Support the First Amendment with 1 for All

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Born and raised on the Texas Gulf Coast, I’ve spent the past few months trying to wrap my head around the Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent massive oil spill that is now ruining the coastline from Louisiana to Florida. At times, I have to turn off the news, as the images of dying wildlife hit me deep in my gut.

But now more than ever, this national tragedy has made me grateful for the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. While the oil continues to spew, the media — bloggers included — have been on the frontlines, making sure that Americans and everyone the world over know what is really happening in the Gulf of Mexico.

The oil spill has also made me realize how fragile this freedom is — as the Associated Press reported, “journalists covering the Gulf of Mexico oil spill have been yelled at, kicked off public beaches and islands and threatened with arrest …”

Which is why I’m happy to announce that is a proud supporter of the 1 for All campaign that launches today with the simple goal of raising awareness about the First Amendment. We join more than 1,000 media outlets who have partnered with 1 for All, and we have a special connection to the project — their site is hosted on

Any U.S. resident is welcome to enter their “How Free Can You Be?” contest by submitting photos, videos and stories that illustrate First Amendment liberties. Back here on, please tag any posts you write about this topic with “First Amendment.” And since we know many of you don’t live in the United States, we welcome all readers — regardless of where you live — to discuss civil liberties in your country, as well. Please tag those posts with “human rights.”

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  1. barrycyrus

    good job wordpress! i totally agree with your last line! 🙂


  2. Anne Lessing

    Awesome! So proud of WordPress for doing this. Our First Amendment rights are crucial, and it warms me to see people standing up and speaking out for what’s fair.

    Makes me proud to be a WordPress blogger. 🙂


  3. David W. Boles

    It is a great campaign, Joy, and I hope all bloggers will continue to step forward from the depths and help fill in all the missing niches with the truth that is purposefully repressed to serve the majority power’s vested interests.


  4. sharma24

    I have already written a short article on my blog. Though I am not an American, I am concerned as a citizen of the world. I guess WordPress is at the right place doing the right thing, which will have its impact. Cheers everyone out there!!


  5. J.P. Douglas

    That is AWESOME news! Nothing is more important than Free Speech!!!


  6. Lilian Nattel

    Awesome. I wish we had something similar for Canada. The recent G20 summit and the police reaction is parallel, and so is the response of bloggers keeping people informed.


  7. carsonmatthews

    This is awesome, good for you WordPress. And congrats on hosting it! Looking forward to uploading some freedom pics.


  8. LDMartin1959

    Let’s also support the basic human right of self defense by supporting–to the same unquestioned degree–the second amendment which unequivocally affirms “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” (What part of ‘shall not be infringed’ do you not understand?)


  9. andyash

    Great! I was just going to bloggingly join the Russian movement “31”, the name of which is rooted in the number of Russian constitution article (31) about the freedom to assemble peacefully. This article is said to be notoriously denied by the government and is exercised at the government’s will. The movement is about making the government follow the Constitution. So, why not make it a start, even though there are only 30 days in June – July the 1st is just as good.


  10. True North Mark

    Well done WordPress!!! All of these oil wells are ticking time bombs and the sooner we get off fossil fuels the better off we will all be.

    The balance of power will be taken away from the middle east and the world will become a better place.

    Disasters like this is what it will take to make people start to demand an alternative…it will happen…but it will take time.


  11. back2americasroots

    Worry about the federal government. This government, congress and the president is the greatest threat to our freedom in our history. There is a bill working its way through the senate giving the president the power to shut the internet down for up to 4 months. Obama during the health care debate asked for people to report those who are speaking out against the health care initiative to the government


  12. bobtherealtor

    Yes the oil spill is a disaster for the United States. Because of not only the First Amendment, but our entire Constitution, we are one of the greatest countries in the world. We are not without our faults. The oil spill was a wake up call. This Nation will solve the problem, learn from it, and continue to be a great nation. Proud to be a veteran and a citizen of the United States of America!


  13. mrasherkade

    COOL! I’m in…and tagging all my prior and future BP blogs with the appropriate “1st Amendment”.


  14. eideard


    This past Memorial Day was my personal anniversary for speaking out, and supporting the right of people to speak out, demonstrate their feelings and opinions in a just and legal manner. The 50th anniversary of my first arrest on behalf of civil rights for all Americans.

    My crime? Sitting down for a Coke at a drugstore counter – with friends who happened to be Black Americans.

    Less than 50 miles from Congress and the White House btw.


