Phone Your Blog

A broken telephone I saw while wandering around Bangkok

It’s happened to all of us. The night starts off innocently enough with a little gin and tonic, maybe a mojito, then next thing you know you’re doing tequila shots with the bartender and the girl from Brazil and you find yourself thinking it would be a treMENdous idea to call up your ex and see how they’re doing and perhaps impress them with your newfound wit.

We’ve got the cure. Now, instead of drunk dialing random friends, lovers, and acquaintances one at a time, what if you could dial your blog and talk to the whole world at once? It’d be like something out of Star Trek.

The future is now, folks. You can now go to your My Blogs tab, enable Post by Voice, and get a special number and code to call your blog. After you’re done, the audio file from your phone call will be posted to your blog for all to listen to and enjoy. (And added to your RSS feed for podcast support.)

So now you can post to your WordPress via the web, email, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, desktop clients, and now any telephone in the world. Of course when you post it can be pushed to Facebook, Twitter, and more using the Publicize feature. What more could you want?

Right now this is completely free, but we’ll charge you money to take down posts. Just kidding! We’re making it free and allowing recording lengths up to sixty minutes, but that limit may go down without a paid upgrade in the future. Mostly we’re just curious to see how people use this.

I have a few ideas myself, but to find out you’ll have to listen to this voice post:

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  1. mchettle

    I’d phone in a blog entry if I liked the sound of my own voice. I’ve heard it’s pleasant but I don’t really like listening to my own voice that much.


  2. Brenda Nepomuceno

    That’s seriously the craziest idea I’ve ever heard of. By far. Isn’t writing the point of having a blog? I don’t know why I’d use this feature, but you guys get amazing points for such creativity! 😉


  3. Gouri

    Awesome.. Just hope that it has the capability to password protect the post from one’s ex’s spouse 🙂


  4. wellmaxx

    As if it’s not enough to make a total fool of yourself to one or two people. Now you can share your stupidity with the world.
    Should be mandatory that you have to pass a breathalyser test before you can “post”


  5. Pedro

    I’m not gonna lie… that is one of the biggest problems I have for the Saturday posts… genius idea!


  6. Naomi

    THANK YOU, WordPress, you are GENIUSES!!! And your timing is IMPECCABLE. We’ll be at Soccer City, Johannesburg, tonight, for one of the most potentially historic games in African football. So I’ll hop right on my iPhone and share some of the action, LIVE!! Thanks again!


  7. LadyLindy

    Wow! Is it possible in Italy too?


  8. videosoftnews

    Yeah, agree with you. Phone is becoming more and more import in our life.


  9. cintahidupmati

    It’s amazing. That is support any language?


  10. kendylau

    This is magic! How awesome:)


  11. Dian Ara

    Calling the blog? o_O Sick. WordPress is wicked sick. LOL.

    I kinda hope for local Indonesian number tho, calling US number even once just makes me broke, hahaha… Perhaps WordPress can try to have agreements with providers from Indonesia as Telkomsel, 3, Indosat, etc. Good luck.


  12. Tala Jenta

    This is so great…but why can’t we have numbers for different countries…not ALL bloggers on WordPress are from the USA…i live in Wales and there is no way i am phoning a USA number on my mobile…such a shame we get left out ;{


  13. Tim

    This is REALLY neat! I guess the next step would be to convert the audio into text??


  14. cantueso

    Very funny. I understood about 5 or 6 words, plus the first three. And do you really mean 60 minutes?


  15. Tammy McLeod

    Loving this. I can send the excitement of a little league game, the sounds of the shore, the boredom of a board meeting.


  16. PhotoJoe

    So instead of drunkenly ranting at one specific person, do it for the whole world to hear! I don’t see this one going wrong…


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  18. Lulu

    by the way… does it work anywhere in the world, or only in US? 🙂


  19. -dN5

    cool feature…. but looks strange to me…. 🙂


  20. critix photasy

    You‘re doing a great job, this update rocks. But there‘s one thing you could do still:

    Comments in Stats. So you can see when you got comments, and when you got spammed. All optional, of course.


