go!


  44. jenieros

    I love this theme! It’s so easy to customize. Will definitely keep this!


  45. administrator

    Hmm. Looks cool! Definitely a keeper.


  46. The BC Tech

    I like the simplicity of it. But, for a tech blog like mine, I like a theme with a little more, well … bulk and color to it.


  47. Debbie@Any Given Day

    It’s ok but does look a lot like the other minimalistic themes. Where are all the fun, creative themes? Can we get more of those?


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