  15. annbrandt

    Last week I posted a blog entry about the BP oil spill. It appears that BP executives chose to cut costs in the interests of higher profits which of course always translates to higher income for executives. This mind set is endemic in corporate culture, nothing new. We can ignore little things like defective cars, etc. But consider the Columbia space shuttle disaster in May 1986 with a loss of 7 lives and a terrible set back for the space program. The cause: a defective O Ring discovered by a NASA engineer–a whistle blower. The lift-off must proceed on schedule so his warning was ignored. Years later we had the Challenger explosion.

    Now we have the BP oil spill. Once again the warnings of engineers were ignored in the pursuit of higher profits. Instead of a loss of 7 lives and setbacks for the space program, BP is in charge of destroying an entire eco system, ending a culture that has existed for generations, and put thousands–probably millions of US citizens out of work. And the CEO wanted his life back so he could go to the yacht races. Tell that to the widow of the man who recently killed himself because he felt his life as he had known it was over.
    We need our “First Amendment” rights to continue because as writers all we have is our keyboards to fight with–the most important tool.


  16. rich

    Whilst I appreciate what you are saying and I am also gutted about the oil spill, I find myself asking but what about Mississippi and the effect of Hurricane Katrina. From an English perspective the state is still feeling the effects of the hurricane with very little effort to rebuild the place. We have a programme called Top Gear and they went through the state and were appalled at how badly it had been hit but how bad it still was.

    It seems a huge effort is being undertaken to cope with the effect of the oil spill, is that because Americas beautiful coast is being effected? Is it because there is more money in Florida than Mississippi?

    Or maybe this is what you are saying? Anyway thanks for the challenging read.



  17. Richard W Scott

    Oh, yeah!
    Very good idea.


  18. LDMartin1959

    As an additional comment, it is interesting that in the “news” section of the “1 for All” page is a link to a story by the apparently misnamed “First Amendment Center” lauding the fact that the FCC has denied the “First Amendment rights” of a radical politician (KKK recruiter Robert Byrd would love this guy). “The FCC requires broadcast stations to give qualified federal candidates access to airtime.” The FCC does not require a station *give* candidates airtime for free, only that they are required to give them *access* to airtime and that stations may not edit or censor the ads. The FCC has now declared itself “judge, jury and executioner” by declaring this political hopeful is not a “bona fide” candidate and therefore the FCC enforcement and protection of the First Amendment as it applies to radio doesn’t apply to *this* candidate. So much for trusting government to protect the Constitution and the rights of the people.


  19. ladybard

    I’ll save most of my comments for the contest. However, living in Europe now, watching civil liberties disappear on a daily basis and seeing stringent limitations on recourse, and the silencing of legit complaint or discourse, makes me deeply appreciative of this opportunity to warn all free citizens that the cold steel shaft of the EUSSR is imminent, and that the USA is currently experiencing open and covert encroachments on its freedom.

    As for the Gulf, well, I’ve only one year of Third Level Honours Physics, but using existing technology – with a tweak here and there – I could harvest that oil within a week or two. I have no doubt that if the will was there, that spill would be cleaned up weeks ago.


  20. kimglain

    Simply put, it IS all about freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Thank God for that! Often I just don’t understand. You can walk into a convenience store and see pornography magazines in huge stands. That’s freedom. You can even worship Satan if you so choose when you are in prison and the taxpayers pay for it. Freedom of religion. Now – reporters are threatened when trying to cover one of the largest oil spill disasters within our time? They are threatened because they are trying to get word to the people? Somehow it all just doesn’t add up, does it? go figure!

    Kim G Lain
    Marketing Writer and Strategist


  21. Netty Gritty

    Great idea!


  22. Sara

    That’s good to hear. I also don’t watch the news for the same reason, it’s too sad for me. 😦


  23. Stirling

    Great initiative! It is important that we continually safeguard the freedoms that we enjoy.


  24. fjpoblam

    Will do, folks. I’ll get my creative juices going this afternoon and come up with a post and tag it “human rights” (among other related things). I’ve written on this very thing many times, as it is one of my favorite topics. Thanks for your focus. One of my favorite quotes: “The only valid censorship of ideas is the right of people not to listen.” (Tommy Smothers)


  25. Eric

    Thanks! Even though I’m not American, the First Amendment is very important!


  26. Peter Parkour

    Nice job WordPress. With you all the way.


  27. giovanna

    posted on facebook. thank you.