  21. Jamin Bradley

    This is magical! I seriously thought we had just about reached the limit on new social technology, but you guys broke through!


  22. ShadowWing Tronix

    Can somebody please try this and link to it here? I want to see what the final post looks like.


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  24. Brett

    Brother, you folks are so frickin awesome! How super cool is this and I can’t wait to try it! Woo hoo!!! for WordPress… Time for a reblog too.


  25. craftystaci

    I don’t know if I’m intrigued or terrified!


  26. iblogz

    Lol now this is going to be funny… Theres gonna be a load of drunken posts over the next few weeks!!


  27. Harry Hitzeman

    Hey this is great — BUT — it would be nice to have some control over the title of the post and the whether it is public or private. I’d like to be able to keep it private until I get to a computer where I can add pictures and words to the post and change the post title before making it public. Perhaps a default setting or prompts on the phone?


  28. lacenleather

    This is pretttty interesting… We are living in the future…. I am going to have to try this out.. recording concerts incognito.. oh wordpress.. you think of everything!! xoxo


  29. A x e l - F

    Okay, this is totally super special awesome. I guarantee I will be doing this in the future. 😀


  30. Ulysses

    Now, if we could only translate audio messages into text, then we’ll be back in full circle.


  31. notyourjohnduffy

    This is old hat people – ipadio have been doing this over a year. Only wish they’d produced a WP plug in 😉


  32. hopelesslycrushingonyou

    i can only imagine how many blogs fill with foolish sounds and crazy thoughts…lol…how many times the log would be edited and the post deleted because the wrong thing was blurted out….

    but sounds interesting for those of us who hate typing… i think i will wait till all the tweaks and quirks are worked out first….



  33. gadgetgeekdad

    Any chance of adding the capability to choose whether or not an audio post is immediately published or put into limbo in a draft status? I can think of many situations where I might want to record my “on the spot” thoughts via voice, and then polish the post with a few pic’s or text.

    If I had the option of pressing “1 to publish” or “2 to save as a draft” that would kick serious a$$.

    This is a great first step WP!


  34. writingtowardshappy

    This is an awesome addition. Thanks. 🙂 Could be great for poetry that makes less sense when not read by the author.


  35. Steph Schroepfer

    Well isn’t that nifty. Now I have something to do on my 45minute commute!
    I’ll take your phone blog and raise you one comment.


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  37. Ibn Shahid

    Very interstingggg… Must give this a try!


  38. laralev

    Ya’ll, I already have drunk dialing problems. I can’t even imagine what this will result in. Guess I should start drinking.


  39. lornakismet

    This is a great addition, not only for when one is away from the blog, but for certain messages that would carry better via voice than via print.
    Thanks so much for working this out.



  40. barrycyrus

    Hope there’ll be something like this in the Philippines for a cheaper cost! 🙂


  41. excelytics

    This is absolutely awesome. Will definitely have to give this a try. I continue to be impressed by your ingenuity at WordPress.


  42. Romant

    This is a great posting platform for radio show hosts, broke bloggers (meaning you couldn’t pay your internet bill), and anyone else who could get use out of it…like myself. I can easily see a few commercial applications utilizing this posting platform. I’ll be trying this one out. Thanks!


  43. माझी दुनिया

    Superb idea & service. though no luck thru landline and could call only thru my cell for which i had to shell out more money.


  44. guoshe

    You should have specified that it currently only involves a US number… got me all excited for nothing >( so not going to call the US for a blog post LOL


  45. ladyserenity92

    Brand new and another way to get your voice out on your blog! Sign me up for the test-run!


  46. dogkisses

    I think I love you now.


