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Back in February, we launched Publicize: Facebook as a way to connect your account to your Facebook profile.

In March, VideoPress added support for Facebook so that when using Publicize, your videos would get added to your Facebook update as well.

Until now, we’ve neglected your images.

Facebook update with image from's Publicize feature

Starting today, however, we’ll cherish your images as much as we already do your text and video; when sending a Facebook Profile update, will include any image you upload to the post. Image support was the #1 most requested feature for Publicize: Facebook, and we’re happy we finally got around to it 🙂

(Before you ask, the #2 most requested feature is the ability to update Facebook Pages as well as Profiles, so it’s already on our list.)

Since we started, you’ve sent out nearly 1.3 million Facebook updates from Keep them going!

NB: Only the first five images uploaded to a post and included directly, in a gallery, or in a slideshow will be sent to Facebook.

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  1. msyoungmd

    Wonderful!! As I do a blog about my adventures in the Kitchen… photos really draw people in… Kudos 🙂


  2. wayney09

    That’s great news!


  3. Jessi

    Sweet! I’m so excited! Thanks!


  4. Austin Americana Studio

    Loving it! Thanks guys!


  5. maelfatalis is in the sky with diamonds

    What can I say? This is awesome!:)


  6. GADEL

    Excellent idea. Go WordPress Go!


  7. Jenny

    Loving this MOSTLY. I don’t love that when a person clicks on the image, instead of the actual link, it takes them to the image only and not the whole post. I was confused why people’s comments weren’t showing up on the post and then I realized that they had actually clicked the image and commented on that. Is there any way to make it so clicking on the image still takes the person to the post?


  8. Hepworth

    So, if you click the image, it takes you to a weird album page inside my post, not the regular post. The image is the biggest clickable area, so I worry that most people will be taken to the album first, before the post. That seems not good.


    • mdawaffe

      It does seem not good 🙂 We’re still experimenting a bit, but for now we’ve switched it to link to the blog post instead of the image page.


  9. garnerprinting

    Can’t wait!


  10. Ramblings of a Woman

    Fantastic! Showing the pictures will draw more readers to our blogs! Yeah!


  11. The Pouring

    I like how it perks up my facebook page, and list of blogs. The Photos are drawing interest. Love it.


  12. the stenographer

    It’s good, but if I use a featured image without inserting it into the post itself – I use the Structure theme – no image gets publicized on Facebook with the excerpt of my post. Could something be done such that my featured image gets, well, featured?


  13. ChrisIsRIGHT

    Excellent! I currently use NetworkedBlogs to update my blog’s Facebook “fan” page, but it would be awesome to use WordPress directly. This is a great feature and I look forward to the next step where I can update my page. Thanks again, WP!


  14. jsvexperimental

    Is there a way to opt out of having the images on my blog displayed on Facebook? I do like the the ability to post/announce that I have added to my blog but I also may have images in my blog that I do not want displayed on Facebook.


  15. saramartens

    Wonderful! Thanks!! 😀


  16. typewriter heather

    I have a photoblog, so this is perfect for me. Love it.


  17. NLKNguyen

    Great, thank you very much !! I like to use it now .


  18. Mia

    Facebook ugh.. I don’t like that place, it’s all adverts.


  19. esther2selencious



  20. marshmiller3

    I’m stoked about the facebook pages. Awesome! 🙂


  21. Eirik

    This is a good start, but the option to update Facebook Pages would really make my day! 🙂


  22. David S.

    This is great. More incentive to add pictures to my blog!


  23. noelet

    Yes even facebook’s own link feature added the versatility of selecting what picture would be published. It also offers the same link to your blog.

    The advantage WP publicize have is that its automatically posted to FB and having the WP logo appearing in your post

    But you can’t select your blog’s primary photo.

    And you still need to click “See more” before the other 4 photos becomes visible.

    So if FB has a 1 photo restriction, I hope WP would also add the versatility of selecting the primary photo that’s visible per blog entry.



  24. Gaia

    Thank you! Finding out that my post’s picture are now on my facebook wall was a pleasant surprise… and it increases readership! Thanks!


  25. italianhandful

    Thanks. I appreciate all the updates and how current you are, and I love the inclusion of photo’s.


  26. jozar

    Great Stuff, thanks for this one. I love this new feature!


  27. afishlikeme

    I am so sick of sites sharing info with each other. Especially sharing stuff with google.


    • mdawaffe’s Publicize feature is entirely opt-in. If you don’t want to share your posts with Facebook, just leave the Publicize setting in its default state: off 🙂


  28. Elena

    Super duper ! 😀


  29. TM-Wheat

    I noticed this in my last several posts. This change makes a huge difference in the appearance of the post on Facebook. Great job! Now if you could just choose the picture you want posted there….maybe another time? 🙂


  30. kittenoshea

    Thank you!


  31. garlicfriesandbaseball

    Thanks for the continued support. Any improvements to our Facebook postings enhance our image to our viewers! I use images a lot and feel they definitely improve the blogs. Thanks again!



    Finally! This is the greatest! Thank you.


  33. lightandstorm

    I use Flickr to post to WordPress all the time…and it looks like images from those posts are not included. Please do something about this!


  34. adriane88

    I noticed this feature a while back. I typically don’t use more than 5 images in my blogs, but the photo that shows up on Facebook is always the last photo pictured in my blog. As a result, I sometimes have to be creative about adding in a more telling photo at the end of my blog versus the beginning. When you’re writing about power lifting methods, techniques, and….obstacles, a picture is worth a thousand words!!!


    • mdawaffe

      Hm… it should be the first image that shows up as the “primary” image on Facebook.

      This behavior may change. Apologies in advance 🙂


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