  28. scotts contracting handyman service

    Let your Voice be Heard


  29. fabstash

    America is a very greedy country (and I live here too). Extremely greedy. Extremely, extremely greedy. That is the first truth we need to deal with. America was created on the greedy killing of Indians, then a complete denial of such a thing.

    I am not sure if (our own country’s) greed is what really caused this oil spill, but I have a sneaking suspicion…


  30. IEBA

    my father’s take on Independence Day these days…

    “We must continually be on the watch for those who want to erode the truths found in the deceleration on independence, the constitution and the bill of rights. These people who want to change our very way of life are not always living in a foreign country.”


  31. Stephen

    As a freelance environmental journalist based in Canada I am thrilled to see this renewed interest in the vital role media plays in any democracy. I have been assisting my US colleagues with my contacts in covering the Gulf Oil spill. But all of us have huge problems getting our stories published as mainstream media is in major decline. Some 31,000 journalists and editors lost their jobs in the past 2 years in the US.

    Sure there are many good news sites on the web but who is going to pay reporters to do this important work? Who bails us out if we get arrested for taking pictures of oily turtles? What happens when we get sick? An independent and free Press needs support from the Public. I have started a Community Supported Environmental Journalism fund and helped other freelance jurnos do the same.

    I hope the wordpress community will use their words and their dollars to support the First Amendment otherwise it becomes a glorious sentiment on a piece of paper.


  32. wabidon

    Freedom one and for all !


  33. Jerry Jacques

    It’s inspiring to see WordPress standing for something so fundamental as freedom of speech.


  34. Poet Traveler

    I’m glad to see your post. We don’t have a written constitution in my country, Britain, and although we have a (recent) ‘freedom of information’ act it is not the same as your country’s ‘constitutional rights’ in that regard. Over here, information can be and is still deleted, blacked out, on things that some one in a government post – Secretary of State or Under Secretary – decides threatens the ‘national security’ if revealed. That’s fine in principle, but the fact is that folk are becoming ever more cynical about the judgement calls being used and since the Iraq War – of 2003 – there is a growing discontent over what we (the citizens) were told at that time (the reason for invading) and what we have leaned since, through private and public disclosures (the latter happening because of public opinion pressure).

    What ever the side of any argument we are on, and what ever our political persuasion, left, right center and all combinations in between, we all need, must have, the sort of basic human rights and freedoms that are declared and enshrined in your (US) Constitution, whose aspirations were written down and declared at a time of conflict, and we should all, wherever we are, if it is humanly possible, do whatever is within our reasonable and legal power – though if we have not the legal power then our democracy is faulty – to protect and safeguard such rights and freedoms. I wish we, over here, had such freedoms so indelibly spelt out in a written constitution, but this does not stop me, a foreigner, applauding your objective and cheering you on. Bravo! Keep it rolling!



  35. mypeaceinsalem

    Great idea! Count me in!


  36. dickiebo

    I have a link on my blog. Well done.


  37. Family Court in America

    It just so happens that today, we added a section to our blog called, “Say What you Need to Say”!

    Is it fate that both happened on the same day?

    Maybe we’re all just feeling the need to reassert our right to free speech.

    Thank you WordPress for making it possible!

    Ahhh…the First Amendment…an oldie but a goodie…


  38. The Lost Poet

    The American War of Independence once inspired the French Revolution. These events later inspired the Indian (India, as in South Asia) freedom fighters to raise their voice against the colonizers.

    I am with everyone who supports the freedom of expression in any country of the world… PEACE!


  39. annafig19

    The 1st amendment and freedom of the press are the backbone of our civil liberties. As the child of parents who fled the Cuban communist dictatorship which still imprisons journalists to this day, I applaud WordPress for speaking out. Keep it up!


  40. Tami

    congrats WP!!! i really just wanna know what theme they are using… awesome site!!!


  41. brokenpenwriter

    I suspect that supporting and writing on forums like are ten times more powerful than placing a single vote, especially today, when corporations own most of our politicians. Well done WordPress and all the writers here for speaking out, for holding onto the lifeblood of our nation – that throbbing red serum of truth – that freedom to speak.

    Please, all of you – check out the program below. You need to see it. All Americans, all parents, children, politicians, all people need to see this:

    “Does your tap water ignite? Gasland is an urgent, cautionary and sometimes darkly comic look at the largest domestic natural gas drilling campaign in history. Part of the HBO Documentary Films Series. WATCH: Gasland: Trailer

    Thank goodness for your site, WordPress. Thank you for being here.