  47. Anders Sundnes Løvlie

    Great feature! Even greater if it becomes available for self-hosted blogs of course. I’d gladly pay a fair fee for it. 🙂

    I want people to be able to download the sound files I create on my blog. After all they are just me talking, no copyright issues. Is there any way to enable that?


  48. irisofthewayfarer

    heehee, I love this. Now all can listen to my accent, which I don’t really believe I have any longer.
    Fantastic stuff guys. Thank you!


  49. mcreate

    This sounds really useful for when you’ve got a great blog post idea and can’t get to a computer!


  50. JL

    Wow! That’s really different and creative! I don’t think I’ll be using it much since I don’t love hearing my own voice, lol, but it is a great option! Thanks for coming up with all these great ideas!


  51. mannyinhartford



  52. soundstatic

    Oh man, if only I found out about this two days earlier!! I ended up drunk dialing my ex-girlfriend, and when she didn’t pick up, I called a bunch of her friends just to talk. Much to my chagrin, I also (wish I was kidding) called her parents house phone, and they live 3 provinces over! When my ex found out, she was thoroughly unimpressed. I have to lay off the Smirnoff.


  53. Matt Hedinger

    This is really exciting! I am taking students to Jamaica and was planning on recording interviews on my iPhone to post when I returned. Now I will be able simply call and interview them on the phone. The only suggestion I could add would be the ability use a recording app and by means of a smart phone, add it to the blog.


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  55. Karen J Montalvo

    Wow! This sounds wonderfully fun!


  56. mandyyang

    Haha, I think it’s cool doing so!!


  57. writingtowardshappy

    Tried it last night at a concert. My phone’s recording capability is less than optimal but the service itself worked great. Haven’t figured out how to save the called in file to my computer yet.


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  60. 100 Girls, 100 Days

    the sad part is this just makes me want to drunk dial the internet.


  61. jschancellor

    Just promise me that I can’t drunk dial my blog and break up with it….


  62. mardeck

    This is a fantastic idea and I can envision audio posts for my blog in the near future. What a deal! Thanks…


  63. elenasc

    I don’t know… it could be good if you don’t use it when you are drunk!


  64. Jaunehana

    Tumblr has something like this. I don’t remember if tumblr users have to upgrade for more media space, even though tumblr don’t have an upgrade system yet.


  65. Lord Vader

    Have tried it.
    Goes smooth. And appears on your blog as Audio Post instantly.

    But for better results – should speak loudly. 🙂


  66. friedbeans

    Great! Question. Is it capped at 60 min per call or 60 min for all the calls combined?


  67. alokatzenith

    This is simply great. Now no need to sit in front of my laptop and type the whole post.


  68. friedbeans

    Any way to change default “audio post” title having to change it for each individual post?


  69. wicklessrbbrown

    I don’t know if I will be calling my Blog after doing the tequila shots, but it would probably be hilarious to hear! I will use this application and am excited to try it!


  70. highplainswind

    Since life and death are held in the power of our words….this is an incredible opportunity or a horrific tragedy for some. Think of the legalities that one could be held to? Lawyers will have a heyday……


  71. webmistress

    when i first seem this in our dashboard originally it seemed like a joke, but its an actual feature…cool especially for writers and those who are more verbal than written (like me) at getting their point across and articles out there. Now I want to know can use any US number to place the call to your blog like 1-800’s, mobile, all types of carriers…ect?


  72. Tori

    I love you guys! This was why I was clinging to livejournal… Now I can do all my blogging HERE!!


  73. guard13007

    So, if you make a post with a phone call…how do you title it? Add it to a category? Add tags? Write something in the post as well?

    Or is there some sort of automatic format or something?


  74. Bob Berwyn

    Very cool, and useful for real-time reporting. Can you add a voice file to an existing post?


  75. garlicfriesandbaseball

    I just got through with an 8 day baseball trip that I blogged daily. One night in particular we got in at 2AM and had to get up early and I really didn’t want to drag out the laptop, download the pics, etc. This would have been an ideal solution – I think! Anxious to see how it’ll work.