  42. Gladys Hobson

    I have to agree with Rich. A terrible thing is happening with the oil disaster but other disasters have taken place not of an oil company’s making, and involving considerable loss of life and homes. But, from news we get over here, little shouting is being done to restore normality after the Katrina hurricane disaster five years ago. Much still needs to be done after 1,836 people killed, 400,000 jobs lost. 270,000 homes gone.

    Of course, people have a right to demonstrate their anger and frustration. I find it rather curious though that no sorrow appears to be expressed for the 11 deaths and severe injuries of the workers. Is there no compassion for their relatives?

    Drilling in such deep water is fraught with problems. I am surprised that ladybard, with no experience whatsoever of such matters, can be certain (arrogantly so?) that she could fix it! Would she don a diving suit and drop a mile down with a bathtub plug? Only mechanical deep sea devices can be used. New disasters need innovative solutions. All the yelling in the world will not plug an oil leak of this nature. The safety devices (three?) (note: US manufactured) failed. The cement failed (USA company). It cannot be known why failure occurred until the leak is plugged and investigations can take place. Do you really think that BP would deliberately take more time than needed to end this dreadful tragedy?

    US pensioners (almost as many as British) will be losing a great deal of money too. You talk as though BP is out to destroy itself.

    We have seen oil disasters on our coast (remember the full oil tanker broken up on coastal rocks?) and could weep at the loss and suffering of wild life. Not exactly good for holiday businesses and fishing either. But then, in the past, we have had ports almost bombed out of existence. Nature does heal itself and businesses can be restored. Of course it takes time.

    Perhaps it is a good time to reflect that the USA uses more oil per capita than any other country in the world. Poor people of third world countries suffer from having their environment polluted. Who stands up for their rights?

    I certainly sympathise with those suffering from this disaster, but please let reason prevail.

    And remember those who work on oil rigs and risk their lives daily for you to drive your cars and fly the globe. You have a right of free speech. Long may that continue. But temper anger with reason and mercy.


  43. Jay Vollmond

    Thank you for supporting the First Amendment, of which the separation of Church and State is of utmost importance to me personally. Hopefully the oil spill will be a wake-up call to consider how destructive humans can be when we are negligible. Here’s to alternative energy sources!


  44. Kali's Heart

    timely post.

    It is not just about the Gulf issues. It is also about the “kill switch” that is now before the Senate. This, if it is passed, will definitely affect the First Amendment. I cannot imagine a world without communication..even for “national security”. There are not deadlines on this power.

    Here is to WordPress and to all those who will blog, photo, vid..anything in the name of the First Amendment and yes…freedom.


  45. Little Professor

    Great idea! I think this is a very good cause. And I agree with fabstash, America is very greedy.


  46. tangerineflorida

    Great idea!


  47. TheIntentionalSage

    Great stuff!

    It will be just wonderful when the time comes that we will look BACK at laws like these and wonder why they were put on the books in the first place? Meaning, the ways in which society behaves is such that a law like this no longer needs to be law as it is something that is just NORMALLY followed by everyone. 😀

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage


  48. Jahriel

    I’m really glad to see this development, the eroding freedom of speech in this great Land of the Free has concerned me tremendously, of late. I, too, am horrified by the suffering and destruction of the environment and precious wildlife by the BP Gulf oil debacle, and am equally curious as to why the media would be chastised and driven away from reporting on this so-called “accident” that is literally destroying an entire ocean, one day at a time. What is there to hide, since the obvious problem — the oil — is washing ashore?

    Perhaps something else is afoot . . .


  49. speakingoutforinnocentfathers

    Very well put! Well done wordpress!


  50. newzealandisachicnation

    Glad to see WordPress “fighting back”. I am writing from New Zealand. Always listen to Alex Jones on : He’s been warning public about this for years especially American public, but he’s been considered “off the wall”. Glad to see Americans are “waking up.” We need to hear in New Zealand too. I feel for USA citizens though because you are brought up with hand on heart believing in the “American Way”. So there has been a blind trust in your leaders intentions. “Go” WordPress, because you are not fighting for your freedoms only but ours too, it’s all trickling in here too.
    Tania New Zealand.


  51. nativegrl77

    Very cool. I have been writing about the Gulf Coast BP disaster since it happened and great to know WP is exactly what i thought it was … very engaged in what is going on all over the world and issues that effect human beings as a whole… less lip service then other blog services …whoo ya


  52. A x e l - F

    Epic win for WordPress! We have a voice and it needs to be heard. People cannot silence the truth because it always comes back to the surface no matter how hard you try to bury it.


  53. Kavita

    That’s a wonderful way to participate… Life is not just an option, it’s a right! Thanks you, WordPress, for your noble actions and your continued efforts in developing and maintaining ‘Humanity’ as a significant and well-existent concept..


  54. Gally

    Fantastic idea. The first Amendment is the greatest law we have, in my opinion.

    But people should also realize the invaluable work real journalists do, especially as newspapers are going out of business, and I hope people don’t continue to mistake the work of ordinary citizens and “aggregator” news sites with the real reports filed by journalists showing us as best they can what’s going on in the world.


  55. rubiescorner

    Sunday is July 4th. We have much to be thankful for. I am thankful for freedom to be where I am and do what I am doing. I love to write, and some is from a religious background. I am thankful that I can put it out there for those who will read it, and it’s the people’s choice as to whether they will read it or not. I love WordPress and the liberty of writing on my blogs.This is becoming a bigger part of my day,and I haven’t ever written so much as now. So I applaud freedom of speech, freedom of writing, and give thanks to God for preserving our country as long as He has. I hope we have many more years of freedom. Happy 4th to you.


  56. owlworks

    Thank you!

    “Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one’s thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist. That, of all rights, is the dread of tyrants. It is the right which they first of all strike down.”

    ~Frederick Douglas


  57. honorarynewfie

    As a non-American I think I probably do support the idea of this 1 for All thing, but what a shame that you had to also use this announcement to encourage people to speak out even more about human rights issues.

    I don’t mean to imply that human rights issues aren’t important, they certainly are.

    But I read so much xenophobic crap on the internet when people are discussing human rights, and so many distortions of the truth based on what the US media has reported, (oh well, if they reported it then it must be true), and the vast majority of that crap comes from writers in the US.

    I just wish more people would realise that the whole world does not judge itself by the so called values of one particular nation, nor should it.


  58. deborahross

    A terrific endeavor. And don’t forget the lessons in the First Amendment that high school journalists learn through excellent organizations such as the Student Press Law Center and the Journalism Education Association.


  59. 1writersdevotion


    Thank you for your commentary, and the commitment of WordPress to join 1 for All. Documenting and reporting the events in the Gulf has been and continues to be essential, as is a free press. Moreover, the power of traditional and new media to coalesce has immense potential for good.


  60. niceartlife

    Great initiative!


  61. designerdenise

    Thanks for the “1 for All” link. Much appreciated.


  62. joshuacwilliams

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to get on the “Friends of 1 For All” list?


  63. T.J.B

    Is it possible the people who yelled at the reporters are not government workers? Because if they are not, it is perfectly legal for them to say “GTFO”.

    But if thy are, good for you wordpress!


  64. 80smetalman

    The First Ammendment is very important. Back in the eighties, I was an Anti Contra Aid Protestor and I went on two rallies. The first was no problem except the cops made their intimidating presence felt. The second was when Regan visited a local high school and we were immediately demonised by the pro Regan crowd. I heard a lot of people tell me where I could stick my first ammendment. So, I know how important it is to fight for it.


  65. Firas Abo Assaf

    Great idea..Well Done WordPress…;)


  66. Milan Turek

    I am from Slovakia, small country in the middle Europe, and I appreciate this activity very much also because of our communist past. The catastropy in the Mexican Gulf is the matter of whole world. At my blog I’m writing about it and I’m happy to have the possibility to write about the things which concern me and my friends and honest people all around the world.


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  68. creeping

    The Constitution is being ignored in Dearborn, Michigan and Americans are being arrested for exercising their right to speak…because it offends some who believe other “laws” trump the Constitution.


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  70. Disciple

    Hi, Joy. I had tears in my eyes as soon as I read that you hail from the Texas Coast and that you have to turn off the news about the Oil mess down there. I’m a fellow Southerner (AL) who is absolutely sickened by what has happened, is happening (still!) and will continue to happen for, well, who knows how long?! Craziness. No crazier than the rest of what’s happening our beloved country. I have friends and relatives along the coast, I’m worried about all of y’all every day. All day. And praying for y’all too.

    A question: who was doing the shovin’ and pushin’ of the reporters down there? Police? Residents? Oil cleanup workers? BP officials? Who? Can you say? Do you know? Okay, so I had more than one question.