  76. shuhaadh

    Glad I don’t drink 😉


  77. thetheologyofjoe

    I think this is dumb – you have given a number with a 5 or 6 digit code to type in whilst connected. How are we supposed to remember that if we’re using a cellphone? We can add the number but not the code to the cell memory..


  78. Craig Benno

    I’m from Australia. I think it has some good options if I use Skype from my phone.


  79. Zumaboy

    Sweet, this is a good idea, now we don’t have to spend hours typing.


  80. JennLingerfelt

    This is very cool! I’m curious to hear if and how often people use this new feature. Will there be analytics behind it as well? It would be neat if there was a voice to text feature as well. Also, are there any thoughts of making a voice a comment option?


  81. DebbieN

    Hope there’s a password verification requirement to prevent wrong numbers from posting to someone else’s blog!


  82. Giving Back Smiles Radio

    Pretty Schweeeeeeet! I’m sure we are going to use this! Who would not?!


  83. Alecos Papadopoulos

    This is a great tool to post “reporting live” from events for those who couldn’t make it to the event. Regarding a phone number for non-US residents: did you explore the idea to use Skype or similar?


  84. jcasto302

    i had no idea that you could do that could using a computer have no use for posting a blog every thing can be done off a smart phone keep up the good work


  85. ramblingsofawelshman

    Hee hee I love it!
    Just posted a test, and although I sound a bit geeky, love love loved it, but then im a lazy writererererer.


  86. Jim

    Is there any way to have the audio post to the drafts folder so I can tart it up with pics and some text before it pushes out to subscribers?

    Having the audio go live with a generic headline and no text is a little unsophisticated.


  87. jackies35

    Haha! That would be awesome!! I am tired of calling my-ex “as if I have the guts”, and brag about the good things that happened to me (while I am drunk)! hahah!

    Hey, he should have stayed around! LOL!


  88. Paul Carson

    Oh… dear… this could be fun, especially during those nights that never end in Phnom Penh…


  89. xiaomoogle

    This could prove fatal…


  90. westontaylor



  91. Naomi

    Very cool, THANK you! I’ve added a welcome voice page to my blog, and received a suggestion for the audio to load automatically on entering the site…


  92. williamw60640

    Fantastic idea, possibly a safe way to drive & post? At least, safer than texting into a mobile phone. Thanks.


  93. Lakia

    Oh this is hot! I have to look into this a little more


  94. Joey Brunson

    What a great feature! Bloody Amazing…


  95. Zamira

    Incredible, techology just keeps getting better and better. What’s next? The only drawback is that when you are writing your blog it’s like writing in your journal, with this voice blog you are speaking into it, how will it work, can you back up and delete? So many questions…


  96. editorjackie

    This is brilliant!
    WIll it be abused? Sadly, yes. You cant stop those who will hang themselves. Or advertise us to death.
    Well, then there are the law suits that will follow! “The coffee was too hot and I burnt myself!”
    Does it come with a caution sign? LOL

    Testing, testing is this mic working?


  97. RichTerv

    “Any chance to add support for numbers around the world? I only got a US phone number to call which is slightly expensive from the UK!”

    “We may look into this in the future. Numbers outside the US are quite expensive to add to the service.”

    I’m sure they are, but US numbers are just as expensive to call. 60p/min if you’re interested.


  98. stopsmokingnow1

    What a really brilliant and logically simple idea…!

    Now I can share my campaign objectives with everyone who is interested, right?


  99. laoxionggou

    Sounds really great. Maybe I should try later.


  100. Fred

    So you’re telling me that since drunk dialling your friends or ex wasnt good enuf, its better to just drunk dial the whole world??!

    AWESOME IDEA!! Now everyone can know about that Japanese chick I hooked up with whose name I cannot remember 😛


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