    Peace be with you, Joy. May Victory be yours.

    Love your name (or nomme de plume) btw.


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  72. jdrourke

    Nice work! An important reminder at a time when we could probably use it…


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  74. dukeofjax

    Sorry, but doesn’t beleive in the 1st ammendment.


  75. unmaskd

    Freedom stops where fear begins.


  76. Steve

    Way to go! Let’s support the 1st Amendment!


  77. Miss Mali

    i love our freedoms, lets use them for the greatness they are worth! Wishing everyone a positive day!


  78. Car

    UNO for ALL


  79. SingleGirl on the hunt for Prince Charming

    Fantastic Idea!


  80. akinyemi2010

    It is rather very unfortunate that, as much as governments of countries like U.S.A. emphasise human liberties, very many nations still lag back heavily, particularly in Third World countries.

    The situation is better in Nigeria, for example.

    Thanks for the “One for All”, I appreciate it.


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  82. sociosound

    What a great campaign.. thanks for continuing to stay on top!


  83. parwatisingari

    Agree with you, this problem is world wide in India it is worse as the media has sold out or rather is the auctioner


  84. preetybird7

    Friends of 1 For All, cool, I love it


  85. v4utrust

    Thanks for the “1 for All” link. appreciated somuch.


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  87. Francesco Piccinelli

    Hey, why don’t we launch a campaign to defend also the Italian Constitution’s Chapter 21 (the Italian version of the First Amendment) which is, at the moment, under attack by the current Berlusconi-led government??


  88. mdutiel

    always defend the first! this is awesome!! i (a journalism student) hear too much about how people don’t ‘care’ about the first amendment anymore. this is a great way to prove ’em wrong.


  89. pghpuma

    Along with rights, come the responsibilities and duties of the Free Press, journalists and media profit centers. Reporters, not vapid models interpreting for the viewers. The whole purpose of the Fourth Estate is to behave as though it was THEIR rights being tested, shorted and violated by the people in the positions of power, not to pursue the power for themselves. It’s the Pen, not the Press Perks that wields the power of the people. Knowing all the facts, delivered via diligent, unrelenting questioning, serves the citizens who then may make informed choices, not guided tours of what the governing elite want us to believe.


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  91. walkthearts

    The 4 riders of the Apocalypse : petroleum, insurance, pharmaceutical, banks. These have to be strongly regulated for us to live in a better World. Maybe 2 more riders: USA government and the food industry.


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  93. Ben Umnus

    I agree people need to remember we have the First Amendment and not to let others force us to be silent especially in regard to those who seek to take away religious rights and free speech.


  94. Petrossa

    Human rights.
    Freedom of speech is being repressed at a staggering speed in Europe. Since the signing of the Lisbon Treaty EU laws supersede many national laws. It also made the EU human rights councils rulings binding.

    This Human Rights council has about the same idea what constitutes free speech as the UNHRC. Having just ratified an anti-blasphemy watchdog which is just there to repress free speech……….


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  96. greenssolar

    When the voice of the people are silenced, the rights of the people are gone. All our rights hang on our freedom to speak truth. When the First Amendment is removed all the ammendments proceeding are vanquished. No arms to bear and no right to vote. We will have no other choice other than the right to remain silent! “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots”…Thomas Jefferson


  97. ishushiydrakonov

    As someone who lives in another country, I fully support the first amendment in principle. As long as the reporting is about something that is in the public interest – it is great.

    The one thing I find rather unfortunate, however, is that the journalist decides how much invasion of privacy is ok in pursuit of a story, regardless of whether one wants to have one’s private life spread out before the world to see.

    So, while it is in the public interest when it comes to stories like the oil spill, I do like the privacy rights granted to people in France for example. Unless something is in the public interest, you can be sued as a journalist for putting stuff out there that is no one’s business but one’s own. And ususally, in cases like this, the publication and the journalist loose.

    So if someone wants to jump around naked in their own house without the whole world knowing about it, one is better off living anywhere but the US.


  98. Rhiarti

    So proud of WordPress for supporting this!


  99. ladyserenity92

    I’ll be fighting for my fight to party!


  100. Dan

    I very much approve of this! These days it seems that our first amendment rights have come under attack (by things like the patriot act) so I’m very glad to see that something is actually being done to keep those rights safe. Thank you WordPress for supporting this. Thank you very, very much.


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